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Last updated on : October 10 2022

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When it comes to wedding planning, color is crucial—and there's no reason why you can't shrug off the norms and opt for a sensational scheme that's perfectly you. White, pink, and blue have been staple wedding colors in the 21st century. But now, things are starting to change. 

The assortment of colors you choose will ultimately influence all décor, design, and fashion decisions moving forward. So, you've got to make sure you pick the right ones. 

But if you don't have a knack for color theory, selecting a palette isn't necessarily easy. Curating a color palette that works for your wedding aesthetically and produces the atmosphere you seek is no easy challenge. 

But you're in luck. In this article, we'll explain the how and why behind wedding color curation and provide over a dozen ideas to get you started.

As fun as it is to follow trends, your wedding color palette should reflect your unique personality and vision, not anyone else's. Today, we'll help you find your rose among the thorns. 

How Color Palettes Influence The Atmosphere Of Your Wedding 

Never underestimate the impact color has on its environment. Those in marketing or creative industries know this all too well. The right (or wrong) color combinations can either make or break a project

Color theory isn't just for art students. It's for anyone who wants to know how to create spaces that both look and feel unique. Once you understand how colors affect people's moods, you can apply that knowledge to other areas of your life, such as home décor, fashion, and more. 

Weddings are momentous occasions that require vast amounts of planning, input, and inspiration. It is, after all, meant to be the best day of your life. Why not go all out and create an event that you and your guests will remember with love for decades? 

Color influences the atmosphere through psychological association. 

Throughout the history of humankind, we have evolved to develop strong associations between specific colors and themes in life. 

For example, when we see the color green, we're most likely to associate it with growth, abundance, and health. This is because we know the color green primarily in nature, where things are vital and full of life. It's also the color of money, bringing prosperity and wealth to mind. 

Specific color combinations can trigger particular emotional and cultural responses, too. For example, the Red, Green, and White combination is instantly reminiscent of Christmas for most Western people. Automatically, it speaks of festivity, winter holidays, and family. 

By choosing colors representing elements, eras, or themes, you can curate a wedding color palette pleasing to the eye and the mood you want for your big day. 

The Color Wheel 

The Color Wheel

The color wheel tells us that not all colors pair well. Typically, an artist will create complementary color pairings by looking at the colors that sit directly opposite one another on the wheel. However, there are many different ways to find a great color combo. 

Another method is simply to use your own visual instincts. By manually sorting through color swatches, you can develop an assembly of colors that is entirely unique to your mind. 

At the end of the day, you want to create a color palette of two to three dominant colors, supplemented by various hues in each shade. But if you lack experience or confidence in selecting your own colors, don't worry. 

Let's look at nine of the most unique combos that can make your wedding memorable in all the right ways:  

1. Sage And Burned Orange 

Sage is a beautiful, muted green color that takes inspiration from the fragrant sage herb. Calm and mature, the soft gray-green of sage complements the warmth and richness of burned orange, creating a color palette that feels balanced and natural. 

Sage is a soft, cool green, creating a gentle sense of freshness. The burned orange has much more depth and intensity. Still, both can be associated with nature's simple yet alluring beauty. They are also both related to edible herbs and fruits, which can be incorporated into the wedding meal. 

2. Lilac, Cream, And Mauve  

If you're a diehard romantic, it might be challenging to resist the urge for classically romantic colors. But there's nothing wrong with that.

Dreamy light purple lilac, gentle cream, and rich crimson mauve offer a delectable assortment of romantic tones, perfect for any classical wedding. 

They also make beautiful colors for bridesmaid dresses, especially if you have a large entourage. 

3. Bone, Ochre, And Light Teal 

If you are all about non-traditional color combinations, you might want to go with this dramatically earthy blend. Bone brings subtle ivory neutrality to the table, while warm, rich yellow ochre and light teal add a much-needed body and life. 

This color palette has been used consistently in film, fashion, and interior design. The earthiness and subtlety of these three colors make them a genuinely mesmeric match. 

4. Fuchsia And Forest Green 

Fuchsia is a rich, bright pink color, full of passion and excitement. Forest green is much milder on the eyes, yet the richness pairs well with strong pinks. 

These two colors instantly grab your attention, making them perfect for a lush outdoor wedding with plenty of vivid flowers and petticoats to match. 

If you like to keep things fun and flirty with a hint of depth, this is the color combination for you. 

5. Sap Green, Coral, And Sienna Brown  

Sap green is a fresh, warm, green tone often seen in nature. Coral's charming peachy-pink hue marries with the vividness of the sap green, and sienna brown grounds them all together. 

This color arrangement might sound strange at first, but it sings when put together in reality. Think rich, dark soil, healthy green leaves, and blossoming coral roses. 

6. Gold And Plum Wine 

In jewelry or decor, gold is a luxurious, precious material that brings a sense of opulence and celebration to mind. 

Gold is commonly used at anniversaries, weddings, and even some birthdays. It is a great color to add to a wedding color palette—as long as you have something soft to mellow it out. 

Plum is a juicy, ripe, dark pink color that pairs beautifully with the intensity of gold. Together, this color combo references a golden goblet filled with wine, symbolizing ultimate luxury and celebration. 

7. Cappuccino, Caramel, And Taupe 

Do you want to create a wedding atmosphere that feels elegant, grounded, and sophisticated simultaneously? Why not stick with neutrals? 

This color combo gives you a lot of room to play around with other elements, like texture, positioning, and layout. 

The milky, beige softness of cappuccino alongside the warmer, brighter caramel sets a lovely tone for neutral taupe to pair with, giving your wedding a refined, more modern edge. 

These neutral colors are also ideal for incorporating into your going away outfits if you're going on your honeymoon after the reception. 

8. Burgundy, Woody Brown, And Eggshell

For the drama-queen within, sometimes you have to go with a bolder palette. Burgundy is a warm, rich purple-red color reminiscent of deep passion and love. Woody brown brings grounded neutrality to the game, while eggshell introduces visual calm. 

Together, this trio of colors is balanced in equal parts, powerful and gentle, laying down an excellent foundation for vivid flower arrangements, décor, and food. 

9. Mint And Baby Pink 

If you like quirky color combinations, this one should make your list of considerations. 

The peppy, pastel turquoise of mint paired with soft and plushy baby pink creates an undeniably charming result that could easily decorate a gourmet cupcake or vintage dress. 

The History Of Wedding Color Combinations 

Depending on where and what culture you grew up in, your personal understanding of wedding color combinations may be very different from the next person. 

But in terms of contemporary Western culture, there are a few colors that have repeatedly been used to celebrate the matrimony of two lovers. 

  • White – Since Queen Victoria married in a white gown in 1840, white has been the dominant color associated with weddings. Culturally, historically, and psychologically, the color white is associated with purity, peace, and holiness. 
  • Pink – In the 17th and 18th centuries, pink was a color of class, aristocracy, and luxury. Over the years, it became closely affiliated with the female gender, bringing forth an obsession with pink that significantly influenced the wedding industry. Today, pink represents love and romance. 
  • Blue – Considered a more neutral and contemporary alternative to pink, various shades of blue have become one of the modern wedding industry's biggest favorites. Representing calmness, honesty, and trust, it's no wonder why people want this color on their big day. 


When it comes down to it, your wedding color palette should represent the values and traditions of your and your partner's lives, not anyone else's. The day will be most rewarding if you surround yourself with colors that make you happy, so go with your gut. 

A unique wedding color palette is one way to express your and your partner's personalities and your one-of-a-kind love for each other. Pick the hues that resonate with you and make your big day uniquely yours.

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