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  • 21 Foods That Prevent Breakouts

    Posted at: August 2018

    The absolute last thing you need when you are getting ready for date night is a zit on top of your nose or in the middle of your forehead. 

    We’ve compiled a list of the top 21 foods that help to prevent breakouts and keep your skin looking healthy and bright.

  • Which Celebrity Do You Vibe With Most?

    Posted at: August 2018
    From glamorous goddesses to flirty girl-next door vibes, find the one that mirrors yours. Grab a scratch piece of paper and pen to keep your score or simply put the numbers directly into a phone’s calculator. Then tally your overall score to discover your celebrity or socialite BFF.
  • The Things Your Dress Style Says About Your Sex Life

    Posted at: August 2018

    Not only does your bandage or bodycon dress style reveal how you interact with colleagues, strangers, and family but it also sheds light on what goes down between the sheets. Let’s take a look!

  • The Seven Easiest And Most Natural Ways To Combat Stretch Marks

    Posted at: July 2018

    Stretch marks often get in the way of our perceptions, leaving us insecure in the way we look and feel. We are firm believers in loving our flaws however sometimes having a mechanism to deal directly with our insecurities helps. It calms us. 

    So we pulled together these seven natural remedies to help us fight the battle both in our minds and on our bodies.

  • Seven Overlooked Reasons For Dry Skin - And What To Do About It

    Posted at: July 2018

    If you're guilty of any of these skin habits, try changing your ways to see if things improve, chances are they will. And if you're running out of dry skin solutions, try some of the ideas in this article, they too will lead to a revitalized skin

  • How Tanning Reduces The Look Of Cellulite, If At All?

    Posted at: June 2018

    Both men and women are under constant pressure to look their best in this era of selfies and social media, but it seems like women fall prey to the demands of perfection most often. Many women believe they would be perfect if only they didn’t have that pesky cellulite.

  • How To Match Your Hairstyle And Dress Neckline Perfectly

    Posted at: June 2018


    Opt for a updo, and the look may tiptoe into being too formal or go for a free-flowing look, and it may make you appear unkempt.  Learn how to get it right here.

  • Your Complete Guide to Wearing a White Bikini

    Posted at: May 2018

    A white bikini is worth all the hype that surrounds it. If you choose the right one, you are genuinely dressed to kill, grabbing attention all night long. In this style guide, we take a look at how to choose one for you, how to style it, and the best accessories to pair it with as you pull your look together.

  • How Social Media May Affect Your Future

    Posted at: May 2018

    To help you navigate the evolving world of social media, we hosted a roundup. We reached out to social media influences around the world for insights into this tough question: how do you balance your social media presence with your personal and professional life?

  • 13 Wedding Hairstyles to Match Your Bridesmaid Dress

    Posted at: May 2018

    When you are a bridesmaid, you're expected to be in the shadow of the bride and help her with whatever she wants. But that doesn't mean you can't shine in your role. Start by finding the perfect hairstyle for your bridesmaid dress.

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