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Being beautiful is no longer a consensus - it is a personal choice. How you look in your clothes and feel in your body is one of the biggest hurdles to loving what you see everytime you look in the mirror. With social media placing high demands on what is deemed beautiful and fashion houses choosing lean and tall models for spreads in fashion magazines it is no wonder that more that 75 percent of young women suffer from low self esteem. 

At The Kewl Shop we are not simply about convincing you to buy trendy and fashionable women's apparel. We are about giving you confidence, insights, and support on what you need to pull off any style in your way, on your own terms. Being healthy and taking care of your body is just the beginning. Discover tasty snacks that keep you lean, energizing ideas that keep your mind fresh and focused, and how to balance it all on your terms in our fitness and wellness articles. 

Is the Atkins Diet Right for You?

Posted at: August 2016
Classified as a low-carbohydrate diet, Atkins is considered a way of eating for the rest of your life, and not just a passing diet to take up. Let’s take a look at what this diet entails, and whet...

13 “Healthy” Foods You Should Stop Eating

Posted at: July 2016
  To equip you with the latest information on foods you should avoid to keep your feminine proportions sexy for your bandage dress we did a bit of research. This list points out 13 foods that are ...

The Reality of the Paleo Diet

Posted at: July 2016
As with any other plan, there are arguments for and against the Paleo diet. So let’s take a look at the reality of this diet plan, the good and the bad, and how you to make it work for you.

15 Unlikely Foods for Healthy Hair and Skin

Posted at: July 2016
Are camera tricks and makeup the only way to get shiny hair and flawless skin? Although makeup does an expert job camouflaging certain skin flaws, the truth is that what you eat and don’t eat is t...

15 Fat Blasting Snacks That Are Easy To Find And Prepare

Posted at: June 2016
Bid adieu to that stubborn fat and slim down just by eating these foods as snacks all year long. Turn yourself into a natural fat blasting machine and enjoy tasty treats while doing it. Our list...

The MIND Diet for Divas

Posted at: April 2016
Typically, diets are created and embraced based on the promise to shave off pounds, protect your waistline, or deliver glowing skin and stronger hair. Most diets and meal plans are not supported ...

15 Secrets to a Natural Tummy Tuck

Posted at: March 2016
Even after a tummy tuck, you have to maintain a strict regimen of proper diet and exercise for best results. According to cosmetologists and plastic surgeons, there are a few natural ways to beat...

11 Exercises to Give You Sexy Curves

Posted at: January 2016
We take each dress and identify its style and design and which parts of your body are most proudly on display. Then we recommend the best exercises to define and tone those parts and find expert a...

9 Ways to Look Slim After Holiday Splurging

Posted at: November 2015
The holidays bring a variety of cozy and wild emotions. We love spending time with our family and friends but feel guilty for our lack of self control when it comes to snacking and eating our holi...

10 Achievable Ways To Make Healthy Holiday Food Choices

Posted at: November 2015
Great food, splendid company, and relaxed conversations with loved ones throughout the day makes the holidays the toughest time of year to keep off the pounds and stick to your regular workout ro...

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