Sexy Red Dresses

Choosing to put on a sexy red dress rather than other more subtle colors requires a bit of planning, confidence, and know how. It’s a bold color that demands attention and respect, and this is exactly why it is so sexy. Business men wear red ties when they need to assert power without speaking a word. Women wear a sexy little red dress when they need to steal the show and not regret it. Wearing red is about being confident in who you are as a woman and loving every bit of it. Read below for how to style a sexy dress in red...

How to Wear a Sexy Red Dress

Passion, sex, love, and obsession are the feelings we seek to trigger anytime we put on the bold and fearless color of red. It is a color that refuses to blend in, a challenge to pull off (if you don’t know what you are doing), and undeniably lovely. Regardless of how you feel about putting on red, here we challenge you to wear it and indulge a bit.

What Color Shoes to wear 

Try black or nude - with black or nude heels you have a variety of options, heights, and style. Elaborate styles that feature bling, glitter, or two-toned colors work well with straightforward dress designs like most in this collection. While more subtle platforms are also very complementary. Go with patent leather for a glossy finish, fabric styles for a timeless touch, or a combination of the two for a trendy and chic approach.

shoes to wear with red dress


Your posture plays a large role in pulling off a sexy dress in red. With this in mind it is best to steer clear of flats or heels under 2 inches. Instead go for heels with a hidden platform to give you the extra height and improve your posture and confidence. Hidden platforms make sure the heels are easier to walk in and help you balance.

What Makeup to Wear

Deciding on makeup for red takes a bit of forethought. If you plan on wearing your dress at night it is best to glam up and sparkle. The simpler designs in these dresses should enable you to opt for heavier makeup styles based on your preferences. Avoid trying to keep it too simple because your face is competing against the bold and fierce color of red. If more natural makeup styles are your preference then simply highlight and contour.

What lipstick color? Yes we agree it can take confidence to wear red lipstick with a red dress however the appeal, particularly in a sexy tight fitting dress like these is stunning and bold. So we recommend you at try! Otherwise nude is a safe and easy option, and will work well for a daytime look. 

What color nail polish? Red, nude, pink, silver or gold. We don't suggest red nails if you're going for the red lipstick look. Nude or pink are of course the safer options.  

Putting the Look Together

niecey nash red dress - how to wear a red dress

Niecey Nash put on this red strapless dress for the 2015 Emmy awards. She leaves her hair free flowing for a look that is glamorous and lovely yet comfortable and approachable. She paired her dress with simple statement flesh toned heels, hoop earrings, and two index finger rings. Her bright red lipstick is awesome and off set by a safer pink color nail polish. A perfectly accessorised dress and outfit.

red dress lipstick

Our glamor model Heli shows just how powerfully seductive red lipstick can be in this bold display of red on red.

Six Compelling Reasons why you want a Sexy Red Dress

Sexy and Figure Flattering

Lets get the most obvious reason out the way first. These dresses are likely to be the sexiest and most powerful pieces of clothing you will ever wear. Designed to function as a second skin, they hug your body close and accentuate the right curves. It’s how they got their name. They fit as if a tight bandage was wrapped around your body, like shape wear that pulls you in, smooths away bulges, and lifts your booty.


Wearing red is a little like putting on red lipstick. It instantly inspires and uplifts. Combine red with a form fitting dress and you’re set for a serious boost in confidence. Since they are built to ‘suck in’ any bulges and accentuate your curves, you will also be invincible in one.


While the thick material smooths away any imperfections to give you a coveted feminine profile, the stretch factor gives you incredible comfort and ideal wearability.


Although they are all red they come in a number of different styles including mermaid, sequin and lace. Choose your dress according to the occasion and look like a million bucks each time. For formal events go for a long sleeve with heels and for a day outing or brunch with the girls, a cute strapless style that highlights your legs with pumps or strappy heels. For a date try a sleeveless style and knock the socks right off of your love. For a cocktail or evening party, or at the club try a darker red shade and a plunging neckline with short mini length to turn up the sexy quotient. Customers have also bought these hot yet classy dresses to wear to weddings and the prom.  

Cold weather approved

If you are wondering whether you can wear one when the weather gets cold, the answer is yes. You can not only customize your look with scarves and stockings for a gorgeous winter style, but also layer up. Great to wear with cardigans, tailored blazers, and oversized jackets for a sexy look that also keeps you cozy and warm. Try maxi, long or midi versions for extra coverage and protection from the cold. 


Contrary to what you may be thinking, it does not cost a bomb to look like a red carpet celebrity. These dresses help you stick to your budget by giving you many looks for the price of one, often working well with what you already have in your closet. From your denim blazer to your leopard printed stilettos, your dress gives you multiple looks and style. If you are planning to go for a wardrobe makeover or add a few new pieces to your collection, adding a sexy red dress is the way to go.

All these dresses are sexy red bodycon dresses or red bandage dresses, made from a luxe blend of rayon, nylon and spandex that is designed to mould your curves comfortably. The material has a healthy thickness and about 3 to 4 inches of stretch around your body. For care we recommend spot cleaning with a dry clean only when necessary.


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