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  • How to Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses (And Get Great Wedding Pictures)

    Posted at: March 2019

    Planning a wedding is stressful. Finding your wedding dress is only half the battle, you have the bridesmaids to consider too.

  • How to Choose the Right Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

    Posted at: March 2019


    From bright and bold reds to simple and soft natural tones - an excellent lipstick has the ability to transform your looks, confidence, and face. The secret to pulling off a bold, mind-blowing color is to ensure that it matches your skin tone.

  • How To Refresh A Little Black Dress

    Posted at: March 2019

    Refreshing a little black dress, or LBD can be a fun and creative way to complete a new look or reinvent one without having to buy something entirely new. 

  • 5 Tips On How To Transition Your Style for Fall

    Posted at: March 2019

    As the weather cools, true fashionistas and Kewl Girls face the challenge of keeping it sexy while having to add layers. So it's fitting that we shed some light on the easiest ways to maintain your style with some simple fall wardrobe adjustments.

  • 14 Style Tips For Your Going Out Outfits

    Posted at: March 2019

    Going out outfits - while they are not the easiest to put together, the process of choosing them gives you energy and sets the tone for your entire day or night.

  • The Best Dresses For Fashion Over 50

    Posted at: March 2019

    The real secret to being fabulous and stylish over 50 is to forget about the rules touted by fashion gurus and make your own. Focus on buying dresses that are suitable for your occasion and body type, and those that make you feel beautiful.

  • How To Care For Your Bandage Dress

    Posted at: March 2019

    Your bandage dress gives you the toosh you have always dreamed of and the shapely figure you have come to count on. It is more than a dress but also a solid investment into your go-to wardrobe.

  • Hair Ideas: Best Styles, Cuts, Colors, Trends & Care

    Posted at: March 2019

    When it comes to hair, there are all kinds of advice - from what to eat for healthy hair to the best color for your skin tone. While we've covered much of this spectrum, there are a few cornerstone pieces worth knowing up front.

  • What To Wear Under A Bandage Dress

    Posted at: March 2019

    Finding the perfect dress is literally only half of our battles. Depending on the dress you may be on the hunt for bras, seamless panties or some sort of shapewear to give you support for the night. The thing to remember when shopping for your dress is that the little things matter the most.

  • How To Find The Best Women's Hairstyle For You

    Posted at: March 2019

    Beautiful shoes and matching outfits will never bring out the perfect look unless you compliment them with a cute hairstyle. 

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