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Sexy Birthday Dresses

While many women openly rue the fact that every birthday means they are growing older, it is no secret that we all look forward to the big day, the gifts, and the chance to dress up and wow everyone. After all, you are at the center stage on this day. But deciding what to wear on your birthday can be tough, especially with so many choices around. So here are some stunning choices, all in luxury figure hugging sexy styles. Your perfect sexy birthday dress, whether it be pretty, all white, or just plain racy is in this collection, waiting for you!  Read below for tips on having a fantastic day!... 

What to Wear on Your Birthday

We love parties but we love birthday parties even more. It's a time for the birthday girl to shine, intrigue, and be the envy of everyone in attendance. We created this sexy birthday dress collection in an effort to give you a head start on the dos and don'ts of what to wear to your own party. 

Birthday Dress Dos

  • Wear something bold. 
  • Choose a seductive number that is comfy (because it's going to be a long night). 
  • Opt for showing skin. 
  • Consider heels that you can actually walk in (wider heels are easier on the feet). 
  • Put on a flattering color that slims and highlights your feminine form. 
  • Be confident and show off all your favorite assets. 

Birthday Dress Don'ts 

  • Choose a neutral color dress. 
  • Refrain from over doing your accessories. 
  • Keep away from over the top hairstyles. 
  • Don't be shy about your body. 
  • Avoid shoes that are too plain or too low. 

Hair, Makeup, and Accessories

The right kind of makeup, hairdo, and accessories are ways to up your oomph factor on your special day. Here are some ideas to take your birthday look to the next level.  

Go for smoldering

For a fun night out, smoky eyes is a classic look that works every time. Use a good black eyeliner to line the rim of both your upper and lower eyelashes. Next, smudge the pencil into the eyelashes using a stiff brush and then do up the eyelids with a dark eyeshadow. This look works great with a short, sequined dress or other party dresses. Smoldering eyes and style gives you a sex appeal that is understated, sensible, and versatile for any occasion or venue.

Plan your hairdo

When you start getting dressed for your special day, start with your hair so that you do not soil your new dress while using hair products or working on damp hair. Instead of trying something at the last minute and being unsure about it, plan for a hairstyle that you are comfortable in and even do “test hairstyles” a few days before to ensure you get it just right.

Loose waves make long tresses look bouncy and stylish, and a French braid is a classic style when you are aiming for chic yet subtle. Since you are the birthday girl, use the occasion to dress your mane with an eye-catching hair accessory—this will help you stand out while also making a nice addition to your usual look. Also be sure to match your hairstyle to your dress neckline

Achieve the Perfect Ponytail

For women who prefer tied hair, a well-styled ponytail can never go wrong. Plus, it keeps the hair out of your face when you are showing off some dance moves at the nightclub. For a chic ponytail, tease the roots of the hair at the crown of your head with a fine-toothed comb. Next, gather all your hair and tie into place with an elastic. Take a one-inch lock of hair to wrap around the hair tie, and use a bobby pin to secure the end below the ponytail. Your stylish, elegant hairdo is done.

Be Picture-Ready at all times

Being the birthday girl means everyone will want to click pictures with you. If you are worried about the camera flash giving your face a shiny look and spoiling the pictures, there is a simple solution. Before you apply your makeup, use some mattifying lotion on your T-zone. This easy trick will ensure that your face looks oil-free all through the night.

Pamper Yourself

One of the best ways to glow on your birthday is to be relaxed; and a good massage at a professional spa is an excellent way to de-stress and keep those dark circles at bay. Treat yourself to this luxury a couple of days prior to the big day to give your skin the appearance of being radiant and fresh. However, do not get a facial just one day before or on the day since it can cause skin irritation or inflammation at times.

Don't Forget your Perfume

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”, Coco Chanel once said. So be sure to freshen up with a splash of your favored perfumed mist. To leave a sweet impression on your guests, spray on some of the nice stuff before heading out for the party. Perfume also works as an instant mood lifter, so complete your look with a subtle, elegant scent. An excellent trick is to mist some of the fragrance on both your palms since you are likely to be shaking hands with a lot of people while accepting birthday wishes. This will release a lovely scent every time.

Eat Right to Slay In Your Sexy Birthday Dress

All the effort taken to pick the right dress, makeup, and accessories can be hampered by little things like dark circles or an unsightly pimple. Moreover, you would want to be in perfect shape to slide well into that sexy number without having to feel choked and squeezed all the time. So here are some tips for you to stay in shape and look glowing on your birthday.

Exercise in the morning

Regular exercise is a must not only to stay fit physically, but also mentally. So this birthday, resolve to be more regular in your workouts. Start as soon as you can so that you have a well-toned body to show off your new dress on D-day. Begin with something simple like a morning walk or jog, yoga, or a swim. Physical activity in the cool morning air will work wonders for your mood and leave you fresh and active for the day ahead.


Ensure that you drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your birthday for a healthy body and glowing skin. Being sufficiently hydrated flushes all the toxins out of your system and leaves you with supple, well-nourished skin that will add a lovely charm to any look you choose. Moreover, you do not need to worry about hiding pimples and dull skin under loads of makeup.

Watch Your Meals

Eating clean, green, and lean is the way to go when you are aiming to look perfect on your birthday. So cut out all junk, sugary foods and drinks, and smoking. Instead, pile more lean protein and veggies on your plate. Keep alcoholic beverages to a minimum and try green tea for a number of health benefits.

All things considered, it is your birthday and you get to choose what you wear and how much makeup you want to put on. Pick things that you are comfortable in so that you aren't stressed about your appearance as you go around meeting people and basking in all the attention that comes with being the birthday girl.

Happy birthday from all of us at The Kewl Shop!


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