Green Bandage & Bodycon Dresses

Green Says You Are Serene

A green bandage or bodycon dress creates moods and impressions of serenity and balance. When you need harmony and leverage select one of these dresses for a straightforward approach to style that is both sexy and tasteful. The dresses in this collection give your legs more length and your tush a firm lift and shape that is appealing yet tasteful. All are constructed using a high-quality blend of rayon, spandex, and nylon. Rayon is a synthetic fabric that can be either hand-washed or dry cleaned. Spandex ensures our dresses are not just fabulous and sexy when worn but comfortable and easy to get into without snags. Overall they will shape and mold your curves a bit like shapewear.

When To Wear Green

Green is a color that is easy on the eyes and mind. A green dress often has a soothing and comforting effect on the people around you. If you find that you pick green dresses and apparel quite usually, it is likely that you want to be well-liked and recognized. The color also indicates that you have a soft heart and are very caring.

Green dress wearers live an active social life, live in a good neighborhood, and are mindful of their social reputation and finances. Green is also the color that connected to life and nature, which means that you are probably an environment-conscious person and appreciate the greenery. You are charismatic and have an aura of mystery at the same time.

Colors That Go With Green

Yellow and green is a fresh combination that looks good almost universally. Go warmer with mustard yellows, khaki or dark greens and more refreshing with brighter hues in both colors. 

With a green dress try silver, gold, black, nude & beige, white or an animal print like a leopard in shoes and accessories. 


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