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Mermaid Leggings 

Mermaids are the childhood fantasies that we never really grow out of. Perfectly curled hair, shimmer galore, and the temptation to swim alongside nature's most beautiful sea creatures never seems to fade from our memories. Slip into one of our comfy yet sexy pair of mermaid leggings at home, on the go, or for your latests light yoga session.  

Our mermaid leggings feature detailed scales, a slight sheen, and are made of a quality blend of spandex and polyester. We choose to use polyester as the main fabric for our leggings because it is a synthetic blend that takes dye and prints unusually well and tends to hold shape and form. Additionally, it makes our leggings easy to care for and maintain so you don't have to worry about fading colors after the first wash or constant wrinkles. Polyester also ensures our mermaid leggings are machine washable and easily tumbled dried on low, however, opting to line-dry these leggings give you longer lasting color and wear.  

Top Dog Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Design did a simple and straightforward article comparing polyester and cotton. You may find the information useful as you browse leggings and decide on the blend that's best for you. Read it here.

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