What Perfume Should You Wear On A First Date?

Last updated on : January 19 2022

On the first date, your impression is everything. That's why there's a lot of pressure to get everything right. Deciding on which perfume to wear on your first day might sound difficult. But it doesn't have to be. With the help of this short yet comprehensive guide, you'll find the appropriate fragrance.

On the first date, your impression is everything. That's why there's a lot of pressure to get everything right. 

You will want to wear a gorgeous outfit, get a new hairstyle or haircut, get your nails done and use high-quality make-up. But the thing that ties all these together is your perfume.

Your fragrance is something your date will not be able to overlook. Even if your make-up is a little messed up or your dress does not fit the occasion, the right perfume will shift your date's attention.

Find a pleasant and intriguing scent that will linger around for hours and will get imprinted in your date's mind like a beautiful memory. Your perfume should bring out your personality - are you a fun or laid-back individual? Also, it should make you unique and confident.

On that note, join us as we explore the right perfume to wear on your first date.

Why Do You Need a Perfume Before a Date?

If you have a date with someone, your overall image should echo authenticity as much as possible. 

The right perfume or cologne will bring out your personality and create a lasting impression on your date. Every time your date encounters the scent, the memories of the fabulous moments together will start trickling in.

If well-selected, your fragrance will boost your confidence as well as your seduction prowess. It will help you make a good impression, and you will come out as attractive. 

After putting on make-up and dressing up, spritz perfume on yourself to tie everything together. But make sure you choose a fragrance that suits you and one that matches the occasion as well as the time of the day.

Finding a Perfume That Suits You

Now that you understand why you need perfume before going on a date. Let's see how you can find the perfect fragrance that will portray the image you want during your date.

Fragrances are designed to bring out your true self. Don't wear perfume to hide your actual personality or to impersonate someone.

Remember, perfume does more than mask your body odor. It narrates your story sincerely and authentically, even when you are tongue-tied. 

The sweet aroma that you'll evoke during your meeting will be enough to make your date attracted to you. So, find a fragrance that brings out the best version of yourself.

Choosing a perfume is not like selecting a cloth or jewelry. It's about finding something that bonds your body and soul together and makes a statement.

Here are a few tips to help you find a fragrance that suits you:

Understand Your Smell Heritage

We often build our olfactory/smell heritage when we are young. Your olfactory heritage embodies all the scents, flavors, and odors you've identified in your life and their relationship to your memories. 

Remember that scents are strong signals that bring back pleasant memories that you had forgotten.

Certain scents can remind you of the good times with your brother or sister playing in your grandfather's garden. Others can remind you of the sweet-smelling roses that your mother used to water every day. If this is the case, your olfactory registered floral and green notes.

As we grow up, our olfactory memory evolves too. As you experience the world by traveling to new environments, tasting unique cuisines, or living in certain regions - the more you register scents and flavors that ignite sweet memories. 

Your smell heritage gets enriched every time you have a new experience in your life. 

Therefore, your favorite fragrance will consist of scents related to your best experiences and memories from childhood to date. 

Use this understanding to rock a scent that will appeal to your date for your meeting and leave a piece of you imprinted in his memory.

Understand The Types of Perfume

To find the ideal perfume to wear to your date, you need to understand the various types of fragrances in the market. 

Below we've highlighted them:

1. Floral

Red tulips

These perfumes smell like spring. They evoke a sense of fresh air combined with sweet-smelling flowers, such as jasmines, carnations, orange blossoms, etc.

Floral perfumes often comprise a note from a specific flower or a blend of notes. The scents are sweet, romantic, and flaunt youth. 

Spritz a floral perfume before heading out for your date to add a feminine touch. Just don't overdo it.

2. Citrus

Citrus fragrances contain aromatic molecules derived from lime, mandarin, and tangerine. 

These scents often have a tangy feel and give off a refreshing feeling, especially during the daytime. If you have a lively personality, then go for citrus-based perfumes.

3. Woody (oud perfume)

Woody or chypre perfumes come from a blend of moss, pine, tobacco, sandalwood, etc. 

