Women’s Health: 12 Advantages Of Running

Last updated on : October 16 2022

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Everyone has probably said that they're going to start running soon. We've all planned to run at 6 in the morning, with just ourselves or our friends. However, just waking up that early might make some people feel unmotivated. 

Some people have a love-hate relationship with running since starting is undoubtedly challenging. However, simply buying running shoes alone can alleviate the pressure. Remember that you'll never know if running is for you if you don't try it out.

Whether or not running is your thing, we can't deny the numerous health benefits it can give women everywhere. It's the most accessible form of exercise. You can begin working out and enjoy its benefits easily - you only need a comfortable pair of running shoes. 

So, if you're on the fence about adding it to your routine, give this list a read, and it might convince you!

1. It Burns A Lot Of Calories.

Do you want to burn off calories after a Friday night? Running can help you with that. 

Of course, how much you burn off would depend on variables like weight, age, sex, effort in each stride, and many more. Either way, running 15 minutes after eating can help you gain muscle and burn off the calories you just ate. 

2. You Can Choose To Run Indoors Or Outdoors

Have you considered where you plan on running? While you can get the same results whether you run in your neighborhood, at home, or the gym using a treadmill, it all boils down to your preferences. 

For example, running indoors may be preferable if you're an introvert, especially if social interaction with strangers stresses you out. Moreover, you have numerous options when it comes to treadmills—you can even choose the latest treadmill technology in the market.

The great thing about running on a treadmill is that it allows you to track the calories you've burned. Before use, it would ask for your weight, speed, incline, and distance, calculating the calories you've burned based on the duration of your run. Seeing the numbers can help you stay motivated.

But if you prefer to run outdoors, running gives you a healthy reason to see the world around you. The amount of time you spend outdoors actually has an impact on your overall well-being. 

Many doctors recommend going outside and getting some vitamin D from the sun. Research suggests that the more time you spend outdoors, the better. Vitamin D keeps your mood lifted, bones healthy, and your immune system running smoothly. 

By running, you can spend time outside, where many trees may have been growing. It gives you access to improved air quality. Additionally, running outdoors once in a while helps you improve your social interaction. Being stuck at home leaves you alone with yourself, not getting the socialization that you need.

3. Strengthens Your Joints.

Some say that running is rough on your joints. However, don't let this misinformation get the best of you. Even though numerous negative commentaries about running and its adverse effects exist, there's a lower prevalence of arthritis among active marathon runners. 

There isn't any correlation between arthritis and one's running history, so don't let these misconceptions stop you from running. Hip and knee arthritis depends on family history, age, surgical history, and more. Running a couple of miles will strengthen your joints. 

4. Relieves Stress

Many say that yoga is highly beneficial for stress relief. But what if it isn't your cup of tea? Well, don't worry, since running can also do amazing things for stress relief. 

When you're running, you have to be 100% present when doing it since absentmindedness heightens the risk of injury. It's like meditation, where you can focus on your breath, surroundings, body posture, and environment. It helps in relieving the worries and stresses you have that you've been carrying for the day. 

Additionally, when you're running, you can allow yourself to separate from everything else, such as your stressors, and take a step back to enjoy the opportunity of thinking clearly. It also allows you to concentrate on improving yourself, enjoy your fun playlist, and not think of anything. 

5. Toughens Your Bones.

Do you also think that bones are forever durable and unchanging? Well, you're not alone. Many people believe the same. However, as we age, there is a significant possibility for decreasing bone density. 

It might sound frightening, but don't fret since you can do something about it. You can stimulate and maintain bone durability and growth by running. Running is a high-impact exercise; thus, it stimulates bone growth and encourages healthy bone density. 

Why does this happen? It's because of Wolfe's Law, wherein the bones of healthy people respond to stress by developing to handle it better. It means that when you run, the weight-bearing bones of your legs, spine, and pelvis would tend to be much stronger than the same bones of inactive people. 

6. Reduce The Risk Of Cancer.

Running has been associated with a lower risk of certain cancers. For example, a study from the National Cancer Institute suggests that high levels of physical activity, like running, can decrease the risk of breast, endometrial, colon, gastric, and bladder cancers. 

Running is a great way to protect your long-term health and move your body. It lowers the risk of illnesses since running can help control one's weight and thus reduce insulin production. Exercising your body can also strengthen the immune system, which is essential to boost the quality of life.

7. Improves Your Confidence.

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Do you have trouble with your low self-esteem? If so, why not go for a run? As we all know, running can be quite a challenge. Starting something new outside your routine is often overwhelming, especially when it involves fitness exercise. As a result, running can boost one's confidence in all aspects. 

Once you start running and get the hang of it, you'll soon realize that you're doing something you thought was impossible. 

Running can be your first task to gain the confidence you need for an uncertain future. Remember that when taking the first step to a challenge, something you've never done before translates to everything else in your life. Running may be the first step to a life full of challenges and significant hurdles.

8. Improves Your Sleep Hygiene. 

Everyone knows about John Hopkins. It's a great research facility conducting various healthcare and medicine studies. One of their studies shows that cardiovascular exercises like running can help individuals fall asleep faster and improve their sleep quality. 

Since you've used your body, it's natural that it will be tired from the exercise. This process helps you fall asleep faster and gain more hours of sleep. The more rest you have, the more productive you will be. You'll even be able to stick to a routine since you won't be too tired to follow it.

However, if you opt for nightly runs, rest a while before directly going to bed. Then, finish your workout an hour before bedtime to let your body wind down after running.

9. Stimulates Good Learning And Memory.

According to David J. Linden, PhD of Johns Hopkins Medical school, running and pounding your foot on the pavement has a positive and long-lasting effect on your hippocampus, the part of the brain in charge of memory and learning. 

Running can help your blood vessels that transport new nutrients to grow. It can also stop the brain's response to emotional and physical stress and promote neurogenesis, which creates new brain cells, ensuring that you'll retain further information more efficiently. 

10. Prolongs Your Lifespan

All the benefits of running add up to one significant advantage: a longer life. 

As mentioned above, running can help prevent the risk of cancers and heart diseases, a common health concern of adults. The result of reducing these risks can lengthen your lifespan. Undoubtedly, running can help you live a happy and healthy life.

11. Lessens The Risk Of Heart Disease.

Research published by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that running reduces the risk of death from heart disease by 45 per cent. 

But how does running affect this? Running helps improve your blood pressure, HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol), blood sugar, and many more. So, just by running, you can take the necessary steps for cardiovascular health. 

12. It Can Tone Your Calves.

A defined calf muscle looks great on women. Because of this, many are looking for ways to tone their calves. 

Running works well for this beauty goal, and you can even tone your shins while you're at it. The constant motion you do while running flexes and exercises these muscles. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

Final Thoughts

Running offers many advantages for one's body and mind, especially for women. Being active through running is like creating and establishing hard steel armor that protects you from diseases and cancers commonly developed by people when hitting their 30s.

Take the necessary steps for your health, future, and family by staying active through running. Getting up every day to get sweaty may be overwhelming at the beginning, but your future self will indeed thank you for this step you're going to make.

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