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Long Lace Dress

A long lace dress can be quite formal and so is perfect for events that require more than a basic display of fashion and good taste, although dressed down they are equally good for a simple night out on the town. These dresses are comfortable, easy to accessorize, and very flattering. Fashionistas love lace because it is feminine and soft. To pull the look together opt for a simple satin clutch and a complimenting hairstyle that matches your mood. Avoid charm bracelets or other jewelry that can easily catch in the lace overlays and instead choose clean and modern bracelets.  

Lace should never be agitated unnecessarily. If you choose to hand wash your dress do so by laying your dress flat in your bathtub and submerging it underwater repeatedly. Avoid placing your long lace dress in the dryer and instead lay it flat to dry. 

Brand Recommendations

Sexy lace dresses can be found at Bebe, not all long but a very broad variety that are provocative and ooze sophistication. Similarly at Macy's who offer a slightly more conservative but equally appealing look in a number of well known brands. Our top pick however goes to the lace dresses at NA-KD, each and everyone a stunner. In their own words, you can never go wrong with a little bit of lace and oh are they so right!

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