Your Environment Impacts Your Health - Try These 10 Positive Changes To Destress

Last updated on : June 25 2021

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We all suffer from one thing, and that's the impact our environment has on our health. Our surroundings and the conditions we live in absolutely impact how well we're doing physically and mentally.

So it pays to assess your surroundings critically, and if they are not meeting your health needs, you should consider making changes.  

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1. Create A Relaxation Room At Home

2. Transform Your Bedroom

3. Design An Outdoor Space

4. Incorporate Greenery Throughout Your Home

5. Make A Move

6. Change Jobs

7. Reevaluate Your Friends Circle

8. Take Exercise And Nutrition Seriously

9. Pick Up A Hobby

10. Foster A Positive Mindset



We all suffer from one thing, and that's the impact our environment has on our health. Our surroundings and the conditions we live in absolutely impact how well we're doing physically and mentally

For example, if you're in a cluttered environment, your mind is probably just as cluttered. Or, if your workplace is hostile and stressful, you're most likely coming home extremely tired and unmotivated. And if your relationship is toxic, you're probably feeling insecure and unfulfilled.  

So it pays to assess your surroundings critically, and if they are not meeting your health needs, you should consider making changes.   

Read on for ten ways to transform your environment to meet your health needs.

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1. Create A Relaxation Room At Home

First, let's start with your home. You can begin transforming your environment to meet your health needs by creating a relaxation room at home.  

Your relaxation room will make you able to unwind after a long day. 

Designate a room or space that's strictly for relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation. Use soothing paint colors and artwork representative of the vibe you want. Also, choose a room or space with lots of natural light to improve your mood and release serotonin. 

Relaxation is an essential part of a healthy mind and body. So, explore allocating a space just for that.   

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2. Transform Your Bedroom 

Relaxing bedroom

If you don't have an entire room to dedicate to relaxation, try transforming your bedroom. Making slight changes to where you sleep can promote healthy behaviors. 

For example, it may be a good idea to transform your bedroom into a rustic getaway if you suffer from anxiety. The natural elements and handcrafted touches of a rustic bedroom design create a peaceful, simple, welcoming environment that can soothe stress and other mood disorders. 

Ultimately, transforming your bedroom helps accommodate your health needs because you can design it with the solutions you want and need. 

For example, if you need access to your medications, you can set up a nightstand that holds them all. If you have specific sleep needs, you can try an adjustable bed with a comfortable organic mattress. You get the idea. 

Lastly, try to find a place for your computer and workstation outside your bedroom. Using a computer late at night or having electronics in your bedroom is likely to disrupt your sleep.    

3. Design An Outdoor Space 

What if being inside is the problem? But you don't have the funds to spend your days in the wild like you want to. So instead, design a great outdoor space. 

Being outdoors can alleviate various health challenges. It can inspire a positive mindset and lead to you being more physically active. So, design your outdoor space with things like:

  • Outdoor furniture 
  • Plants 
  • Windchimes
  • Waterfalls
  • Artwork 
  • Various lighting fixtures 
  • A few outdoor workout tools 
  • Mats 
  • Healing crystals
  • A music system  

All in all, your outdoor space should invoke positivity, good health, healing, and a sense of peace. 

If you don't have an outdoor space but do a balcony, try growing herbs or plants in your balcony space. As we note below, any small amount of greenery, plus the responsibility for looking after plants, can provide you with considerable benefit.

4. Incorporate Greenery Throughout Your Home

Plants in a home

If being outside isn't your thing, but you enjoy the atmosphere nature brings, think about adding some greenery to your home. 

Caring for plants in your home reduces mental and physical stress, sparks creativity, and alleviates anxiety. Plants are also known for purifying the air and promoting calmness throughout the house.  

So, find a nursery or outdoor garden for a good mixture of plants to care for in your home. Then, ensure that you're able to care for them responsibly and seek out the help of an expert if needed. 

5. Make A Move 

Let's say you've done all of the above things to create a better environment inside your home for your health needs. But they don't seem to be having the impact you thought they would.  

As a result, you may be ready for something bigger, like a location change. So yes, consider moving somewhere else if your current environment isn't conducive to good mental and physical health. 

Of course, you don't need to move your entire life, but you can take a vacation and assess how that makes you feel. And then, if necessary, you can do something more permanent.  

For example, moving to the beach could be the answer. The beach is the epitome of rest, relaxation, calmness, and peacefulness. Buying a home on the beach could be an excellent way to take a mental break from the chaos of city living. 

