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  • 7 Easy Prep Meals to Keep You Trim

    Posted at: October 2017

    An old adage explains, “Plan, not to fail. Fail not, to plan.” With less than 5 ingredients per meal, the prep process is quick, and results are exactly what you need to ensure that your diet train does not get derailed during the week with snacking and rushed choices.

  • 11 Tips on How to Eat Well for Busy Women

    Posted at: October 2017

    Smart food choices and habits help you eat well throughout your day. In this article, we share tips on what eating well means and how to eat smarter in the midst of your hectic schedule.

  • How to Choose the Right Bra Size and Style

    Posted at: October 2017

    Which bras do you need and which ones are optional? In this complete bra size and style guide, we cover the topic in depth. And consult bra and lingerie experts to help us along.

  • How to get Flawless Skin: Korean Skin Care Routines & More

    Posted at: October 2017

    Women all over the world are in awe of the radiant, acne-free and flawless skin that Korean women naturally seem to possess. Korean women have had beauty tricks and techniques up their sleeves for decades and are well known for their unique attention to detail in their fight for flawless skin. In this article we take a look into their skin care regime, positive lifestyle changes for glowing skin and the best skin care creams.   

  • How to Shop Online for Clothing - A Shopper's Guide

    Posted at: September 2017

    Through hard lessons, customer feedback and engagement, random discovery, and experience we have learned a few tips and tricks for the best practices and things to look for when shopping online for clothes.

  • How Much Should I Pay For A Bandage Dress?

    Posted at: August 2017

    There are thousands of bandage dress retailers on the web offering different quality and different prices and with an equally wide array of services, including hidden shipping costs and very complicated return policies. Why and how much should you really be paying for a bandage dress?

  • Review of ModiFace Virtual Makeover App

    Posted at: August 2017

    Kewl Girls have come to expect more than simply style and fashion from us and this app tends to open our eyes in a whole new way. It is considered the ultimate selfie editing app but easily doubles as a facial style generator. The app is designed to help you remove blemishes and imperfections while smoothing and brightening your skin. It also enables you to literally put on various looks.

  • Sexy Costume Ideas That Turn Up The Heat Anywhere

    Posted at: May 2017


    Instead of going for a full on costume, consider opting for a bandage dress that is sexy and inspired by your character. From a supernatural creature to a pop culture character, there is so much you can do with the help of our bandage dresses. So, what do you think—which sexy costume is your favorite?

  • Top 10 Emerging Fashion Designers in Fall 2016

    Posted at: September 2016

    These designers are everyday people sharing their appreciation for clothing with the world one runway at time. Here’s a quick look at the designers and brands taking style to new heights this fall (in no particular order).

  • Review of Stylebook Fashion App 2016

    Posted at: January 2016

    Stylebook was launched in 2010 and puts your closet in the palm of your hand - literally. The app offers a variety of features to categorize your closet and build looks based on what you upload. We gave it 5/5 making it a must have.

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