Staying Pimple - Free On Your Wedding Day

Last updated on : December 02 2021

Wedding day

Apart from the whole stress of planning the perfect location, gown, reception, food, and flowers (among others), there’s also the looming stress of feeling and looking like your best self on one of the most awaited days of your life—your wedding day. 

Who wouldn’t want to, right? You can already picture how candidly beautiful your wedding photos will look as you swore forever to the person you love the most. Then here comes the wedding day, and as you look into the mirror, you immediately notice a plump zit budding on your cheek or nose! Not cool! Pimples can be the worst gatecrashers on your most special occasions. But never let them ruin your special day.

We get it. It took a bloodbath and several sleepless nights to walk on that aisle. Aside from planning, organizing, and budgeting, taking care of your skin is another worry to top of all that. It can be easy to overlook the consequences of how your skin copes with all the stress you’re dealing with during this time. Sadly, there’s no magic potion that can erase these pimples overnight. However, we can help you stay on track to keep your skin glowing and acne-free on the day you say “I do”!

Here are some skincare notes with a touch of life-saving beauty hacks that you can refer to in staying pimple-free on your wedding day or any other significant day. 

1. Months Before The Wedding

This time can be a mix of euphoria from the proposal, excitement from the imagery of your perfect day, and of course, the overwhelming anxiety of setting things into motion. There can be a lot of feelings that need to be processed, and it wouldn’t help to say don’t get stressed because weddings are innately stressful. So, we’re here to help you avoid breakouts and pimples one day at a time.

  • Label skincare as a priority along with other wedding plans

Taking care of your skin might be thrown out of the picture with all these wedding preps. Try to avoid this by putting your skincare routine on the list of tasks you need to achieve every day. That way, you can remind yourself that you are your priority too—and that includes washing and cleansing your face every day. 

Think about it this way: aside from the ease and comfort of sleeping without makeup—you also get to check another task off your list—which honestly is one of the most satisfying things to do at the end of the day. 

  • Find the regimen that suits your schedule and the wedding look you’re going for

Everyone has their skincare regimens based on their routines. If you want to stay away from those bumpy zits, find a product specializing in treating acne

It’s also important to remember that clear skin doesn’t mean healthy skin. Keep moisturizing and use that sunscreen every time you go out, especially for wedding errands. A balance of products and active ingredients will give your skin the tender love and care it deserves. 

If you have a peg look during this memorable day, this is also the perfect time to realign the products you use to achieve it. Are you aiming for a dewy peg? No-make-up look? Or boldly sport a bare face to keep things simple? 

You have time to experiment on what works on your skin and build on that. Take advantage of time—wisely at that, of course.

  • Eat a balanced diet


Yes, that means avoiding your usual stress food. And yes, we know—there’s nothing like crashing on your couch while eating ice cream after a long day of talking to caterers and choosing wedding venues. Truthfully, no one can avoid that.

Just remember that too much of everything, especially dairy and oil, is harmful to your health and skin. It can cause pores to clog and make your face oily. 

Try snacking on fruits, though. They are a healthier alternative to these junk foods and will help your skin become healthy and pimple-free even after your wedding!

2. Five Weeks Before The Wedding

Plans are in motion now. You probably have finalized the location, theme, and other significant details of the wedding. As more invitations get sent, your stress levels are either zoning out the roof or way past that. 

This stress can manifest on your skin and body. But don’t worry, it will pass. And so will your acne—hopefully.

  • Keep your hands away from your face

The wedding rush during these weeks is crucial. You might find yourself running on errands almost every day to ensure every little aspect is perfect on the venue. After going home, there’s staying up to finish putting invites inside envelopes that you need to send out the day after. It’s a whole day of getting your hands on everything—but not on your face.

It’s great to be hands-on on things, but you should keep your hands off your face. Since you touch many things everywhere you go, putting your hands and fingers on your skin can trigger breakouts due to the dirt and bacteria that accumulate in your hands.

  • Exfoliate and purge your skin

As the wedding date comes closer, now is the best time to exfoliate and remove unwanted marks and pimples on your face. 

Your skin has the time to heal and replace dry and dead skin cells just in time for the wedding bells to ring. Gradually apply to your skin to avoid redness, flaking, and pigmentation. 

