What is a Modern Easter Dress?

Last updated on : March 23 2017

modern easter dress

Is it possible to give Easter a modern twist – why not? We are talking about dresses, of course. While the usual holiday rituals stay the same, one can easily add a contemporary touch to what Easter dresses you wear to brunches and services. Whether you are spending time with your family or going out with your special someone, it is time that you gave your Easter apparel an overhaul (if you have not done it already).

Easter is rooted in tradition. In 8 A.D. Christians began using the word “Easter” to describe the day that is a celebration of Jesus’s Resurrection. The term “Easter” is derived from the word “Eastre”. Eastre was a Teutonic goddess of spring. Surprisingly, her symbol was an egg. (We aren’t quite sure how the Easter bunny got its role in all this though.)

As the years have passed Easter traditions have sharpened and evolved. New clothing, usually a white robe, was worn throughout the week to symbolize the new life of those baptized on this special day. To celebrate this new life family and those attending the event chose to wear clothing that supported the new life of their loved ones.

New clothing is still in, however, what that clothing looks like continues to evolve. In this post we define what a Modern Easter Dress looks like and how to pull off sexy styles during conservative holidays.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Many Easter dresses picked for the occasion feature styles such as an A-line shape and puff around the skirt area. If you have been facing a dilemma over choosing dresses that have Easter-inspired colors while also staying true to your style and look you have to consider dress styles that are more versatile and body flattering.

From putting on a figure hugging bandage dress to choosing colors that pop, here are some Easter Sunday style ideas to try this year.

Bandage Dresses

There is nothing wrong with wearing fitted styles to Easter brunch, but you need to ensure that your outfit is not too revealing for a family get-together. One of the best ways to achieve this fine balance is to opt for a flattering bandage dress in a soothing hue. Relaxed and soft colors will help you stick to the holiday theme while also holding your own among the sea of puffy dresses, dainty clutches, and straw hats. To keep things trendy, opt for bandage dresses with a longer hemline and sleeves. Here are a few styles that bring a modern flair to your Easter Sunday ensemble.

choker bandage dress

Choker Midi Bandage Dress (above). Combining classic elegance and contemporary style, this midi bandage dress ticks all the right boxes for a sensual yet modest Easter brunch look. While the mid-leg length and choker neck keeps things appropriate for family outings, the figure-hugging silhouette and sleeveless style offers in just the right amount of sex appeal. The nude pink hue compliments most skin tones and is the perfect backdrop to pearls or gold jewelry.

Pair this lovely dress with heels, attractive dangly earrings, and a stylish clutch and you have an Easter style that is both trendy and appropriate for the day. If you are planning to attend church and want a bit more coverage carry a stylish throw or light jacket to cover your shoulders during the services.

long sleeve mesh bandage dress

Long Sleeve Mesh Bandage Dress (above). If you are not a fan of going sleeveless on Easter Sunday, this is just the bandage dress for you. Featuring a midi hemline and Easter-inspired pink hue, this dress screams lady power with its fitted long sleeves and form-flattering pencil skirt. There is no skin exposure to be conscious of as you are only flaunting the lower part of your legs, so you can be comfortable all day long and even help the kids scavenge during the Easter egg hunt without compromising your dignity.

The anti-wrinkle, thick stretchy fabric will keep you looking your radiant best throughout the day and support your body for comfortable wearability. Keep your accessories simple and hair left open for a soft and feminine style.

Although figure hugging dresses are traditionally the last dresses you’d choose to wear on Easter Sunday, they can give you style versatility that is sexy, conservative, and flattering. There is a wide variety to choose from when it comes to bandage dresses for occasions like Easter brunch, and you are sure to find one that perfectly matches your personal style.

Here are some more style insights for Easter Sunday to consider.

Wear Sunshine Yellow

Fun, bright, and in keeping with the holiday, yellow is versatile enough to be worn as a light summer dress. You can also wear yellow pants with a white crisp top. The advantage of yellow is that you can either go for a pastel look or go brighter if muted hues are not your thing.

If you cannot bring yourself to stay away from a bit of puff on Easter, we suggest going for a girly, flared yellow skirt with a well-fitted crop top to get the best of both styles. A dainty sling bag and a fitted blazer completes the look. Pair this look with pumps, strappy heels, or even flats.

Twirl In Skirts

For those who love bandage dresses but prefer a separate top-and-skirt ensemble, a well-fitting pencil skirt that falls below the knee does the trick.  The skirt, preferably in a dark color, gives you a shapely form similar to bandage dresses, while a chic blouse in a pastel shade brings in the festive touch. High-heeled pumps and hair worn in a bun makes this look the your first choice when you need to go from meeting coworkers to other Easter events.

Harness Flower Power

Floral prints on spring dresses is a classic style that is timeless and feminine. A maxi floral dress is just the style to wear to a barbecue at the beach with your family. Pair a floral-patterned top with bottoms in a solid tone for a classy, slimming look. Do not forget your sunglasses, ballerina flats, and elegant accessories to complete your graceful Sunday attire. Another way of incorporating floral patterns into your Easter look is to pair a floral jacket with a plain, soft-hued outfit.

Choose Trendy Chic

If you are planning to hit the latest upscale eatery for brunch with your girl-friends this Easter, add a contemporary twist to your outfit. Choose a knee-length pleated skirt in a neon shade to add a pop of color, and team it with a pastel-colored collared blouse in a simple, straight cut to achieve the right balance. A single-toned sling bag, white loafers, and tortoise-rimmed sunglasses give you a laid-back yet striking look for your outing.

Accessorize Smart

Accessories play a big role in completing any look, so spend a little time in choosing the right ones to go with your Easter dress style. Consider these tips as you work to accessorize.

  • If you are wearing pastel, Easter egg-inspired colors, it is easy to add accessories as these shades serve as the ideal background. However, remember not to go overboard. It is best to stick with small, dainty pieces that add a touch of sophistication to your look, while ensuring you are ready for church services.
  • Add a fun element that instantly attracts the eye to balance a plain outfit. For example, a pair of leopard print heels with a simple dress in a muted tone adds a dash of style without being too loud or bold.
  • You can never go wrong with beige accessories, especially when you are aiming for a modest, elegant look. beige heels and a clutch add the right details to pastel dresses in shades like lavender or yellow.
  • Remember to pick your clothes and footwear according to the type of event you are attending. An outdoor party will soon get warm, so choose light, comfortable fabrics and flat footwear so that the Easter egg hunt does not leave you all sweaty and tired with sore feet.

We are not against dressing in Easter egg colors and traditionally-worn outfits for the big Sunday brunch. But if you are looking for something beyond a frilly pink dress, there are several ways to look stylish in an appropriate form-fitting dress for a family gathering. Take your cue from these dress options and create a personal look that is bound to make heads turn.

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