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What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted on November 09 2016

what to wear to thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. It the time of the year when people fly home from all corners of the world and catch up over a big turkey and many glasses of wine. There are potential lover-meets-family situations, and old friends and relatives all come together to mingle, pose for pictures, and touch base about life’s challenges.

It is unlikely that you will get time to put together an outfit once you are among near and dear ones, so it is best to plan. Planning your outfits or having an idea of some go to clothes ensures you never compromise your sexy while protecting your dignity in neutral settings. As always, we are here to help. Take a look at some cool ideas for what to wear this Thanksgiving.

Versatile Pants

If there is one thing you have to forget during Thanksgiving, it is your diet. Yes, this occasion has always been about food, and so much of it! When you need to dress up for an evening of gulping down delicious homemade food or even at a restaurant, you need an outfit that leaves room for your belly without you having to pop open any buttons. We recommend comfortable pants or jeans for a tailored and relaxed look.

Pick a pair that does not resemble sweatpants; rather, go for stretchy leggings or printed silks so that it looks stylish without making you uncomfortable when you are full. You can also go for a chic look with well-fitting, tailored pants that you are easily able to pair with high heels. A high-waist pair of slacks with a big sweater tucked into it works perfectly for a dinner. Add some bling with earrings or a purse to balance out the look.

Check out our tips on how to look slim after holiday splurging to help protect your waistline as well.

Oversized Apparel

Thanksgiving is the time when you welcome all your oversized sweaters and baggy clothes. However keep in mind that baggy does not mean you need to look sloppy. Pair a short oversized knit sweater with an A-line mini skirt for a stylish look that also keeps you comfortable.

The skirt is designed to hug your curves and show off your feminine profile, while the sweater ensures that your outfit is roomy enough for the feasting.

Jeans and T-shirt

If you cannot stay away from denims, you can definitely make the classic T-shirt and jeans look work for you on Thanksgiving, provided it is a casual, family gathering you are planning to attend. If it is a more formal event, leave denims alone for the day. Instead, opt for pants with heels.

Choose a pair of well-fitting jeans (or go for denim leggings with a comfy stretch factor) and instead of the usual white shirt, go for one with some trims or a flare to add a subtle, graceful touch to your look. Think frills, ruffles, and oversized collars. Accessorize well with a pair of heels and hoop earrings. A texture clutch or oversized bag also keeps your jeans soft, feminine, and family friendly.

Sheath Dress

If dresses are more your type, a sheath would work well for a family reunion. A sheath dress is classy and sexy without being unsuitable around children and the elders.  A sheath dress in black with some detail or accents in a metallic hue is sure to impress and give you confidence in your trendy aspirations. Complete the look with classic black or nude pumps and statement earrings. Sheath dresses are also fabulous for layering.

Check out our guide  on how to layer here.

Monochrome outfits

If you love wearing accessories, a monochrome outfit serves as a beautiful canvas to make that neckpiece shine. Choose either a dress or a pencil skirt and sweater combination in a neutral color. Remember to not go overboard with the bling as a single statement piece works better than a lot of shiny jewels.

Monochrome outfits are also very versatile and simple to put together. Consider breaking up the color with splashes of color using a scarf, belt, jewelry, or hand bag. Choose a hairstyle that keeps the look simple as well. We love updos with monochrome looks.

Leather Dress

Yes, you can rock a leather outfit for Thanksgiving dinner and it is super easy. Choose a shift dress in leather and wear a button-down in white or a similar light shade under it for a stylish look. Remember to keep the bling to a minimum and go with flats for a sophisticated, balanced look.

Leather is exceptionally versatile. Consider pairing it with a denim top or oversized sweater to keep your look cozy and cold weather approved.

Blouse-and-Skirt Combo

We are all for comfort and girly charm so we have to mention the skirt-and-blouse style. The look and style is timeless and very family friendly. A colored or printed blouse tucked into a stylish fluted mini or A-line skirt gives you a classic charm. Add to the understated style with a pair of nude pumps and chunky accessories on one arm for a look that is casual and chic.

If you want to go for a more festive look, team a party skirt with a sweater or classic T-shirt.

Bandage Dress

One of the most form-flattering dress styles, a bandage dress is an instant means to get into the party mood without being too dressy. It fits you like second skin, holds you in at all the right places, and allows enough stretch for when you are stuffed with the delicious Thanksgiving turkey. The best part is that long sleeved bandage dresses do not compromise your style or sex appeal and choosing a color like pink keeps your look feminine and family orientated. 

If the weather is too chilly for just the dress, pair it with warm tights or a pair of booties for a cute, sophisticated look.

Sweater Dress

Speaking of dresses, a Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect occasion to bring out your favorite sweater dress. Loose, long, and stylish, this outfit keeps you warm and cozy when you are socializing, and makes you look adorably fashionable at the same time. Moreover, sweater dresses are versatile and easy to style. Get creative and add your personal touch with accessories and your favorite footwear.

Classic Black

Black never goes wrong; but this Thanksgiving instead of the usual little black dress, try pairing a well-fitting pleated skirt with a simple top in the same color (Jennifer Aniston was seen rocking this outfit). Go with either nude pumps or even ones in black. Pull your hair back in a loose ponytail, grab a stylish clutch, and use your lipstick color to make a statement.

Here are the top lipstick colors for this fall.

Timeless Apparel

At times you need to look charming without being over-the-top and yet avoid looking like you could careless and did not get dressed up. To achieve this delicate balance with your outfit, we suggest sticking to the classics—perhaps a simple dress coupled with some lovely accessories and booties to keep you warm.

If you want to go a more formal route or are meeting at a restaurant, a pair of tailored black pants with a neat sweater and a shirt in white or a pastel shade never fails to impress. Make your shoes and hairstyle work for you and use them to pull your look together.

Makeup Tips for Thanksgiving

So you have decided on your outfit for the upcoming holiday dinner, but you also need to have the right kind of makeup on to complete the look. Here are some tips recommended by our stylist and experts.

Go with seasonal hues.

Earthy tones work very well for family get-togethers. Choose browns, nudes, and pinks to bring out your best features. If your personal style is a bit flashier, a hint of gold works too. Just remember to not pile it on and keep your look relaxed and casual.

Use long-lasting products.

Thanksgiving dinners usually mean long conversations with plenty of drinking and feasting, so go for lip colors and other makeup products that are known to last long (you do not want your lipstick going everywhere, after all). Eye makeup should hold too, as you cannot be running to the bathroom every half hour to re-apply everything.

Even when it comes to your hair, a ponytail or loose waves work the best than a hairstyle that needs to be sprayed into place. You want to be completely at ease when you curl up on your living room sofa with a glass of wine and catch up with friends and family.  

Stick to what works.

Although we all want to look unique during such occasions, a holiday during which you will be meeting a lot of people is not exactly the right time to try something you have never done before. Sticking to a look that you know suits you will not only make you more confident and comfortable, but there is also no fear of it not working out and then having to start all over again.

It is not that difficult to make heads turn at Thanksgiving dinner and yet stay comfortable (you do need to accommodate that full belly, after all). Aim to strike a balance between looking sexy without being inappropriate to be around family, and you are all set for the occasion.

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