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White Bandage Skirt

A white bandage skirt is sexy and sophisticated. Each skirt style is unique and features bold lines or distinct lengths and cuts. Choose to wear to a party or other event that requires you to blend in yet stand out. White is a fairly neutral color and can be dressed up or down with a simple switch of your heels and top. Wear bright colors with white for a fresh and flirty look or choose a more sober style with neutrals such as grey, black, or navy. These skirts are made of a high quality stretch fabric that hugs your body like a second skin creating a similar effect to shape wear. The fabric is a unique blend of rayon, spandex, and nylon that it is sturdy and easy to put on without tearing or snagging. Wear comfortably without worrying about the skirt "riding up" as you move. 

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How To Wear White - Most of us prefer to avoid white because we think it is a difficult color to pull off. However who does not want to dress in an outfit that exudes sophistication and charm, and is innocently sexy. In this post we cover a few style tips and tricks that will help you pull of white perfectly. From how to wear white according to your body type (curvy women should avoid wearing white on white but instead play with textures), what accessories enhance white outfits (metallic accents are hot with white) and tips on how to rock a white party dress (wear nude not white undergarments). Read today!

How To Get Your Best Legs Ever - Getting the best legs ever is entirely achievable with the right attitude and approach. In this post we explain how a combination of eating correctly and a proper exercise regime can tone and sculpt your legs into the sexy creations that you desire. Targeting the muscles in your limbs specifically (read “the squat” as an example) will not only help you maintain your desired shape and curves, but also make your legs stronger and more flexible, and combined with some cardio will trim fat off your legs. Eating correctly and avoiding the bad stuff compliments this exercise regime perfectly.

Top Concealers & Makeup Primers - It's not all about the dress or the skirt, your accessories, hair and makeup all contribute to the complete look and so should be given some thought and planning. In this post we scour the web for insights into the best concealers and makeup primers on the market today. The right concealer hides blemishes, tackles dark circles under your eyes, and gives you the appearance of flawless skin as you complete your look.

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