Sexy Birthday Dresses

We hate birthdays because it means we're a year older. But we all look forward to the big day, the gifts, and the chance to dress up and wow everyone. After all, we are at center stage. But deciding what to wear on the day can be tough, especially with so many choices around. So here are some stunning dresses, all in figure-hugging luxury styles. Your perfect sexy birthday dress, whether it be pretty, all white, or plain racy is in this collection, waiting for you.

What to Wear on Your Birthday

We love parties, but we like birthday parties even more. It's a time for the birthday girl to shine, intrigue, and be the envy of everyone in attendance. We created this sexy dress collection to give you a head start on the dos and don'ts of what to wear to your party. 

Birthday Dress Dos

  • Wear something bold. 
  • Choose a seductive number that is comfy (because it's going to be a long night). 
  • Opt for showing skin. 
  • Consider heels that you can walk in (more full heels are more comfortable on the feet). 
  • Put on a flattering color that slims and highlights your feminine form. 
  • Be confident and show off all your favorite assets. 

Birthday Dress Don'ts 

  • Choose a neutral color dress. 
  • Refrain from overdoing your accessories. 
  • Keep away from over the top hairstyles. 
  • Don't be shy about your body. 
  • Avoid shoes that are too plain or too low. 

Happy birthday from all of us at The Kewl Shop!

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