22 Natural Fat Burning Foods For Weight Loss

Last updated on : June 24 2021

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Article Summary 

Fat burning foods help you lose unwanted pounds because they eliminate toxins, boost your metabolism, and trigger the right hormones. 

Simply changing to or adding a few weight loss foods to a balanced and healthy diet can help you fight fat, get lean faster, and give you a boost of much-needed energy. 

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The Science Behind Fat Burning Foods

Take a look at these 22 foods and start adding them to your shopping list today:

1. Raw Vegetables

2. Sweet Potatoes

3. Eggs

4. Tuna

5. Protein

6. Quinoa

7. Turmeric

8. Cinnamon

9. Chilies And Peppers

10. Green Tea

11. Almonds & Nuts

12. Apples

13. Grapefruit

14. Berries

15. Home Cooked Popcorn

16. Watermelon

17. Avocado

18. Chia Seeds

19. Greek Yogurt

20. Kale

21. Fruity Figs

22. Cherry Tomatoes

Tips For Healthy Eating

Final Thoughts

The Science Behind Fat Burning Foods

Yes, you read that right. Did you know that you can eat to lose weight?

Merely changing to or adding a few weight loss foods to a balanced and healthy diet can help you fight fat, get lean faster, and give you a much-needed energy boost.

How does it work? Well, fat burning foods help you lose unwanted pounds because they eliminate toxins through antioxidants, boost your metabolism, and trigger the right hormones. They also keep you fuller for longer, taking away your desire for unhealthy snacking. 

Boosting your metabolism burns calories faster and helps you to lose weight, and keep it off.   

Take a look at these 22 foods and start adding them to your shopping list today - most of them comprise clean whole foods.

1. Raw Vegetables

raw green vegetables

Fresh, green veggies are full of nutrients, antioxidants, and other elements that not only do well for toning your butt but help you maintain your curves. So pile on the spinach, kale, broccoli, and other leafy greens regularly on your plate.

Eating your veggies raw will help you feel full because they have high water content and are full of antioxidants and fiber. 

2. Sweet Potatoes

whole and sliced raw sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, potassium, vitamins C and B6, and are delicious.

Their high fiber content keeps you feeling full longer, they regulate blood sugar to control frequent hunger pangs, and they reduce your cravings for unhealthy sweets.

Add baked sweet potatoes to your diet and see the change in your body, energy, and focus. Sweet potatoes are the perfect food for your bigger booty

3. Eggs

organic eggs

When it comes to fat-loss foods, eggs help you achieve your fat-blasting goals easily.

Studies suggest that if you eat eggs for breakfast instead of cereals, you will lose weight more easily. 

Eggs keep hunger pangs at bay and so help you control your appetite. Rich in protein and low in calories, eggs are a tasty and easy way of eating to stay slim.

Whip up an omelet or frittata for breakfast, or make a wheat sandwich with slices of hard-boiled eggs. Eggs are delicious with an array of foods including sauteed veggies and in low carb wraps with cheese.

If in doubt, consult your doctor about how many eggs you can safely consume, mainly if you have a high cholesterol problem

4. Tuna

fresh fish and tuna

If you love your seafood, there is good news for you—tuna is an excellent food for a calorie controlled fat burning diet.

It is readily available, affordable, and there are many ways to cook it.

Loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and minerals, this fish has approximately 200 calories in one serving. You can add it to your salad, make a baked dish, or mix it with veggies and eggs to use as a sandwich spread.

Not just tuna, any fish that contains omega-3 fatty acids are ideal for fat blasting results. Salmon, herring, sardines, and mackerel are additional varieties that have these qualities.

However, watch your intake as tuna might not be beneficial to all, especially pregnant or nursing women, and young children.  

5. Protein

chicken breast for increased protein intake

Protein is an essential part of any diet, especially for those working out, or looking to build muscle. 

Go for leaner options like turkey, fish, skinless chicken, and lean beef to build muscle in the right areas. Dairy and eggs are also excellent sources of protein, but keep a watch on the portions to avoid increasing cholesterol.