Of course, don’t forget to moisturize after. Skin Care is like an ecosystem of products that work together to keep your face healthy. The goal is not just to be pimple-free but also to have hydrated and protected skin that you can match with any wedding look.

  • Consult your dermatologist for precise skincare

Of course, nothing beats what your dermatologist advises. 

A consultation and a skin check weeks before your wedding can help you prevent acne during your wedding day itself. Your dermatologist can notice patches, dark spots, and emerging pimples that you don’t see on a regular day until it appears. 

Professional dermatologists can help by giving out preventive care and products that can help reduce breakouts and blemishes. So, either with acne or none, seek out an expert’s advice on your skin. It’s better safe than waking up with a red zit on your face during your wedding day.

3. One Week Before The Wedding

It can be the calm before the storm or the storm itself. Finishing touches get more overwhelming to different aspects of your wedding, all at the same time. 

It’s also the phase of wedding jitters, wondering about the what-ifs, and questioning your life decisions. But your skin will be ready to face these with you if you deal with it right. 

  • Sleep your stress away

It’s normal to think about what could go wrong that can ruin your perfect day. After all the intricate planning and preparation you and your partner have done, it’s hard to accept that there are things that may stray out of your original plans. 

During this time, try to relax a little bit. It’s going to be okay. Get your much-needed beauty rest and think about your concerns the next day. 

Sleeping rejuvenates the mind and the body—and that includes your skin. Staying up too late can cause your skin to break out, so avoid it as much as you can (unless it’s your bridal shower, then that’s alright!).

  • Stay hydrated at all times

Drinking eight glasses of water every day keeps your skin hydrated and oil-free, which can keep you away from the dreaded pimples. It’s also the perfect aid in getting rid of waste and toxins that contributes to a breakout. 

Water is your best friend that will help you clean your skin naturally. So, drink up and watch it work miraculously as your wedding day approaches. 

Who knows, maybe you can pick up on the habit and do it regularly? That way, you can avoid pimples even after your wedding!

  • Avoid using too many hair products

Hairstyle in beauty salon

Everybody talks about skin routine. But your hair regimens can also be the culprit for that pesky zit appearing days before your wedding. Hair products with oils, gel, and fragrance can irritate your skin and clog your pores.

Check the personal hygiene products you use, and make sure that you wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate-free hair care is a great way to take care of your mane and, coincidentally, your skin. 

Whenever you go out to iron those wedding plans, keep your hair off your face and tie it!

4. 24 Hours Before The Wedding

A lot can happen on the last day before your life-long commitment with your partner starts. 

As for your acne concerns, well, let’s say that these pimples can bloom out of nowhere. But if you’ve treated your skin like a wedding priority as well, chances are you’re in for an acne-free ceremony with picture-perfect smiles on your faces. 

Continue this on the last day and night before your married life begins.

  • Rest on clean sheets

The pillows you sleep in play a huge role in achieving pimple-free skin—whether it is your wedding day or not. So, change your pillowcases and bedsheets to make sure you’re sleeping over a clean pillow that your face won’t accumulate germs and bacteria to. It’s a simple habit, but it is one of the main reasons why breakouts happen. 

Be wary of the towels that you’re using as well. Most of the time, it takes too long before towels get freshly laundered. So, use new ones on your wedding day to be sure. You wouldn’t want a pimple crashing your wedding just because of dirty sheets, would you?

  • Conceal, don’t let them know

If all else fails and a zit makes it till the wedding day, don’t worry - this is what the most dependable concealers in the market are for. Besides, you can always rely on the wonders that your makeup artist can do with their magical hands to hide these spots on your face. 

On the other hand, if you’re doing a DIY setup for your makeup, there are also lots of ways you can cover your pimples and blemishes that still make you look natural and barely there. Also, remember to use products that give you additional protection from UV rays, especially if you have an outdoor wedding setup. 


Acne-free or not, remember that the real essence of your wedding is what’s in the heart of your union. A perfect wedding ceremony doesn’t exist. 

Pimples appear, dark spots show. But knowing that you have a partner who will accept your flaws and imperfections and will choose to grow and improve with you every day, despite the good and the bad, is what matters the most.  

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