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About The Kewl Shop

The Kewl Shop is a dream come true. Started in late 2012 we have quickly grown to become one of the top 150K websites in the world. Founded by Charles Fitzgerald and Sasithon Bella, our focus has narrowed into the supply of top quality bandage and bodycon dresses – areas of immense competition in the online world!

The journey so far has been exciting but tough. A few things have become clear to us, and these are now the principles that we live and die by. Always supply the best quality, at the most reasonable price and with the quickest speed, then stand by your products by providing one of the most liberal return policies on the web and exceptional 24/7-customer service. 

You won’t find too much bad said about us but you will see a lot of good, and this is the reputation we strive to keep.

Lees Garcia

In 2019 we are proud to invite Lees Garcia onto the team as our in-house brand ambassador and influencer. 

Lees is a Fashion & Beauty Influencer with years of blogging experience and an extensive resume working with sustainable brands. Crowned the first Cuban woman to ever win an Miss Grand International, she traveled on goodwill missions to Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Japan, Syria, South Sudan, and Vietnam helping refugees of war.

She later became a TV Personality and a full-time model, transitioning into an influencer and ambassador for brands such as Three Olives, Walmart, Evian, Rent the Runway, and Maybelline, among others.

Today, Lees focuses her energy on traveling, living debt free, and embracing the mantra "spend with intention." Her personal blog Minding Minimal focuses on the journey to minimalism and how sacrifices don't always have to be made in order to live a happy and plentiful life.

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