Usually, these fragrances are soothing and heavy. They might be more ideal for men, especially during fall and winter, but ladies can wear the perfume too. 

Try to find a woodsy fragrance blended with floral notes for your date.

4. Oriental

You can never go wrong with oriental fragrances during a date night. 

These perfumes contain a blend of musky and earthy tones. They feature ingredients such as musk and amber. They're ideal for attracting or seducing someone.

5. Fruity

Fruity scents indicate freshness and rejuvenation. They're derived from a blend of fruits like mango, apple, and peach. The fragrances are perfect for dates and romantic outings.

6. Green

Green fragrances smell more like newly mown grass and fresh leaves than florals. They're perfect for casual events and dates that take place in the outdoors.

7. Oceanic

Oceanic fragrances contain the essence of the sea, like seaweed, sand, and salt. They're a new type of synthetic aroma that mimics the scents of the ocean. 

Although you can wear them anytime, we wouldn't recommend oceanic perfumes for a date night unless your date is a surfer or loves the sea. 

8. Spicy

As the name suggests, spicy perfumes originate from ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, and pepper. 

They're ideal for casual occasions but not that great when you're eating. So, try to avoid spicy fragrances on your first date.

Understand The Perfume Concentration

On your first date, you need a perfume that lingers through the day or night. 

That's where concentrations of perfumes come in. 

The higher the concentration of aromatic molecules or perfume oils, the longer the fragrance will last. But that also means the cost will increase too.

But if you want to make a solid first impression on your first date, purchasing a perfume with a higher concentration is worth it.

Check out various types of perfumes based on concentration levels below:

1. Parfume or Perfume

The formula contains the highest concentration of aromatic molecules. It has about 20 to 30 percent of essential oils. Usually, it can last on your skin for 6 to 8 hours, but some brands can last for a whole day.

2. Eau de Parfum (EDP)

The concentration of perfume oils in this perfume ranges between 15 to 20 percent. Also, the formula contains more water and alcohol. 

When applied, it can linger around for 6 hours. 

If your skin is sensitive to high perfume concentrations, consider using an Eau de Parfum.

3. Eau de Toilette (EDT)

EDT has a concentration level ranging from 5 to 15 percent. It's affordable, and you can purchase it in retail stores. It lasts for about 2 to 4 hours.

4. Eau de Cologne (EDT)

A cologne usually lasts for about two hours. The high concentration of alcohol makes it dissipate quickly. If you wear cologne on your date, carry the bottle with you to re-apply once the scent starts to fade away.

How To Wear a Fragrance for a Date?

Bottles of perfume

Wearing a perfume is more than just spritzing and walking away; it's about correct application and quantity. 

This way, you can get the most out of your perfume and enhance your date night with a sweet scent.

1. Less Is Always Better

You might love the scent of a fragrance, but if it gives you headaches or makes you dizzy, consider spritzing only a tiny amount. 

Too much perfume can also distract your date. Your date should go home remembering your sweet, charming personality, not the drawing scent of your bouquet.

Instead of spraying your whole body, target specific pulse points like the nape of your neck, wrists, and elbows.

2. Keep Away from Other Fragrant Products

Combining a fragrance with a scented body lotion won't end well. The body lotion scent might drown the fragrance or alter how your perfume smells. 

When applying perfume, use unscented body lotion and petroleum jelly instead.

3. Pay Attention to Notes

Experiment with different notes until you find one that blends with your body's unique odor. 

Apply the fragrance, let it dry, and then smell it. If you love it and it evokes good memories, then wear it on your date.

4. Don't Follow Trends

Avoid wearing trending fragrances. You don't want your date to compare you with other ladies. Identify your signature perfume that complements your style and personality.


Deciding on which perfume to wear on your first date might sound difficult. But it doesn't have to be. With the help of this short yet comprehensive guide, you'll find the appropriate fragrance. 

As a rule of thumb, choose a scent that reflects your true personality and style. Remain true to yourself if you want to have a fun dating experience.

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