About Us

The Kewl Shop is a dream come true. Started in late 2012 we have quickly grown to become one of the top 150K web sites in the world (Alexa). Founded by Charles and made into a viable business by Sasi, (two names I’m sure you have gotten to know well if you are a friend of The Kewl Shop) our focus has narrowed into the supply of top quality bandage dresses, shoes and leggings – areas of immense competition in the online world!


The journey so far has been exciting but tough. A few things have become clear to us, and these are now the principles that we live and die by. Always supply the best quality, at the most reasonable price and with the quickest speed, then stand by your products by providing one of the most liberal return policies on the web and exceptional 24/7-customer service. And that’s exactly what we do.


You won’t find too much bad said about us but you will find a lot of good, and this is the reputation we strive to keep.


Behind The Scenes 

Well there is Charles and there is Sasi, the heart of the business, straddling Asia and the US. Then Helen on the phones and live chat based out of Maryland, James running the team in Texas, Caitlin offering her content writing skills out of Cape Town, Hazel making the web site look pretty out of Manila, Laura on the ground in China taking care of production and our wholesale business and Vicky looking after the IT team in Chandigarh. If you take a close look at the web site you will see it changes everyday and embodies some of the most advanced design on offer – this is Vicky.


Then there is Sasi, Jessica, Tania, Vera and a few others, all our models and their crew working out of Bangkok to supply the product images you see. These are getting better all the time. 


Quite a team, and a global one at that!


Our Three Pillars 

We live and die by these, nicely articulated for you to read, enjoy and of course comment on, we love the comments :)


Ever Wondered About The Name?

The Kewl Shop is a bit of a silly name but we have grown to love it. Every single order that comes in is accompanied by a little warning email, beep or text with the words “The Kewl Shop has a new order” and we have come to love these words and their opening sequence. So to us at least The Kewl Shop is cool and we love it dearly - and how cool is that?? 


Where To Find Us 

USA Address:
The Kewl Shop (USA)
807 Airport Access Road 
Unit D
Traverse City MI 49686
United States

Singapore Address:
The Kewl Shop (Asia)
Goldhill Plaza
Singapore, Singapore

Contact details:
Please address all written correspondence to our USA office.
Tel: Toll Free - 1 (844) 402-2391
Live Chat: See pop up bottom right of screen, we are generally online 18 out of 24 hours.

Real People Just Like You

We’ve got some pretty photos too, it was hard to find a decent one of Charles because he is in fact probably the most uncool guy of the bunch, but then the beauty of Sasi makes up for all of that. We’ll add some more as we go along but here are a few just to prove we are real people, just like you.



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