The right amount of proteins combined with exercises can work wonders for your muscle definition and mass. And the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. 

Consult your health practitioner or fitness trainer for a good protein powder if you are looking for alternatives or a protein boost. Whey protein and hemp protein powder are some great options. 

6. Quinoa

mixed quinoa

Whole grains are a great addition to your diet when trying to eat healthily. Quinoa, in particular, helps you shed unnecessary weight quickly.

It is an excellent substitute for rice or pasta, has a higher fiber and nutrient content than other grains and boosts your metabolism.

The protein content of quinoa gives you a feeling of fullness and keeps you from unhealthy snacking.

These factors make it an excellent food for reducing fat and one of the best foods for weight loss. 

Whole grain food items like quinoa make your digestive system work doubly hard. As compared to other refined grain food items, quinoa helps you burn twice as many calories. And unlike other complex carbohydrates, it also gives your body a fix of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and calcium.

Toss it with nuts, vegetables, and lean protein slices like turkey or chicken breasts, for a quick-fix salad snack.

7. Turmeric

bowl of ground turmeric and tubers

Turmeric, an incredible spice, helps improve several health conditions, including inflammation and obesity. 

It contains a compound called curcumin, which reduces both soreness in your muscles and fat cells. And might even suppress fat tissue growth

Use this yellow spice liberally in your food to boost your body’s fat-burning quest.

8. Cinnamon

cinnamon sticks and powder

Cinnamon is known to increase your metabolism by as much as 20 percent as it encourages the fat cells in your body to become highly responsive to insulin. Insulin supports your body’s ability to convert sugar from foods into energy.

It also contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Stable blood sugar ensures you do not suffer through sudden hunger pangs.

Sprinkle cinnamon powder on your oatmeal or yogurt for a quick snack. You can also add a dash of cinnamon to your coffee—it smells heavenly.

Eating this spice (at least a quarter of a teaspoon daily) helps to trim the fat around your stomach and behind.

9. Chilies And Peppers

chillies and peppers

A little spice never hurt anyone, right?

If you love a touch of heat in your food, there’s good news—chili peppers help in your weight loss efforts and are easy to incorporate into your diet.

They contain a chemical called capsaicin, which helps burn fat by increasing your body’s metabolism.

Use hot peppers in a powdered or cooked form in your dishes or eat it raw, if you dare.

10. Green Tea

healthy green tea

Among the many health benefits of this delightful beverage is its ability to burn fat.

It's not a magical cure for weight loss, however drinking a few cups of green tea every day can help you shed weight, especially around the belly.

Green tea contains a phytochemical known as catechin, something that scientists believe affects your metabolism and helps you lose weight.

Moreover, green tea is known to improve overall health and soothe nerves.

Store cold, chilled, or iced green tea in the refrigerator for easy access and to increase your daily intake. Try drinking hot green tea to promote healing within your body too.

While green tea does not qualify for a snack in itself, it is an excellent natural fat burning drink that you can keep sipping on through the day. The tea is a stable source of caffeine that helps increase your metabolic rate and boost your energy levels.

This fat-blasting drink also contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which is an antioxidant that burns calories. Owing to the addition of EGCG, green tea may help you burn more calories than your regular cup of black coffee, and is far healthier. 

11. Almonds & Nuts

variety of raw nuts

No, we have not gone nuts; eating almonds can help you lose weight.

Most weight loss diets exclude almonds because of their higher levels of fat. However, newer research has found that these contain fewer calories than believed and healthier levels of fat. 

A recent study found that participants consuming almonds as part of their regular diet lost 62 percent more weight and a considerable amount of belly fat after 24 weeks. Along with almonds, other nuts can also act as fat burners. 

Nuts burn fats because they have a high content of healthy fats, fiber, and protein.

Almonds make for excellent healthy snacks, so fight those cravings with a handful of these next time instead of reaching into the refrigerator for a piece of chocolate or unhealthy junk food. But don't eat too many! 

Try other nuts in moderation too. Brazil, Macadamia, walnuts, and pecans are excellent sources of proteins, fibers, and healthy fats and make no-fuss snacks.

