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Last updated on : September 20 2022

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Are you struggling to decide what to wear on your first date? How you look will be your date's first impression of you, so you want to ensure it's good. 

So before you throw your cupboard around looking for the perfect outfit, we have some tips and tricks to help you instantly impress your date.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Attire.

You are probably all enthusiastic about the first date and want to look your best. We get it. But to make the perfect date outfit, you must consider some things beforehand, ensuring you own your style while keeping in line with the style rules.

1. Daytime vs Nighttime

Choosing a perfect date outfit starts by picking the attire according to the occasion. This means the time of the day also matters. Typically, daytime wear is more relaxed, while nighttime demands a dressier look. Keep these tips in mind. 

Additionally, the colors you wear matter according to the time of the day. Light and neutral colors such as beige, white, and light blues guarantee a great daytime look. 

However, bold and dark colors are the way to go for date night. Navy blue, charcoal gray, and black are some examples.

2. Fit

The priority is to dress according to your body type. 

Wear a slim-fit button-up shirt if your body is toned, and you can show off your chest muscles. Fitted sleeves can also help you flex your biceps - an instant win while staying subtle. But don't go too fitted because you don't want to make your date cringe.  

However, if you are not in shape, it's no problem. Try going for a slightly relaxed fit. You can impress your date with a good choice of clothes. Remember not to wear extra baggy clothes. It comes off as a lazy look.

3. Location

Location matters - you don't want to embarrass yourself by wearing a tuxedo to a movie date. In fact, you should never wear a tuxedo to a first date, even if it's at a fancy restaurant.

Overdoing yourself is not the right approach. A fancy restaurant date calls for a more formal fit, though. A dress shirt with dress pants is the right call. Pair it up with dress shoes, which will match the vibe perfectly. 

You will need to throw the dress pants away for a more casual coffee date or the classic cinema date. Wear a pair of chinos instead. You can rock the classic white sneakers to give a pop of style while staying on the casual side. 

For a fun arcade or game-night date, you can go for an even more relaxed look with jeans and a layered t-shirt.

4. Clean and Wrinkle-Free Clothes

Wearing clean and crisp clothing makes a huge difference on your first date. What you wear gives an impression of how you carry yourself. 

A wrinkled shirt or stained pants give the idea that you are not good at maintaining yourself. And frankly, it can offend your date knowing you didn't put in the effort.

Remember that first impressions last a long time. Getting your clothes ironed and cleaned is minimum effort and maximum reward. So don't forget this.

5. Grooming

What is the first thing your date will notice about you? Your appearance. How you present yourself will give them an impression of you before you even get to talking. 

So be cautious. It doesn't help to wear classy attire if your hair is uncombed and your beard is not neat. 

To do justice to what you wear, you must have a stylish hairstyle and trimmed facial hair. Get a fresh visit from the barber for bonus points. 

Spray a little cologne over yourself too. When you meet someone new, the instant smell of cologne can come off as very attractive but don't overdo it. 

What To Wear On A First Date.

Now that you have all the above factors in mind let's come to what you should wear and when. We will explain some options you can put on for that exciting day.

1. T-Shirt Or Polo

Let's be honest. T-shirts are typically too basic to go with for a first date. But there are ways to style it. Layering up a crew neck with flannel is a staple. 

Similarly, a lovely fitted Henley with a neutral-colored pair of chinos will give a classy feel. A good color-contrast raglan is another excellent option to add the right amount of pop to your outfit. 

Do you want something slightly less casual? Polos make for great first-date looks. They give a stylish yet relaxed look. Who doesn't want that? But remember, huge logos or bright colors can be too overpowering. A minimal polo will own the look. 

2. Dress Shirt

First dates are usually more towards the dressier side. While you can be in your sweats after a few meetings, the first time calls for a fancier look. 

Nothing beats a dress shirt. It's just the right amount of formality while guaranteeing a stylish look. The best thing about dress shirts is that you can complement them with dress pants, chinos, or even dark jeans according to the occasion. 

Pro-tip, choose solids. They are fancy without being too distracting. Striped dress shirts can give the impression that you just returned from the office. So, solids. 

The light pink and light blue are staple pieces. But black or dark gray will lift your look more if it's a nighttime date.

3. Jeans


Want to grab a coffee and don't want to look overdressed? Jeans will do. 

Jeans are versatile, and in black, blue or brown, they will make for a casual yet decent first date attire. If you go for blues, go for a darker shade to give a more mature look. And try not to wear ripped jeans - you don't want to come off as a teenager. 

