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  • Sexy Costume Ideas That Turn Up The Heat Anywhere

    Posted at: May 2017


    Instead of going for a full on costume, consider opting for a bandage dress that is sexy and inspired by your character. From a supernatural creature to a pop culture character, there is so much you can do with the help of our bandage dresses. So, what do you think—which sexy costume is your favorite?

  • Top 10 Emerging Fashion Designers in Fall 2016

    Posted at: September 2016

    These designers are everyday people sharing their appreciation for clothing with the world one runway at time. Here’s a quick look at the designers and brands taking style to new heights this fall (in no particular order).

  • Review of Stylebook Fashion App 2016

    Posted at: January 2016

    Stylebook was launched in 2010 and puts your closet in the palm of your hand - literally. The app offers a variety of features to categorize your closet and build looks based on what you upload. We gave it 5/5 making it a must have.

  • Inside Our Bangkok Photoshoot by Photographer René Hundertpfund

    Posted at: December 2015

    Recently I was given the opportunity to do a photoshoot for The Kewl Shop featuring some of the shop’s famous bandage dresses. I live in Austria for most of the year but my work takes me throughout Europe. The shoot for The Kewl Shop was set to take place in Bangkok. Ever since my first visit to Bangkok I have been in love with the city and this photoshoot would bring me to the city for the third time since becoming a professional photographer.

  • The Kewl Shop Exclusive: Behind Our Photo Shoots

    Posted at: July 2015

    At The Kewl Shop we don't focus just on images that display the details of our dresses but rather choose to present the ethos of our brand and what we are all about - confidence, tasteful sex appeal and high fashion. Take a look behind the scenes at our photo shoots.

  • Kick Ass Selfie Promo Gets You 15% Off Today!

    Posted at: February 2015

    The Kewl Shop has come up with another kick ass promotion - Get 15% off all your bandage dress purchases just by giving us your selfie. As long as you post a selfie each time you buy a bandage dress you continue to get 15% off your next purchase - isn't that kick ass. 


  • Fashion Shoots & Bandage Dress Images

    Posted at: February 2015

    Last month we were in Bangkok for our latest bandage dress fashion shoot.

    Bangkok is an exotic place and we discovered an equally exotic Tanya there who represents us perfectly. We've been using her a lot lately in our bandage dress images and related social media stuff. Now we've created a video that focuses a bit more on the behind the scenes events of the day, with Tanya (and the dresses) the stars of course.

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