Being beautiful is no longer a consensus -  it is a personal choice. Today our interpretation of beauty is influenced by various pictures our friends post on Facebook, celebrities featured on magazine covers, and the vast expressions of beauty found on Instagram, Pinterest, and Polyvore. We constantly define and redefine our own beauty each day when we look in the mirror, put on our clothes, and choose a hairstyle. Our pursuit of beauty is a tough road traveled in the 21st century and is influenced by everything from social media to friends, family, and our favorite television series.

So we did what we always do at The Kewl Shop we have taken it upon ourselves to support women from the inside out. Through research, plugging into fashion trends around the world, and constantly asking our loyal customers to give us feedback; we have begun to observe patterns, identify common concerns women face when choosing clothing, and gain a true sense of the pursuit of beauty women face in a world influenced by unrealistic expectations.  

In this unique collection of links we offer valuable insights on how to achieve the looks they see here, inspire them to love their curves, and teach what it means to be self aware. Through our collective efforts at the shop we work to not only bring you women’s apparel that is sexy, feminine, and trendy but to bring you quality clothing that is versatile and complementary to a variety of body types, flesh tones, and personal styles.

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