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Fashion is one of those things that simply is. High fashion designers work hard to give it bones, a frame, and direction but ultimately true fashion is defined by us. One of the greatest things about fashion is that we must make it our own in order to embrace it. The styles we choose and the ensembles we put together are reflections of who we are and give us a unique confidence that is only experienced when putting on an outfit that is our very own creation. Fashion is not just about mimicking what we see in magazines and on Instagram it is about taking the pieces we love and making them work for our body types, personality, and lifestyle.

This collection of fashion and style interviews features both emerging and respected fashion bloggers, celebrities, makeup artists, and stylists. We regularly reach out and ask these fashion influencers to share how they achieve their looks and what inspires their unique style. Through a series of questions and peeks into their lives behind the camera we learn who inspires them and how they pull together some of the most impressive styles we’ve witnessed in the 21st century.  

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