However, if the thought of the beach's isolation makes you even more anxious, maybe city living can help better meet your health goals. Living in the city provides more opportunities to socialize and foster positive social relationships that promote a healthy mind and body. 

Also, city living helps you get your fair share of physical activity in. For example, you're more inclined to walk places because everything is close. 

Whether you choose the beach, city, or the suburbs, carefully consider all the pros and cons of each. Then, ensure that wherever you decide to move, it incites positive mental health, a commitment to physical health, and overall wellness. 

6. Change Jobs 

Just like your physical location, where you work is a massive part of your environment. We spend so much time in the office and with coworkers. So, it would be naive to discount your job's influence on your health. 

If you're suffering from extreme fatigue, feeling unmotivated, bouts of depression, and increased levels of stress, your job may be to blame. 

Working at a stressful job can be harmful to your physical and mental health. And unfortunately, it could also be exacerbating your current health challenges. 

So, think about changing careers to something that helps you navigate your health needs more seamlessly.  

For example, let's say you've worked labor jobs all your life, but a mental health challenge is forcing you out. Instead, pursue an education for a less demanding skill and start a career with it - or try being a digital nomad.

You could also open a business based on a personal passion or work in a field you've always wanted to experience.  

7. Reevaluate Your Friends Circle


Changing where you live and where you work may not be enough transformation in your environment. Your health goals may be calling you to change the company you keep as well. 

Who you surround yourself with can influence your physical, mental, and emotional health.

For example, if your doctor has told you to improve your physical activity, but your closest friends hate exercise, you may not ever get off the couch. 

Another example is going through a traumatic event that's severely affected your mental health, like a romantic breakup. If you don't have a supportive friends circle, chances are you'll never rebuild. 

So, reevaluate your friend circle. Who do you feel good around? Who is providing you with the support you need to thrive physically? Are you mentally drained after interactions with them? 

Answering questions like these will give you insight into who should stay and who should go.  

8. Take Exercise And Nutrition Seriously 

Regardless of where you are, your career, and who's around you, you still must commit yourself to fulfill your health goals. One of those personal commitments needs to be to take exercise and nutrition seriously.

Adequate exercise and good nutrition directly influence your physical, mental, and emotional health. What you put in your body needs to fuel it to do beautiful things. And what you do to your body should result in optimal wellness. 

So, implement a regular exercise routine. Your routine should include things like weight training, yoga, meditation, pilates, and stretching to keep it interesting. 

Also, create a balanced nutrition plan that consists of a good mixture of fruits, vegetables, protein, carbs, and sweets.   

9. Pick Up A Hobby 

In addition to relief from physical ailments and mental health issues, good nutrition and exercising also give you more energy. Use your renewed energy to pick up a hobby or pursue a personal passion. 

Picking up hobbies stimulates your mind, promotes positivity, and keeps you physically active, all of which are crucial to support your health needs. 

Unfortunately, when you don't have things in your life you're passionate about, you're likely spending most of your time at home, in bed, or on the couch. This sort of isolation can defeat all efforts to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  

Take some time to reflect. Identify the things you're most passionate about or something you've always wanted to learn. Then, look up classes or groups you can join that get you right in the thick of your passions. 

10. Foster A Positive Mindset 

Finally, you can't implement all of the above tips without the right mindset. Therefore, you must foster a positive, open attitude if you genuinely want to transform your environment to meet your health needs.  

For example, let's say you've just found out you have type 1 diabetes. You're probably overwhelmed with the new medical requirements like insulin and blood checks. And you're most likely just as overwhelmed with the need to revamp your physical health and nutrition completely. 

Now, you could dwell on the negative impact type 1 diabetes has on your life. Or you can bask in the positive results to come when you change your lifestyle. Of course, it's entirely up to you. But the latter will help you meet your health needs faster than the former.  


Believe in yourself

We're all on different journeys when it comes to our health. Some of us are battling chronic illnesses. Some are on the pathway to their physical peaks. Yet, at the same time, others are working on consistency and discipline. 

However, no matter where we are on this path, we all suffer the consequences of our environment. So if you're stressed, tired, and full of anxiety, then a good way to address these issues is to change your environment.   

Take charge of your mental health by making positive changes to your environment. Some may be easier, like transforming your bedroom, while others are more complex, like a permanent move to a new location. 

Nevertheless, take the time to consider your surroundings and what you need to do to make changes that positively affect your mental and physical health. 

Hopefully, these ten tips will help you transform your environment enough to navigate all of your health needs and exceed your wellness goals.

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