Sexy Black Dresses

Black is a color that is mysterious, classy, and versatile. It represents and communicates a bundle of things but we love it most because it has the ability to cover and conceal our most problematic feminine proportions. It not only excels in giving us a formal and lovely appearance it is also known for giving us the courage to pull off more sexy styles when needed. We choose to wear it when we need to hide our true emotions yet evoke confidence and grace. We chose it because it is forgiving and flattering and often our style savior. At the shop we love this color so much that we’ve devoted an entire collection to sexy black dresses. Read below for more on how to wear it.., 

Sexy Black Dress

Elegant & Classy. If you are planning a night-out and need an evening style that is elegant and classy. Pair an understated dress in this sexy color with stiletto high heels, jewelry, a textured clutch purse, and a faux fur jacket for a look that is elegant and timeless.

Cocktails & Clubs. Black makes the perfect cocktail or club dress, whether you choose tight fitting and a short, or a long sleeved maxi they are safe choices. Dress up with heels to complete your look.   

Unkempt Chic. Whether you are hanging out with the girls or a hot dinner date - wearing black gives you instant polish. Pair with a faux leather jacket and boots, a trendy printed top, and high heels for a easy gothic look. 

For Work. A simple and well-fitted dress in this sexy color teamed with a suit or blazer, sensible heels, and understated jewelry is perfect work attire. Easily convert your party dresses to work attire with this solution.  

At Ease. It also pairs incredibly well with your wardrobe favorites. Pair with a denim jacket to make your look grounded and stylish. Or layer up with leggings or tights, a jacket, scarf, and hat with ease.

Luxe & Opulence. Dresses in rich fabrics such as velvet, silk, or lace are ultra-luxe and opulent. A glittery evening gown paired with high heels and understated makeup provides a posh style that is versatile and easy.

How to Accessorise

You can really go wild with your accessories here – think oversized glasses, feathered hats, leather totes, and multiple chains. Wear as often as you want. Just remember to accessorize differently and vary your makeup. Core outfits with black as their base are perfect for PTA meetings, formal settings, presentations and then a hot party! Transform from serious yet easy professionalism to sultry goddess in an instant. 

Reasons to Wear 

Black has class! Italian designer Massimo Vignelli hits the nail on the head, “To begin with, it has class. It’s the best color. There is no other color that is better than it. There are many other colors that are appropriate and happy but those colors belong on flowers. As a color it is man-made. It is really a projection of the brain. It is a mind color. It is intangible. It is practical. It works 24 hours a day. In the morning or the afternoon, you can dress in tweed, but in the evening, you look like a professor who has escaped from a college. Everything else has connotations that are different, but this color is good for everything.”

Wearing it gives you the illusion of being more slim. Sequoia from 3FatChicks explains, "It increases that slimming illusion because it does not reflect light. Other colors are affected by light, projecting reflections or casting shadows in areas where your body curves or the material bends and wrinkles. Black, on the other hand, doesn’t have this effect, so any imperfections remain hidden. In short, it is a very effective color for hiding bulges, lumps and bumps."

It works for Summer and Winter! There was a time when it was best assumed to avoid this and darker colors during warmer weather. However, it has evolved into a true all-season color. During the summer, a black dress works like a charm. In fact, it is the best color to keep you cool because it absorbs your body heat instead of reflecting it back like a white dress tends to do. During the winter it is also easily layered up with a coat or other items to keep you warm. Remove the layers when indoors to reveal a splendid you. 

Celebrities have used it to full effect. When you choose to wear black you are in good company with sexy celebrities like Jessica Lange, Joan Didion, Reese Witherspoon, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and of course, Angelina Jolie – the list really is endless. And it isn’t just celebrities many fashion mavens like Coco Chanel swear by it too. 

It makes a lasting impression. Would Angelina Jolie have cut an iconic figure in a floral gown instead of her go-to black gown with a thigh-high slit? Would Holly Golightly be quite as iconic in Breakfast at Tiffany’s if she was sporting a pretty frock instead of her sexy black dress and pearl choker?


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