Surprising Health And Beauty Benefits Of Eucalyptus

Last updated on : April 11 2022


Many people talk about how their favorite organic products change their lives.

Using natural resources has endless benefits compared to using artificial or chemical-based products. While there are many natural and plant-based alternatives out there, there's one in particular that you might want to add to your routine: Eucalyptus. 

Eucalyptus can surprisingly improve your home, skin, hair, and body, and in this article, we cover the eucalyptus' health and beauty benefits that you need to know. 

What Is Eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus is a type of tree with over 660 varieties, but they all produce oil that has significant benefits. Some of the most popular oils come from the Tasmanian bluegum and peppermint tree species. 

Producers harvest this popular oil from the stems and flowers for health purposes, plus some tanning and papermaking processes.

Where Can You Find Eucalyptus Oil?

Eucalyptus trees are so different that they can grow all over the world. And their related oil products are available in most stores. 

It used to be a specialty oil that cost too much for the average consumer's budget, but demand increased production and encouraged home goods and beauty stores to stock it. 

Now you can find these products in nearly every drug, grocery, and health supply store.

Eucalyptus Benefits for Your Home

Your house should support your health and well-being. You spend so much time cleaning it and keeping it pristine. 

Eucalyptus oil can improve your home and help your health at the same time if you start using it in these ways.

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1. It Can Deter Insects 

Bugs can sneak into your home any time you open your doors or windows. 

In particular, mosquitoes are a common household nuisance that can carry five global diseases. It depends on your local insect population, how many animals live nearby and if your water sources contain the bacteria needed to turn the mosquitoes into carriers.

Eucalyptus oil can prevent those illnesses from ever affecting you or your family members. 

Diffusing it will deter biting insects with its scent because they don't like the citronella naturally found in eucalyptus products. Set up your diffuser by your backyard barbecue tables or on your porch to enjoy more time outside safely.

2. It Controls Bad Odors

While diffusing your new oils, you might find a pleasant minty scent lingering around your home. 

Eucalyptus has a mint-like smell with undertones of wood and citrus and helps prevent foul odors from building up in your house and potentially irritating your sinuses or lungs. 

This property of eucalyptus is especially beneficial for anyone who lives in a home with lingering odors from pets or old carpets.

3. It Eliminates Harmful Chemicals

Many people fall in love with eucalyptus oil as a cleaning agent. Add it to your homemade antibacterial sprays for a pleasant scent and extra antimicrobial cleaning power to reduce bacteria. 

Since you'll make cleaning agents at home, you won't need to buy chemical-based products at the store.

4. Eucalyptus Benefits for Your Skin

She drys her face with the white towel.

You can also use eucalyptus oil in your skincare routine. Check out how it could transform your appearance with just a few uses.

  • It Moisturizes Your Skin

Some lotions contain a small amount of alcohol to make them last longer, intensifying dryness if you have sensitive skin. 

Instead, use diluted eucalyptus oil with lotion or shower gel, and you'll see reduced symptoms of conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

Begin with small amounts to test how you react and increase your usage if it's a safe alternative to your current products.

  • It Battles Bacteria

Scientists estimate that every person has an average of 1,000 types of bacteria on their skin. They might make you sick after touching shared surfaces, so use eucalyptus to fight the bacteria. 

The antimicrobial properties that clean your home are gentle enough to cleanse your skin if diluted in water, serums, soaps, or lotions.

  • It Reduces Inflammation

Redness occurs when your skin is too dry, or you are suffering from a medical condition. You might notice it after washing your hands frequently, too. 

Eucalyptus lotions will soothe the inflammation and help you feel more comfortable.

5. Eucalyptus Benefits for Your Hair

See if you can find eucalyptus shampoo or conditioner while browsing beauty aisles at your local stores. It has these numerous benefits for your hair if used daily.

  • It Prevents Split Ends

When you glance down at your hair, do you see split ends? They happen more frequently if the strands are dry. 

Straightening and curling your hair multiple times each week will dry your hair out faster, and this is made worse if you live in a climate with low to no humidity.

