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High Waisted Skirts

You have to love the high waisted skirts we carry because they not only give your body the illusion of appearing longer and slimmer but they also double as shape wear. Throw out all your hesitations due to a possible muffin top or saggy tummy because these skirts are designed to shape, smooth, and flatter every body type. Constructed to show a tiny display of skin they are classic, timeless, and sexy.

If you think you are bit hippy the skirts are designed to give you form and shape. Conversely if you think you lack shape and curves their accentuated and defined waistline gives your hips the illusion of appearing more shapely.

All made from our blend of rayon nylon and spandex they are classified as bandage skirts and so will mould and shape your curves as described above. For care look to spot clean first and dry clean only if necessary.

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Natural Tummy Tucks Are Always Better - If you're still worried about your tummy after trying one of these skirts. You don’t have to hit the gym everyday or at every waking moment to keep a flat or trim tummy and you definitely do not need to get a real tummy tuck, you know the surgical one! Instead adopt a more holistic approach to the task, such as drinking more water, reducing stress and adding more fibre to your diet. In this post we cover 15 secrets that are easily adoptable to give you a natural tummy tuck plus there’s a handy infographic included for a short cut read. Try them out today and start making inroads into the trim tummy your looking for.

How To Get A Bigger Butt - Apart from dealing with your waistline and tummy these skirts will showcase your behind, moulding and shaping it too. Here are some additional things you can do to make it even better! Getting a sexy butt ensures that you are confident in your clothes and love the way your body looks in everything. At The Kewl Shop we take a more holistic approach to improving your behind preferring not to go for implants or anything similarly drastic and invasive. With the right balance of exercise, nutrition and a positive attitude the butt of your dreams is easily achievable. In this post we’ve compiled all our important articles that focus on keeping your waistline slim and your booty poppin’. Read how to get a bigger butt with exercise and the styles and clothes that enhance your booty.

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