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Vintage Lace Dress

A vintage lace dress is everything you need and more. These styles merge the classic and dainty looks of the past with the edge and sex appeal of our now. Wear to just about any venue but keep your looks tapered and polished. Avoid messy buns for your hairstyles and instead choose clean and straight ponytails. Each of these dresses features our quality lace that is resistant to tearing and full lining that is comfortable and breathable so that you are ready for long days and nights out. Always drop these dresses to your local dry cleaner. If you want to save a bit of cash, hand-wash and lay flat to dry. Do not agitate or bunch your dress when you do. 

Brand Recommendations

For general vintage clothes we recommend NA-KD. However their collection is more denim based and features shorts and tops with fewer dress styles, but it does update quite regularly so is worth checking back on. 

Sexy lace dresses can be found at Bebe, not all vintage but a very broad variety that are provocative and ooze sophistication. Our top pick however goes to the lace dresses at NA-KD, each and everyone a stunner. In their own words, you can never go wrong with a little bit of lace and oh are they so right!   

Fashion & Style Insights

Match Your Hairstyle To Your Lace Dress - How often do you find yourself in your new dress contemplating what hairstyle is the right one. Your entire look from head to toe is important and this includes the correct hairdo, for the dress and the occasion. In this post we look at examples of how to match your hairstyle and dress neckline perfectly. We rate your mood, your dress neckline and dress length as important considerations in getting this right. 

What To Wear Under Your Dress - What you wear under your dress is often times as important as the dress itself, and being prepared is the simple solution. How often to we find ourselves looking at our new dress, 5 minutes before having to go out, not having any solution to unsightly panty lines or bra straps poking out in the wrong places. In this post we discuss and provide insights into different types of underwear, bras and panties that are suitable for a range of dress types and help you plan better for your new dress.

Nail Polish v Nail Lacquer - Lauren Conrad calls nail polish, “the unexpected accessory”. She explains that nail polish adds color to your overall look and completes your outfit. In this article we take an in-depth look at nail paints as a whole and offer insights into some of the most innovative nail polish lines from leading brands. We all know about nail polish but did you know nail lacquers, typically, are nail paints that add thickness to your nails. Not only do nail lacquers give your nails a lustrous look but they also lend a trendy, fashionable style to your hands that is feminine and attractive.

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