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  • How To Cope With A Nervous Breakdown - A Personal Story

    Posted at: March 2023

    "Nervous Breakdown" is a term that is no longer used by the medical community, but it is a great way to describe how it FEELS. I know because I've been there. Your doctor may refer to it as "situational depression" or "anxiety disorder". Others may call it "burn-out".

  • Food And Life – Can You Eat Yourself Happier?

    Posted at: March 2023

    We’re all very aware of the connection between our physical health and the foods we eat. We know that to stay healthy and avoid all kinds of preventable diseases, we need to enjoy a balanced diet, filled with all the macro- and micro-nutrients our bodies need.

    However, there is now evidence that the foods we eat also have an incredible impact on our mental health and our daily mood.

  • Top 10 Benefits Of An Organic Mattress

    Posted at: March 2023

    If you've understood that an organic, eco-friendly mattress is the right choice for you, run a background check on various organic mattress brands. And weigh all the options so that you'll end up purchasing a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

  • 8 Girl Reasons To Go For Sauna Sessions

    Posted at: March 2023

    Ever been in a sauna? No, it’s not just a place for men to go sweat and chat, it's also an excellent place for women, and has real benefits for us too. From improved blood circulation to weight loss, we take an in-depth look at the benefits of sauna for women. 

  • Future Proof Your Body: 13 Things To Do Now To Be Healthy in Later Life

    Posted at: March 2023

    If we can’t change the very fact of aging, we can change the way aging will feel for us by remaining healthy and fit for many years to come. Here are the 13 most important things you should know and apply, so that you can truly make the most out of your autumn years.

  • 5 Unique Ways IV Therapy Can Help Expecting Mothers

    Posted at: March 2023

    If pregnant women are concerned about the severity of their morning sickness, nutritional intake, or energy levels, they may want to explore the potential relief IV therapy can bring them. Here are 5 good reasons why.

  • 10 Ways To Be Happier And More Confident In Everything You Do

    Posted at: February 2023

    We all struggle with insecurities, self-doubt, denial, and fear. It’s human nature to experience these emotions every once in a while. However, when you learn how to overcome these negative emotions, you’ll see your life is happier and healthier. 

  • How To Write Positive Morning Affirmations For You

    Posted at: February 2023

    Morning is the perfect time to start your day with positive thoughts that will give you the energy you need for the rest of the day. A great way to do this is to write morning affirmations to motivate yourself and attract positive changes to your life.

  • 8 Pros And Cons Of Ice Bathing

    Posted at: February 2023

    Ice baths have some benefits. Some athletes and celebrities are into them because they relieve their aches. However, there is conflicting evidence regarding ice bathing. So, if you prefer to do it, you must follow some precautions and guidelines in ice bathing and always consult with your doctor or health professional first.

  • You Are Beautiful: How To Embrace Your Natural Self Today

    Posted at: February 2023

    Almost every visual today, whether it's for a deodorant or a motorbike, features a woman that has a figure to die for, the perfect hair and makeup, and clothes that accentuate her features. We've all been guilty wishing for similar vital statistics and sexy outfits. But take a moment to think – is this really what being ‘beautiful’ means?

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