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Fashion Apps

The phrase there’s an app for that has become one all too familiar. Useful apps give our social life an interesting twist, puts our day to day activities on steroids, and coordinates our schedules to maintain our sanity. From needing to find the closest spa and salon to dining at local urban restaurants we have learned to use and embrace apps just as easily as we breathe. Apps enable us to live more seamlessly without disrupting our lives - or so they should.

As the New Year gets underway we are taking a look at some of the best apps for fashionistas everywhere. For the next few months we seek out fashion and lifestyle apps and give them a Kewl Necessity Score. The score is earned based on user functionality, development, cost, customer reviews, and overall usefulness. The goal is to earn a mark in each category for a total of 5 points. Most of our apps reach the goal while others miss it by a point or two yet still make the list because we found them remarkable all the same. We also take a peek into the story behind why the app was created - because the best fashion apps are designed to meet the needs of real women.

Mobile applications are designed to be either useful or entertaining. As the lines between mobile and desktop continues to blur it is important to understand the basic functionality behind both platforms and to interact with both based on your needs at the time. Desktop versions are ideal for shopping and browsing your favorite websites while mobile applications are preferred for more on-the-go activities such as creating tasks list, keeping in touch with friends and family, listening to music, or getting directions.

At The Kewl Shop we are always committed to keeping you fresh, sexy, and fashion savvy. We not only encourage you to embrace being confident in your body but are dedicated to helping you achieve confidence in every aspect of your life - even your closet and wardrobe. So we set out to find the most useful and inspiring mobile applications to help you do just that. From organizing your closet to gaining insight into what to wear from respected stylists we’ve found an app for that.

Here’s to organizing our style one piece of clothing at a time!


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