A Complete Skincare Guide For Men 50 And Over

Last updated on : March 14 2022

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Looking fab in your 50s isn't just a priority for women. Men over 50 want to look good too. For years, the skincare industry and its marketing strategies have been geared towards women. But things are changing. 

Men's skincare is becoming a hot topic, and soap on a rope and aftershave are no longer the only beauty products allowed in a manly man's bathroom.

In fact, according to a recent CNBC report, the men's skincare market will be worth over $166 billion in 2022, while gender-neutral skincare sales increased by a significant 7% in 2019 alone.

More and more men are waking up to realize that proper skin care is crucial, and fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, sun damage, and baggy eyes are not something they have to live with forever.

If you're interested and want to learn more about looking after your skin after the age of 50, keep reading - our men over 50 skincare guide provides everything you need to know about your complexion.

Understanding Your Skin

Your skin is an organ. And not just any organ, the largest organ in your body. Like any other organ, it's subject to damage, aging, and gradual breakdown over time. 

The process of skin aging typically begins in your 20s and may go unnoticed until you reach your 40s or perhaps even your 50s. 

Many factors contribute to this aging process, including environmental pollutants and influences, genetics, sleep deprivation, diet, and personal habits such as smoking and excessive sun exposure.

Aging and the development of rough skin can also be attributed to a natural decrease in your body's ability to produce collagen. 

There are four different forms of this active protein, the most abundant protein in the human body. Collagen forms the structure of your skin and is instrumental in replacing and restoring dead skin cells. 

As your collagen levels decline, your skin may lose tone and develop fine lines and wrinkles. 

Starting a Skincare Routine in Your 50s

Data from WebMD shows that one of the leading contributors to skin aging is prolonged exposure to direct UV light and sunlight. 

UV light affects the elastin fibers in your skin, which lend it its elastic properties and help it to stretch and maintain its shape. As a result, it's crucial your skincare routine addresses this primary cause of aging.

Adopting such a routine in your 50s may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Bear in mind that, as a man in your 50s, you will naturally have a few fine lines and wrinkles on your face. You can chalk these up to a life well-lived! 

However, taking great care of your skin will help to ensure that you look healthy and young for your age, regardless. Here are a few key steps you can take to build a skincare routine that works for you:

1. Cleanse Your Face

Cleansing your face is the first step in any good skincare routine. 

Many men wash their face with water alone, but this may not be enough to remove dirt, grime, and sebum from the skin while keeping it hydrated. 

It's essential to use a high-quality cleanser morning and night, or in the evenings at the very least. 

Your skin repairs itself at night. By cleansing your face in the evenings, you will facilitate its natural rejuvenation cycle and wake up with a more refreshed complexion each morning. 

If you have dry skin, a cleanser with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid will help draw moisture into your skin to keep it soft and moisturized throughout the day.

2. Moisturize Correctly

Your skin's moisturizing needs will depend on your skin type; oily, normal, dry, combination, or acne-prone. 

If you are 50 or older, your skin is likely to be in the dry category, but some men still experience oiliness or breakouts in their 50s. 

Choose a moisturizer that caters to your skin type and use it after cleansing your face to allow the moisturizing ingredients to work their magic.

3. Prevent Baggy Eyes

Men in their 50s are particularly prone to developing under-eye bags due to their skin's natural loss of collagen. 

An eye cream with anti-wrinkle ingredients may keep baggy eyes at bay and combat dark spots that make eye bags look even more prominent. 

Many creams include active ingredients such as caffeine to reduce puffiness and swelling. These ingredients make dark circles and spots less noticeable and prevent the onset of baggy eyes if you don't have them yet.

4. Grab That Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Face roller jade

If wrinkles are a concern, you can add an anti-wrinkle cream into your daily skincare routine. These products are most effective at night, as the active ingredients will enhance your skin's natural regeneration process. 

Most anti-wrinkle creams include core active ingredients like peptides, retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients fight the signs of aging, draw moisture into your skin, stimulate collagen production, plump the skin, and provide you with a younger and more radiant appearance. 

5. Discover The Secret Power Of Retinol

Topical vitamin A application has many proven benefits for fighting the signs of aging. 

Many dermatologists recommend adding a prescription-strength or over-the-counter retinoid to your skincare regime to improve the appearance of sunspots, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

 If you are new to retinol, start with a 0.5% concentration twice a week and work your way up from there to avoid irritation and sensitization. 

Remember, it's imperative to use sun protection during the day if you are using a topical retinoid product. Retinol can make you more sensitive to the sun, so you don't want to undo your good work by forgetting to slather on the sunblock. 

6. Get Sun Savvy

Getting savvy is arguably the essential step in any skincare routine. 

Dermatologists are well aware of how damaging UV rays are for the skin and how they are capable of causing aging, wrinkles, dark spots, and even melanoma skin cancer. 

You can purchase a sunscreen product to use after you have cleansed and moisturized in the morning or simplify your routine by opting for a moisturizer that has an SPF included. 

An SPF of at least 30 is recommended for proper sun protection. But if you're particularly fair or spend a lot of time outdoors, opt for an SPF 50 formulation instead.

7. Ditch The Harsh Shaving Cream

Many men experience rashes, bumps, and even acne breakouts after shaving. They experience this because shaving can irritate the skin and can leave it prone to infection. 

Using a gentle shaving cream helps to lubricate your skin during shaving, reducing the risk of irritation, nicks, and cuts. 

A suitable formulation will also add moisture to your skin to minimize post-shave irritation and dryness. 

It's recommended that you avoid heavily fragranced aftershave balms and colognes, as these can further irritate sensitive post-shave skin. They can also lead to the development of bumps, ingrown hairs, and contact dermatitis.

8. Eat Your Skin Healthy  

Fresh avocado with nuts

Many studies have shown that added sugar, and refined carbohydrates in your diet can contribute to skin aging over time. 

Refined carbs can cause your skin to look dull and increase your chances of developing wrinkles and other unwanted skin issues. Sugar binds to the proteins within your skin, changing their arrangement and impacting their ability to maintain your skin's elasticity and glow. 

The best diet for skin health over 50 minimizes sugar and refined carbs. It focuses instead on fiber, whole fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fat sources such as avocados, nuts, and olive oil. 

This type of diet has the added benefit of helping you maintain a healthy weight too!

9. Get Up and Active

Physical activity is a potent anti-aging strategy for men of all ages. 

Staying active enhances your circulation and gets your blood pumping, transporting vital nutrients to your skin to strengthen your collagen and keep your complexion looking healthy. 

Skin dullness, dryness, and discoloration can all be caused by inactivity and poor circulation, so staying active is a great way to remedy these issues. 

Don't forget to wear sun protection if you exercise outdoors for long periods.

10. Stay Hydrated

It may seem simple, but staying hydrated is another important way to keep your skin in good condition. Hydration is crucial for blood circulation, skin hydration, and maintaining your skin's acid mantle, which keeps pollutants and bacteria at bay. 

Dehydrated skin will not regenerate and hydrate, leading to accelerated aging and dryness, tightness, and flaking. 

Be sure to drink at least two liters of water a day to keep your skin healthy.

The Wrap Up

Men aged 50+ can use proper skincare techniques to keep the signs of skin aging at bay. Here's what you need to know about creating your skincare plan.

Stop aging in its tracks. By implementing a skincare strategy into their daily regimes, men aged 50 and over can benefit greatly. 

Your skin care plan should ideally include a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, sun protection, retinoid, and anti-aging eye cream for best results. 

Be sure to adopt a healthy diet, minimize your sugar and refined carbohydrate intake, and stay active to keep your skin looking great in your 50s—and beyond.

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