Pair jeans with t-shirts, and if the weather allows, you can add a jacket or blazer on top to master the casual but not too laid-back look. Layered shirts with flannel on top also add that perfect hint of style to your jeans.

4. Chinos

Chinos go with about any occasion. Plus, they add style to your date outfit. Sounds about perfect, right? Go for dark colors if you want to keep your look classic. 

On the other hand, if you wish for your date outfit to stand out, beige or olive chinos will differentiate it from mainstream outfits and give you a bold look.

Now you are probably thinking about what casual shoes go best with chinos. Your outfit will have a dressier look if you wear a dress shirt. Thus, loafers or suede oxfords will match perfectly. 

But don't make the mistake of wearing dress shoes with chinos if you are wearing a t-shirt on top. In that case, casual footwear like sneakers will complement the chinos just about right.

5. Sneakers

Dare we say, clean sneakers work for almost all fabulous casual look outfits. They are comfortable, look good, and indicate that you put effort into carrying yourself well - the complete combination.

Suppose you want to make a statement without sacrificing stability or comfort. In that case, white sneakers are a refreshing twist on your everyday attire. They add a modern, chic look to any casual outfit. The contrast goes well with basically any color of clothing. You can wear them with dark jeans, light jeans, and sometimes chinos. 

Don't mistake wearing sneakers with a formal outfit, though. If you take the risk of wearing sneakers with dress pants and a dress shirt on your first date, you might embarrass yourself. Instead, try those risks for later dates - play safe on the first one. 

6. Accessories 

Wear accessories to add style to your look. Wearing a belt, for instance, will give your outfit a complete look. Likewise, a watch on the wrist might sound basic, but there is a reason it's still so popular. It elevates your look without overshadowing your clothing.

If you are someone who doesn't shy away from jewelry, go further. A solid silver or black ring can add that extra tint of style to your first date look. Similarly, a threaded or beaded bracelet can lift your game too. 

Just remember not to wear too many accessories. Stay minimal. And go for neutral colors like black, dark brown, or gray. 

What To Avoid Wearing On First Date.

We have talked about the dos. Now let's talk about the don'ts. You don't want to make some mistakes, like wearing a suit with a bowtie for your first date. That will look awkward. 

On the other extreme, don't wear slides or sandals. It would help if you looked more presentable than that. Keep the sweats to your room too.

Hats are a big no on the first date. It would be best if you stayed minimal with the accessories too. You should also avoid wearing sunglasses, even on a sunny day. They block eye contact, and that's just sad. 

5 Outfit Ideas For Particular Occasions

We have briefed you about the basics. Follow these tips, and you will make an impressive first impression. However, if you are unsure and want more detail, here are five first-date outfit ideas that you can follow easily according to different occasions.

1. A Formal Dinner Date 

having meal

For formal date outfits, we recommend a dress shirt. Wear dress pants with it, but don't wear the same color as the shirt—light colors for daytime and bold neutral colors for nighttime. 

Some examples you can't go wrong with are a light blue shirt with black pants for the day and a black shirt with charcoal gray pants for the night. 

And of course, wear dress shoes. Black leather oxfords will look perfect.

2. A Date At The Club

Club outfits call for something stylish. Therefore, you want something casual and formal. An olive green polo with navy jeans makes for a club date outfit. 

If the weather is chilly, top it off with a bomber jacket. Brown leather sneakers will do justice to the look. You have plenty of shoe options here.

3. A Coffee First Date

Do you know what else polos work for? A coffee date outfit. Change the style slightly. Wear chinos instead to make it stand out. 

Black polo with charcoal gray chinos is guaranteed to catch a person's eye. Wear black chunky leather loafers with them. They scream fashion. 

Accessories you can add on include a black leather watch and a minimal silver bracelet.

4. A Summer Daytime Picnic 

People love picnic dates, but deciding what to wear can be difficult. Do you want to look casual but still impress? Try going for an olive crewneck with white chinos. Perfect colors for daytime and goes with the picnic vibe. Neutral slip-on sneakers will complement the look. 

5. A Winter Casual Date 

Winters call for style. A black overcoat is an excellent option if you want a casual winter outfit. 

Wear it with a brown or white polo with dark jeans, and voila, you instantly have a first date outfit ready. The classic black leather Chelsea boots will do justice to the attire and enhance the look.


Remember that what you wear and how you groom yourself will create a lasting impression on your first date. So take the time to dress appropriately for the occasion. Doing so will boost your confidence and improve your chances 100 times over

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