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You have a bike that you want to use more in your daily life, but you're just so busy.

Yes, life really does get busy! That does not mean that you have to give up on cycling because of your hectic schedule.

Here are ten ways to incorporate cycling into your life.

1. Bike to Work

You can bike to work as much as you want beyond National Bike to Work Day annually on May 17. According to a May 2019 Census.gov study, about 870,000 individuals report commuting with a bicycle. Many of these individuals are younger people aged 16-24 who live in urban cities.

Whatever your age, biking to work helps to:

  • Get daily cardio exercise and improve your health
  • Improve your productivity and morale at work because of that morning bike exercise.
  • Encourage long-term personal health habits.
  • Cut gas emissions that would otherwise occur driving a car to work.
  • Save money by not having to spend money on vehicle gas.

2. Join a Cycling Club

Join a local bicycling club in your area. It will build accountability, relationships, and discipline as you meet up regularly with your cycling club members to bike local trails. Go to USA Cycling to find local cycling clubs in your area or to register your own club. 

If you prefer to cycle indoors, go cycling on an exercise bike at your local gym. Check your gym for cycling classes to get the motivation you need for regular exercise by doing it with others.

24 Hour Fitness offers cycling classes called Cycle and Cycle24. You can access these studio classes for free as long as you hold a gym membership. Inquire your local gym for more information about joining a cycling class or petitioning for one to be start being held.

3. Grocery Shopping

Fair warning: do not try to do this when you have many groceries to purchase at once.

If you only need a few items from the grocery store, and you live right around the corner from your favorite grocery retailer, consider biking to the destination. You can save your car's gas for a bigger trip to the grocery store where you will need more space to transport your food home.

So gear up, bike to the store, grab your milk, bread, and eggs, and head on home! You will kill two birds with one stone by getting your grocery shopping done, and your exercise routine finished all within the same hour.

4. Ride with Your Family

Let cycling become a regular family affair. It will be a fun and engaging family bonding experience as you all get the exercise you need for a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips for family cycling.

  • Pick a day and time that works for everyone's schedule.
  • Mark the cycling day on a calendar in the kitchen, so no one forget the special bonding day.
  • Be sure tires are pumped up and ensure the brakes are working well on all the bikes. Do this 2-3 days before the cycling trip.
  • Pack water bottles, granola bars, and other healthy snacks the night before your cycling family trip.
  • Have everyone gear up a half hour before your cycling trip's intended time.
  • Ride in the car to the cycling destination (if needed) or leave home and bike the neighborhood for 30-60 minutes before dinner time one night.

5. Ride as a Workout

Are you looking for a rigorous and enlightening morning or afternoon workout? Consider cycling as your workout. It is a great cardio option to get your blood pumping and encourage healthy heart operations.

Cycling Weekly highlights the benefits that cycling has for building a healthy body. Some of these benefits include [https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/latest-news/benefits-of-cycling-334144]:

  • Keeps your lungs healthy.
  • It helps you lose and regulate your weight.
  • Encourages healthier sleep cycles.
  • Increases your overall spatial awareness.
  • You are bettering yourself mentally.

6. Volunteer at Bike Shop

You can volunteer or even become a paid employee at your local bike shop. When customers want to take bikes on a test run, you could ride a like model alongside of them to be able to demonstrate how the bike works. Those little spurts of exercise will improve your morale and productivity throughout the day to keep on with your mission of helping others find the perfect bike.

If you need to do community service work as a requirement for college leadership training or if you just want to volunteer for fun, this option for incorporating cycling more into your lifestyle would be great for you!

7. Support a Cause (Cycling Events)

You can support a cause while also getting the exercise your body needs through cycling. Some examples of cycling for supporting a cause include:

Find the most updated list of cycling events to support a cause by visiting Everyday Hero

8. Discover the Countryside

Biking in the city to get to work or run errands is a part of the daily grind as a regular bike rider. But when's the last time you biked through nature?

Discover the countryside and go cycling more often through nature trails, up small mountains, and through lush forests. Go to your local national park to bike around and see new sights you never thought existed. Visit the countryside of a whole new country and experience their culture and scenery.

Attend bicycling tours to go across the country as you explore the countryside. This option requires extensive endurance training, so you can do cycling for long hours at a time without a food or bathroom break.

9. Bike During Your Side Hustle

Become a bike messenger in your local area. Whether you work for a delivery platform such as Instacart, Postmates, or DoorDash or if you have your own bike messenger business, you can make money while also getting your cycling exercise.

Delivery Platforms

  • DoorDash: Deliver restaurant orders to customers. You should have a hot bag backpack to keep food safe as you ride your bike.
  • Postmates: You can also deliver restaurant orders on this platform.
  • Instacart: Deliver small grocery orders to customers from retailers such as CVS, ShopRite, and Aldi.

Tips for Operating on Delivery Platforms

  • Schedule your work time blocks in advance to plan your week (DoorDash).
  • Take orders that require only very short distances, so you do not get tired during your shift and also so the hot food does not get cold.
  • You can sign on to Postmates at any time to start receiving orders.
  • Do not take Walmart’s orders because they require a vehicle. Only take restaurant orders.

  • Take orders that have no more than 20 or so groceries to lessen the weight on your handlebars and your back (if you have an insulated backpack).
  • Keep fragile items all in one insulated bag, preferably in your insulted backpack.
  • Be sure to have heavy-duty bags to hold larger items such as gallons of milk.
  • If you're really trying to maximize your ability to carry more groceries while biking, consider purchasing a bike cargo trailer to load groceries. Just be sure they do not fall out on your way to the customer's home!

Run Your Own Bike Messenger Business

If you're feeling really business savvy, you can start your own bike messenger business. Follow these tips to get started today.

  • Advertise your services via social media and word-of-mouth.
  • Market to families who need things delivered to elderly recipients such as a meal delivered to an elderly individual at their home or senior home facility.
  • Set your rates. Deliveries can range from $5-$20 per run. According to Job Monkey, bike messengers can make about $200 to $400 every week which equates to $800 to $1200 per month. [https://www.jobmonkey.com/uniquejobs2/bike-messenger/] This average depends on how much business you have with your clients.

10. Have a Bike Date

Are you looking for a unique date activity that transcends going to the movies or out to dinner? Try a bike date. Right before sunrise in the morning or an hour before dusk, go cycling with your significant other, and test each other's endurance levels. Race one another safely through a bike trail or in a quiet neighborhood with not that much traffic.

Once you have both worked up an appetite, then you can go out to dinner or cook something together at one of your households.

Find Your Favorite Way to Incorporate Cycling!

What's your lifestyle? How can you incorporate cycling into your personal schedule? Analyze your day's activities and tasks and see how you can get in more cycling throughout your days. Happy biking, cyclists!            


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