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  • Does The Plant Paradox Diet Work For Everyone?

    Posted at: April 2021

    The plant paradox diet advises cutting out plant lectins by avoiding certain plant-based foods to prevent inflammation, improve gut health, and reduce body weight. But despite all the buzz, a question remains - does it work for everyone? To know the answer, we first have to understand what the plant paradox diet is.

  • The Pros And Cons Of Online Dating

    Posted at: April 2021

    Through online dating sites it's easier to connect and fall in love. However, not all that glitters turns out as gold. As online dating matures, we discover more about some of the individuals we meet online than their profiles reveal, and it's not all good. Here are the pros and cons of online dating.

  • How To Practice Self Care - The Affordable Basics

    Posted at: April 2021

    It's time to take back the self-care movement. Resist the urge to splurge on financially harmful activities in the name of yourself. Instead, consider what it is that you really need. Then look for budget-friendly, effective ways to meet your basic self-care needs whenever they arise.

  • Morning Back Pain: Common Causes and Treatments

    Posted at: March 2021

    f you find yourself experiencing back pain in the morning, know that you're not alone. An ailment that impacts people of all ages is probably benign and will go away with a bit of general maintenance and a few lifestyle changes. 

  • Human Hair Extension Care Tips to Help Yours Last Longer

    Posted at: March 2021

    Here, we're revealing the essential hair extension tips to make your wefts last longer. Even though these tips are focused on clip-in human hair extensions, they're also helpful for other weft types, such as tape-in human hair extensions and halo human hair extensions. 

  • 5 Tips To Choosing A Healthy Green Juice

    Posted at: March 2021

    Green juice has plenty of health benefits, but it is not a replacement for a good diet. The juice is a good way to stay hydrated and maintain nutrients when you are on the go. Make sure to heed our advice and try our recipes, and you'll be enjoying refreshing, healthy green juices in no time.

  • How Cycling Makes You Fit, Healthy, and Boosts Your Mood

    Posted at: March 2021

    Riding a bike is a great low-impact physical activity suitable for almost anyone willing to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and so is a perfect exercise choice. If you are ready to so, continue reading to find out more about how cycling makes you fit, healthy and boosts your mind.

  • Toxic Ingredients in Makeup: What You Should Know

    Posted at: March 2021

    In the past century, our society has realized the health implications of toxins in makeup, including what they are and the acute medical conditions that could follow after years of using makeup that is not clean. 

  • How To Cope With A Nervous Breakdown - A Personal Story

    Posted at: March 2021

    "Nervous Breakdown" is a term that is no longer used by the medical community, but it is a great way to describe how it FEELS. I know because I've been there. Your doctor may refer to it as "situational depression" or "anxiety disorder". Others may call it "burn-out".

  • These Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds You Should Know About

    Posted at: March 2021

    Rich in fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acid, and many other nutrients and vitamins, chia seeds help cure various illnesses and also aids your weight loss journey. Learn the health benefits of chia seeds here.  

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