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  • What Are Self-Esteem And Self-Respect And How Do I Improve Them

    Posted at: June 2021

    Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself and your abilities, while self-respect is all about your morals and boundaries. Both are integral parts of our internal value systems and essential for our day to day functioning, in relationships, and for our inner happiness. 

  • Try These Healthy Self-Care Ideas To Rejuvenate Your Body

    Posted at: June 2021

    Self-care is any suitable activity that promotes your physical, mental, and emotional health and generally makes you happy. There are many ways to practice self-care, and in this article, we provide in-depth advice and ideas on practicing self-care specifically for your body.

  • 8 Pros And Cons Of Ice Bathing

    Posted at: June 2021

    Ice baths have some benefits. Some athletes and celebrities are into them because they relieve their aches. However, there is conflicting evidence regarding ice bathing. So, if you prefer to do it, you must follow some precautions and guidelines in ice bathing and always consult with your doctor or health professional first.

  • How To Deal With Fine Hair - Plus 10 Awesome Hairstyles That Work

    Posted at: April 2021

    Try our tips and advice to make the most of your fine hair. Remember, thin hair is unique in its way and only requires a particular approach when creating haircuts and hairstyles to look fabulous.

  • How To Create A Perfect Self-Love Sanctuary At Your Home

    Posted at: April 2021

    If you want to create a perfect self-love sanctuary at your home, you must search within yourself. Knowing what you like and what makes you comfortable is enough to learn what makes you happy or triggers opposing emotions. Finding what works for you is the key to make your life better and more fulfilled.

  • The Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

    Posted at: April 2021

    Through online dating sites it's easier to connect and fall in love. However, not all that glitters turns out as gold. As online dating matures, we discover more about some of the individuals we meet online than their profiles reveal, and it's not all good. Here are the pros and cons of online dating.

  • How Alcohol Affects Your Sleep, Body and Mind

    Posted at: February 2021

    Whether it's celebrating a wonderful birthday or just having a quick drink with friends, many of us enjoy indulging in the odd beer or a glass of wine. But have you ever wondered what drinking might be doing to our bodies? Let's take a closer look.

  • Buying vs. Building An Online Business: Which Should You Choose?

    Posted at: January 2021

    Having a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of buying an existing online business or setting one up from scratch will give you better insight into which choice is right for you. This article provides the high-level assessments you want to make.

  • What To Wear To Mardi Gras - The Best Mardi Gras Dresses

    Posted at: January 2021

    In 2020, we celebrate Mardi Gras on February 24 to 26, which means festivities will start weeks in advance. If you plan to be part of this array of fascinating carnivals and parades, it is time to start working on your sexiest Mardi Gras dresses and apparel.

  • 11 DIY Beauty Face Masks For Glowing Skin All Year Round

    Posted at: January 2021

    Practicing a good skincare routine will help you control oiliness, fight acne and improve complexion. Use ingredients present in your kitchen to make these natural DIY facial beauty masks to pamper your skin to ensure that it stays healthy all year long. Here are 11 recipes for you to try.

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