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  • Ten Annoying Beauty Problems All Women Face - And How To Fix Them

    Posted at: April 2018

    You've chipped your nail polish, and you're suffering from razor burn. And to make matters worse, you've plucked too much of your eyebrows away. These little annoyances are enough to ruin your day and undermine your beauty look. Stacked up they are devastating.

    Here are ten of the worst, most annoying beauty problems, and how to deal with them peacefully and efficiently.

  • Springtime Haircare Tips - How To Prepare Your Hair For Warmer Weather

    Posted at: April 2018

    The best way to prepare your crown for the changes in weather begins with what you eat to the types of products and styles you wear. In this article, we share details on how to provide the best care for your hair as the year progresses.

  • How to Find Your Style Using Your Zodiac Sign

    Posted at: April 2018

    Whether you were born in January or December is not a big deal when it comes to everyday living. But many believe that when you were born also affects your more intimate details and life’s preferences including relationships, sex, and style. In this article, we cover what it means to be who you are (according to the sun) and possibly what that means for your style (according to us).

  • How to Choose the Best Party Dresses for Your Complexion

    Posted at: March 2018

    Ready to freshen up your wardrobe with a few party dresses? Before you hit the mall or pull up your latest online store, stop to make sure you're buying dresses in your color.

  • What Are Bandage Dresses Made From

    Posted at: February 2018

    We sell a lot of bandage dresses at The Kewl Shop, many sizes, shades and styles and they are all made from Rayon, Nylon and Spandex, approximately 90%, 8% and 2% respectively.

  • How To Choose Swimwear That Suits You & Your Body Type

    Posted at: February 2018

    Bathing suits and swimwear are tricky to buy. You love looking at the styles on offer but hate having to choose one that works for your shape. And often don't know how.

  • How To Eat Healthy Winter Food For Weight Loss

    Posted at: January 2018

    Winter is officially here. It means time spent curled up on the couch in front of the fire, playing in the snow, holiday festivals, and enjoying some really good winter food. Here's how to keep your skinny in the cold. 

  • How 1 Dress Can Work for 3 Events In 1 Day

    Posted at: January 2018

    Just a few clever tricks and a few handy items in your purse can help you look appropriate and stunning for work, an evening with friends, and dinner with that special someone. In the post we cover how to make 1 dress work for 3 events in 1 day.

  • 7 Things Halter Dresses Have in Common With Sex

    Posted at: January 2018

    Which dress style works for most body types and presents your curves in the most satisfying way? Our vote goes to the halter bandage dress. In this post, we cover what a halter dress is, how to wear one, and what the style has in common with sex, just for fun of course.

  • Beauty & Fashion Habits That Will Change Your Life

    Posted at: December 2017

    Adopt these beauty and fashion habits to change your life. Each is a healthy step, an improved and sharper look, a beauty improvement and a confidence booster. From drinking more water to new hairstyles, the list is jam-packed with useful new habits to try.

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