12. Apples

red apples in a wooden box

An apple a day keeps your doctor away. And aids in weight loss.

Apples contain lots of water and fiber that suppresses hunger and helps curb temptations to reach out for an unhealthy bite.

Consuming apples with the peel on and whole instead of juice or smoothie is recommended.

13. Grapefruit

close up of sliced grapefruit

Studies show that the consumption of grapefruit helps those trying to shed weight.

At the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center, researchers found that people boost weight loss by eating half a grapefruit with meals.

Grapefruit fruit contains soluble fiber, something that takes longer to digest and keeps you full.

Try to eat the white parts of the grapefruit too, as these provide the most. For maximum benefits, eat up to a half a grapefruit before your main meals on a regular basis.

14. Berries

bowl of mixed berries

Berries are easy to consume and a fat-fighting food.

They are great at quelling sudden hunger pangs. Similar to other fruits, they have a high fiber and water content and are low in fat- things that keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Whether you get them fresh or frozen, berries are often called the perfect snack because they have almost no calories or carbohydrates, but are chock full of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals—and they taste great!

Depending on your preference, pick up strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, goji berries, or blackberries, for a quick, fat-blasting snack all year long.

Most are naturally sweet, however, to make these berries sweeter add them to your salads, low-fat yogurt, or blend them into yummy smoothies.

15. Home Cooked Popcorn

bowl of popcorn with corn cobs

Popcorn is one of the best weight loss and fat blasting snacks out there. It contains polyphenols and antioxidants which help to eliminate free radicals that our stressful lives create.

However, do not reach for the supermarket varieties of popcorn or the prepackaged microwave versions. These contain too many calories and preservatives that are anything but good for you.

Make your fat blasting feel-good snack by adding popcorn kernels, olive oil, some spices, and herbs to a microwave-safe bag.

The seeds take just 2-3 minutes on high heat to pop. Store your freshly popped corn away for a week and enjoy the snack all year long.

16. Watermelon

fat blasting snacks

    This water-based fruit is hugely hydrating as it contains more than 70 percent of water.

    It also helps boost your metabolism and adds much-needed amino acids to your body. Additionally, watermelon has almost no calories. Yes, watermelon is practically calorie-free!

    Blend it to make delicious watermelon juice, dice it into cubes for a quick fix, or add some grapes for a fat blasting smoothie that is refreshing and offers a natural energy boost.

    17. Avocado

    raw avocado

      Not all fats are created equal.

      Considering avocado has more fat content than fruit, it is understandable for you to be skeptical about eating it as a snack.

      However, avocado contains good fats—healthy monounsaturated fats, along with protein, fiber, minerals, and other essential vitamins.

      An avocado is a great option if you need to shed belly fat. Make avocados a dietary staple because it also acts as an appetite suppressant. Consuming half of an avocado as a snack helps to reduce hunger pangs, so you do not overeat and keeps your tummy feeling satisfied for longer.

      This fatty food is a good substitute for cheese and butter, without compromising on taste. Add avocado to a quick sandwich or salad with slices of lean meat or fish and cucumbers for a quick hunger fix. 

        18. Chia Seeds

        pile of chia seeds

          Chia seeds are the next big thing when it comes to fat loss foods

          These seeds boost metabolism and keep you full for longer, and they activate the hormone glucagon - a natural fat blasting hormone in your body.

          Reach for a chia energy bar when you don't have enough time to soak the seeds. Soaking chia seeds for at least 15 minutes before consumption ensures that they increase about ten times in size, and quell your hunger pangs faster.

          You can also blend them with some coconut or almond milk and pineapple for a delicious fat blasting snack. Or add a teaspoon to your cup of coffee. 

          19. Greek Yogurt

          natural greek yogurt

            Greek yogurt is yogurt that has been strained to make its consistency thicker. Opt for the low-fat or fat-free options to get all the calcium, protein, and Vitamin D resources without the calories.

            The best thing about Greek yogurt is that it is proven effective in weight loss, and in combatting belly fat and building lean muscle in your body.

