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We take votes every season on what the team deems a "must have" and bandage skirts always win hands down. If you don't have one yet consider adding to your wardrobe today. A bandage skirt is made of the same high quality rayon, nylon and spandex blend found in our bandage dresses. The fabric is heavy and stretchy and designed to support your tush and in many cases flatten your stomach almost acting like a girdle. The designs are typically high waisted and knee lengths. They are always season must haves because they are extremely versatile and trendy. You can wear you skirt with a sexy little crop top or simply pair it with a loose fitting blouse for a more casual yet sophisticated look. 

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How To Get The Best Legs For Your Skirt - How many times do you and your girlfriends complain about gaining weight on your legs, and no matter how hard you try those toned and sexy legs you desire so much stay just out of reach. Well help is at hand and with the right balance of exercise, diet and a positive mental attitude you can reap substantial benefits. Read the article today and learn how to exercises and eat your way to a sexy pair of legs.   

What to Wear Under Your Skirt - When choosing the right skirt we often forget about what to wear under it or leave these decisions until the last minute. However in these figure hugging clothes making sure you are well prepared is important because unsightly straps or bulges are not going to give you the look you dreamed for. In this article we run through a number of undergarments and solutions to complete your look, leaving you feeling sexy and confident.  

Reasons to Wear a Short Skirt - Wearing something short is not for the faint hearted, you need to be confident with your legs (see above) as well as your style. You're trying to be hot and flirty while at the same time remaining cool and collected, it's not easy of course. If you're in any doubt (and we're sure you're not) this article provides some solid reasons to go short and some style tips to make you rock perfectly. Short dresses in these styles can be very sensual, particularly if you opt for a nude or nude pink.      

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