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  • Beauty & Fashion Habits That Will Change Your Life

    Posted at: December 2017

    Adopt these beauty and fashion habits to change your life. Each is a healthy step, an improved and sharper look, a beauty improvement and a confidence booster. From drinking more water to new hairstyles, the list is jam-packed with useful new habits to try.

  • 11 Quick Fixes to a Sexy Body

    Posted at: December 2017

    Pulling yourself together in a jiffy just takes a know-how and confidence. We also recommend carrying a little black bandage dress in your car - seriously. Here are 11 quick fixes to help you pull off sexy looks when time is not on your side.

  • 8 Reasons to Walk 30 Minutes Today

    Posted at: December 2017

    Walking gives you time to sort out your thoughts or make decisions, all while taking an opportunity to get some cardio. There are several other health benefits to walking at least 30 minutes a day. Here are 8 of them.

  • 12 Reasons Women Need To Deadlift

    Posted at: December 2017

    If you're looking for exercise recommendations, consider deadlifting. It's increasingly popular among women because it makes gym time fun, challenging, and more efficient.

  • The Power Of Free Weights And Dumbbells

    Posted at: December 2017

    An excellent tool to use for any workout regime is a pair of dumbbells, as these small free weights are available for all skill levels and for specific exercise purposes. Let’s take a look at how dumbbells can help you stay fit and sexy.

  • 9 Girl Reasons To Lift Weights

    Posted at: December 2017

    Adding resistance to your exercise routine is not going to turn you into a bodybuilder over any length of time. In fact, it builds your lean muscles and burns more calories than any other exercise routines. 

  • The Great Debate: Nail Polish vs. Nail Lacquer

    Posted at: December 2017

    Lauren Conrad calls nail polish, “the unexpected accessory.” She explains that nail polish adds color to your overall look and completes your outfit.

    In this article, we take an in-depth look at nail paints as a whole. We offer insights into some of the innovative nail polish lines from leading brands. We look at some natural solutions. And we tackle the differences between nail polish and lacquer. 

  • How to Style Work Dresses

    Posted at: December 2017

    We wear different looks to different occasions and places. We avoid wearing white to weddings unless we are the bride. When hosting a party, we outshine our guests instead of blending in with them. The goal is to fit in with the purpose of the event. And ensure you stand out to look your best.

    This approach might feel challenging when dressing for work. However, creating a professional work wardrobe is within your reach. Here's how.

  • Everything About Little Black Dresses

    Posted at: November 2017

    It's Saturday night, it's time to party, and you realize you have no clothes to wear. You have two hundred ladies dresses in your wardrobe, but none of them work. Or maybe your best friend hasn’t returned your favorite. Instead of getting into a panic, turn to the solution for all occasions - the little black dress!

  • Beauty & Makeup Blogs

    Posted at: November 2017

    Women either love makeup, they hate it, or they put up with it. It can be divisive. For us, it’s just another arrow in our quiver, another weapon we can use to dominate, influence and appeal. And so we embrace it, all the while knowing we are enough without it.

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