Eucalyptus oil is an organic moisturizer, so it quickly treats the dryness behind your split ends. 

Try using shampoo or conditioner that features it as a primary ingredient, and you'll notice a silky difference in your hair after just a few uses.

  • It Banishes Frizziness

Frizziness is another beauty challenge associated with dry hair. Sometimes it doesn't go away even with anti-frizz sprays. You'll deal with this more often if your shampoo uses alcohol or you book hair treatments with chemicals that fry the strands.

Follow your eucalyptus shower products with mousse or heat protectant sprays that use it as well. It's an extra layer of valuable protection for anyone with treated hair or recurring frizziness.

  • It Stimulates Hair Follicles

People of all ages can develop scalp conditions that change their appearance. 

Hair loss is a common problem, but eucalyptus oil can help. Research shows that it stimulates struggling hair follicles to grow new strands and produce natural oils. 

Use it to supplement any hair growth or scalp treatment products your physician recommends if you haven't found much success.

6. Eucalyptus Benefits for Your Body

She is looking at something.

Your general health also stands to benefit from more eucalyptus in your life. Add it to your daily diet through food, shakes, or supplements to experience these incredible benefits.

  • It Increases Your Antioxidant Intake

Pure eucalyptus oil isn't edible, but many companies dry the leaves and turn them into tea. Eucalyptus tea produces helpful antioxidants and flavonoids that reduce your body's oxidative stress when brewed correctly. 

Oxidative stress can lead to conditions like heart disease, so you'll prevent potential problems later on by drinking this tea each week.

  • It Fights Cold Symptoms

Look at the ingredient label on your preferred cold and flu products. Eucalyptus is likely one of the first on the list. Its anti-inflammatory properties that improve skin conditions also decrease mucus production when you have a head cold. 

Your body makes the mucus in response to the inflamed cells in your lungs and sinuses, so easing them to a normal state with tea or diffused oil can help you feel more comfortable.

  • It Reduces Pain

Aches and pains in your muscles and joints will become worse if they're experiencing inflammation. 

The limonene and cineole in eucalyptus oil could reduce your pain in addition to any prescribed medications. Diffuse it while watching TV and inhale it for at least 30 minutes to start enjoying the effects.

  • It Improves Relaxation

There's no question that eucalyptus can improve your mental health. It's much easier to relax when your skin isn't irritated, and you aren't in pain. 

The oil can take many of your worries away and provide more peace when feeling stressed or anxious. It will also help you fall asleep more quickly.

  • It Prevents Cavities

You might think that reducing your sugar intake will keep cavities away, but that's not the only thing that can influence their development. Lingering bacteria that multiply on your teeth between meals can also trigger them. 

If you're trying to get your dental routine on track and need extra help strengthening your teeth, find toothpaste or mouthwash that features eucalyptus oil. 

The oil naturally breaks down oral bacteria so colonies won't remain after brushing. Talk with your dentist about adding it to your routine if you're focusing on improving your oral health.

Start Using Eucalyptus With Caution

Eucalyptus oil has many health and beauty benefits, but it can hurt people who don't know how to use it correctly. It's a potent oil that needs dilution before anyone can inhale or consume it safely.

Swallowing a dose even as small as 3.5 milliliters will cause poisoning symptoms like:

  • Digestive problems
  • Muscle spasms or weakness
  • Seizures

It can also be fatal if someone consumes too much. Always dilute it according to the packaging's instructions if you want to use pure oil and not a prepared product.

Pets can also be injured or die from eucalyptus oil. It's even more potent for their smaller bodies and can be dangerous when diffused. Animal lungs can't process the oil, so it's safer to use your diffuser while your pets are in the other room or outside.

Conclusion - Enjoy the Benefits of Eucalyptus 

Now that you know more about the surprising health and beauty benefits of eucalyptus consider if it would improve your daily life. 

Whether you use it in your shampoo, add it to lotion, or diffuse it before bed, you could experience significant benefits that make life more enjoyable.

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