Kim Kardashian Style Dresses

If there's something that the Kardashian girls know best, it's fashion and style. They always look classy and uber-stylish on the red carpet. So if you want to rock a Kim K styled dress, there's only one thing to do - keep up with the Kardashians. Read below on how to roack a dress just like Kim K...

Here's how to rock a dress just like Kim Kardashian 

Curvy Confidence

Not confident about your body? Take tips from Kim K. When red carpet events were dominated by girls with svelte figures, Kim was among the few who embraced her curves. How many times did her hourglass figure win Who Wore It Best Battles? She won them all because of her famous curves. 

Styled Hair

Girls have a gazillion ways to style their hair. For Chloe and Kim Kardashian, they are usually spotted wearing their long hair down. However Kim is not afraid to experiment with slicked back styles or even a bun.  

Sexy Heels

There's something we know about Kim's choice of shoes, she sticks to sexy heels with her dresses - from nude Louboutins to ankle-cuff Gucci shoes. However you don't have to wear expensive designer shoes to be fashionable. There are plenty of choices at much lower cost. Just remember to pick heels that add sexiness while exuding elegance and class. 

Ditch The Accessories

Kim looks perfectly sexy with just a timepiece, an expensive bangle, or a nice clutch. Following the same principle, ditch the accessories and let the dress do the talking. Your goal is to accentuate your body and you want all eyes on your figure when you walk by.


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