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The Kewl Shop is The Kewl Blog

The Kewl Shop is a blog founded and edited by Charles Fitzgerald.

We started our business in 2012 primarily to sell bandage and bodycon dresses and did this successfully until the pandemic in 2020.

Although online retail surged during the pandemic, the demand for special occasion dresses faltered, and we were unable to survive the drop in revenues and pressure on costs. As a result, we had no choice but to close the dress sale part of the business. We did this finally in September 2020. 

The year 2020, as for so many other people and places, brought about the end of an era, devastating for us and causing quite severe financial losses. These losses forced our hand and impacted our otherwise perfect levels of customer service - because we were unable to settle all our financial obligations and even pay for our staff.

We apologize to everyone that we couldn't service or attend to appropriately during this period. These remain very unpleasant times for us.

However, from the ashes, a phoenix arose — The Kewl Blog

From the start, we tried to add value to our customers. And we did this through The Kewl Blog, a lifestyle blog covering topics from relationships to nutrition, beauty, fitness, and self-love. All pillar topics in learning how to improve your quality of life and the person you are.

The blog's essence is to help you become the best version of yourself, with detailed, evergreen articles to refer to repeatedly. We wrote these articles for people like you. To learn from, and to challenge you to develop as a person. We hope that you find it rewarding to read and a source of inspiration as you progress through life.

Supporting the blog, we have an active Pinterest presence, a growing YouTube channel, and an ever-increasing footprint on Quora. Our mission is to use the blog, Youtube, and Quora to provide a source of free value-added advice and support to you.

We're continuously looking to publish new articles and guidance. Topics that are relevant, informative, and driven by your needs. We hope that by providing this value, we contribute to the greater good, repaying for our past mistakes.

If you love The Kewl Blog, please support us by subscribing to our YouTube channel and following Charles on Quora. And do provide feedback on the articles you read and new topics you would like to see published.

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