Silver Bandage Dresses

Silver Says You Are Always Up For Adventure

Silver is the color of loyalty and unique style. Our silver bandage dress collection contains our top selling dresses, and it's a no-brainer as to why. The color silver is similar to black in that it is flattering and extremely versatile. These dresses come with a satisfying sheen that gives you a polished and trendy look no matter what shoes you wear or how you do your hair. We made them from a sturdy quality bandage material that shapes and supports your feminine assets so that you can forgo undergarments if you need too.

When To Wear Silver

Gone are the days when silver clothing was associated just with high-flying socialites, rock stars, and performers. Silver dresses today say sophistication and style, and let everyone know that you aren’t shy to dress up and experiment with your clothing.

Silver, being a metallic color, signifies that the wearer loves adventure and is up for anything. This color also symbolizes emotional stability and the removal of negativity.

Colors That Go With Silver

Try gold or gunmetal for a more substantial look and shades of blue, purple or turquoise for a lighter colorful look. Avoid warm colors as they tend to clash with silver. 

In shoes, you are safe with black, silver or white shoes. Try nude for something different and red to add a pop of color.    


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