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  • The Insiders Guide To Prom Dresses

    Posted at: February 2019

    The most significant part of being a princess in your own right is choosing the perfect dress. Choose your ideal prom dress, and everything else falls into place. It is a challenge, headache, and a memorable time to argue with Mom. 

  • Top 10 YouTube Makeup Artists

    Posted at: February 2019

    We scoured YouTube for the top 10 makeup artists from around the world that share how to makeup videos and skin care tips. The beauty vloggers that made our list are sexy, sophisticated, and most of all exceptionally talented.

  • Doing Antioxidants The Right Way

    Posted at: February 2019

    Fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grain products are rich in antioxidant nutrients. Adding these foods to your diet helps prevent the accumulation of free radicals, improves your cellular activity and might just let you live longer.

  • Best Eyeshadows to Match Your Eye Color

    Posted at: February 2019

    If you use a wrong shade of eyeshadow you may run the risk of wearing eyeshadow that is unflattering to your face. An unflattering eyeshadow conceals the beauty of your eye color and may clash with your style.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Kettlebells

    Posted at: February 2019

    Kettlebells look like cast iron bowling balls with a handle. They come in various sizes and weights. They are also colorful, painted in colors from blues, to blacks to pinks. You might consider them cute looking because somehow they are.

  • The Best At Home Hair Removal Techniques

    Posted at: February 2019

    Our hair is glorious and lovely but tends to pop up in the most unsightly places. Unwanted hair on areas like your face, hands, feet, and bikini line is one of the primary cosmetic challenges faced by women across the globe.

  • 11 Sexy Reasons To Do Squat Exercises

    Posted at: February 2019

    While there are many weight training exercises to choose from, the one exercise to rule them all is the squat. For quick and lasting results from your workout routine, you should befriend this dynamic exercise.

  • How To Wear Beige & Nude Dresses

    Posted at: February 2019

    Beige and nude dresses are fresh, feminine, and effortlessly versatile. We choose these dresses when we need a complete style in a pinch but desire a very polished and sophisticated appearance. 

  • 14 Things the Colors You Wear Say About You

    Posted at: January 2019

    Instead of going by what others feel or wear, do your own little color experiments and soon you will know what works the best for you and what not so much. To sum it up in the words of Coco Chanel, “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”

  • Top Reasons to Wear Short Dresses

    Posted at: January 2019

    Wearing sexy short dresses is not for the faint-hearted. You need confidence in your legs, your complexion, and to know your style. It's about being flirty, simple, and to the point.

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