            Add cinnamon or chopped nuts to the yogurt, or make it sweeter with chopped fruits.

            20. Kale

            healthy green smoothie with kale

              Kale is easily one of the most nutrient-rich vegetables out there and perfect for weight loss. Kale works to satiate your appetite and eliminate toxins from your body.

              It reduces your cravings for fried and sugary food items leading to a slim, feminine profile.

              It is also very versatile for consumption—toss it with avocado and cherry tomatoes for a raw salad, blend and strain it for a green and healthy fat-blasting juice, or opt for oven-fried kale chips for an extra crunchy snack.

              21. Fruity Figs

              close up of fresh figs

                Sometimes your body is craving something sweet, and nothing else will do.

                Bypass the regular fatty sweet fixes, and reach for fresh or dried figs. Not only is this fruit naturally delicious, but it is also an excellent source of fiber.

                As a snack, figs help to satiate your appetite for longer and give you a natural energy boost that helps your body burn fat faster.

                However, eat in moderation and ensure you check labels for sugar content and preservatives. Organic is a better choice too!

                22. Cherry Tomatoes

                cherry tomatoes

                  Pop-in-your-mouth, yummy, and delicious cherry tomatoes as often as your heart desires. Cherry tomatoes are fat-free, and chock full of antioxidants that keep you full longer and burn fat in the process.

                  Add them to your salad snacks, or just munch on a few throughout the day.

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                  Tips for Eating Healthy

                  Apart from eating the foods mentioned above in the right portions, a few conscious lifestyle changes go a long way to losing weight. Keep these fat loss tips in mind.

                  • If you are eating out, stick to salads or other fresh, low-fat dishes. Losing fat does not mean you cannot dine out.
                  • Choose lean meats over others and fatty fish like wild salmon, mackerel, and tuna if you love your seafood.
                  • Go for 5 to 6 smaller meals in a day rather than 2 to 3 big meals. Smaller meals help to keep your metabolism engaged rather than letting calories rest in your body and accumulate as fat.
                  • If you are at work for long hours and there are no healthy eating options around, prepare in advance and carry snacks with you rather than indulging in junk foods found in vending machines or office treats.
                  • Reduce, if not eliminate, alcohol and sweet aerated drinks from your diet as these have a high-calorie content.

                  Extreme or crash dieting (read: starving yourself) is not the way to burn fat.

                  Final Thoughts 

                  Sometimes the foods that taste best are the absolute worst choices for your weight loss goal. And then there are some magical food items that not only make the perfect snack but are also fat blasting to boot.

                  Bid farewell to that stubborn fat and slim down just by eating these foods as snacks all year long. Turn yourself into a natural fat blasting machine and enjoy tasty treats while doing it.

                  Our list of fat burning foods help you burn calories, boost your metabolism, get rid of fat and toxins in your body.

                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Our readers ask these questions most frequently on natural fat burning foods.

                  Can foods burn fat?

                  Fat-burning foods include eggs, nuts, and oily fish (the foods listed above). We say these foods burn fat because they stimulate our metabolism, reduce our appetite, or reduce overall food intake.

                  What foods help burn calories?

                  Any food that increases our metabolism will assist us in burning calories. Several natural foods and beverages do increase our metabolism and thereby promote fat loss naturally. These foods include those listed above, like raw vegetables, protein-packed foods like eggs, and some meat, plus whole grains.

                  Which fruit burns the most fat?

                  Certain fruits help with our weight loss goals because they contain healthy levels of soluble and viscous fiber, like pectin, psyllium, glucomannan, and guar gum. And these durable fibers curb our appetites, making us eat less. Popular fruits that are good for weight loss include pears, blueberries, and apples. See a complete list here.

                  How can I lose belly fat naturally?

                  Stomach and belly fat's primary causes are a bad diet, in particular, the consumption of junk food, excessive alcohol, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and a lack of sleep. Fortunately, belly fat responds well to lifestyle changes like improving your diet, avoiding alcohol, getting exercise, and improving sleep. Read more about losing belly fat naturally here.

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