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Last updated on : June 17 2020

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While it's a known fact that a person's hair is their crowning glory, people should also start paying attention to their eyebrows because it can make or break their overall look. Fixing the eyebrows can contribute to significant changes and improvements, especially regarding the frame of the face. 

With the continuously changing fashion trends, experts always make sure to shed light on how their followers should take care of and fix their eyebrows. Having them fixed by professionals is the best way to go. However, there will be times wherein you need to pluck and fix them yourself. 

Why You Should Carefully Choose The Products You'll Use 

Before you get excited and set up a mini brow salon at home, you first have to make sure that you get the best products in the market. Being able to obtain high-quality tweezers is an excellent investment because, aside from not breaking or getting damaged quickly, you can be 100% sure that it lasts for a long time.

Plucking your eyebrows seems like a significant thing to do, especially for those who have zero experience. But with the right products and tips, everything becomes easy and fun!

Tips You Can Use To Perfectly Shape Your Brows

Tweezing your eyebrows sounds like a chore, but it has to be done, one way or another. Since you're stuck at home and don't have the time to visit your favorite salon, now is the best time to learn how to do it alone. Here are some tips that you should remember and follow:

Tip #1: Be Patient And Let Them Grow Out First

Brow experts advise most clients to wait at least 6 to 8 weeks before doing anything so that the brow hair becomes fully grown. When you allow the hairs to grow to its full potential, you can see the natural shape and decide from there.

Tip #2: Decide On How Thick You Want Them To Be

Whether you want your brows to be the bushy or thin kind, you first need to make an exact measurement of the thickness. Here's how:

  • Start on the bottom and fullest portion of the brow and use an eyeliner/ pencil to draw.
  • Make a line along the brow; make sure that it's straight, and go above the stray hairs.
  • Always follow your brow's natural shape (unless you want to experiment and try a new one!).
  • Once you're done and satisfied with the thickness, you may start plucking the hairs below the line you drew.

Additional tip: use a white eyeliner/pencil so that it helps the stray hairs stand out more and become noticeable. First-timers should follow this tip to avoid removing hair in unwanted areas and look far different from what you planned.

Tip #3: Invest In Excellent Products

As mentioned earlier, great products are an investment. Before you purchase tweezers, make sure that you look up reviews and bloggers that offer intensive information about the products. These reviews help you weigh in which product will most likely suit your preferences.

Tip #4: Determine What Brow Shape Helps Flatter Your Face 

Brow shapes have always been continually changing over the years, especially when a famous model or artist starts doing them. However, one should know that these people don't randomly select a brow shape and do it on the spot. They shape their brows according to their face shape, and you can do it, too!

If your face shape is: square (your jawline, forehead, and cheekbones all have the same width)

You should go for thick, flattened brows + a soft arch.

Why: having slightly angled brows takes the attention away from your jawline and other prominent angles. However, put more emphasis on the arch's softness because if it turns out too sharp, it only makes your face look more like a square.

If your face shape is: oval (cheekbones are situated higher, a slightly broad forehead, thinner chin)

You should go for soft-angled brows + a slight arch.

Why: oval-shaped faces are considered "the lucky ones" because any brow shape suits them well. In reality, any brow shape will suit your face shape.

If your face shape is: round (both the length and width of the face are similar sizes)

You should go for high-arched brows.

Why: creating a high arch helps elongate and lengthen your face because the vertical point draws the attention toward the brows. This shape also helps create an illusion of a slimmer, more extended look.

Begin by coloring in the eyebrows, and once you create a "point," make sure you darken that area. You may also use an eyebrow brush and brush upwards or apply highlighter to help make the brow look higher. 

If your face shape is: heart (pointed/sharp chin, broad forehead)

You should go for rounded, low arch brows.

Why: you need to be able to soften the angled portions of your face. Instead of going for a sharp and high-arched set of brows, always go for the rounded types. However, if you have a shorter, heart-shaped face, you can add more depth and increase the arch height.

If your face shape is: diamond (forehead is narrow, cheeks are wide, the chin is narrow)

You should go for curved brows.

Why: curved brows help create an illusion of lifting your face upwards. When you have a diamond face, your goal should always be shortening your face and making it appear rounder and softer. You may also elongate your brows because this balances out your jawline.

If your face shape is: long (your forehead, cheekbones, and chin all have the same width)

You should go for flat brows + downward curve + slightly high arch.

Why: your goal is to widen your face horizontally, and creating horizontal brows helps create that illusion. The long eyebrow edges are a big help, too. But remember, keep the colors lighter as you go farther towards your ears.

Tip #5: Don't Hesitate To Use Scissors

All brows are not the same. While some have medium length hairs, some have very long strands. When you brush up your brows and see that the hair tips go beyond the intended brow shape, don't hesitate to snip them off.

Always use mini scissors that are specially made for small cutting sessions to maintain proper measurements and accuracy. Brow clippers are available in any drugstore.

How To Ease The Pain In Each Plucking Session 

Since manual plucking is painful, you need to find ways to ease or lessen the pain. Some people have a high tolerance for pain, but some can't go on after one pull.

Here are different ways you can make the plucking procedure more comfortable, more bearable, and less painful. 

#1: Bathe In Hot Water Or Use Steam

When you use warm to hot water in bathing, it produces steam, which helps open up the skin's pores. It also helps loosen up the muscles, even those that are holding hair follicles. When you apply steam for at least 10 to 15 minutes, it can alleviate the pain overall.

#2: Ice It Out

If you want a quick fix and want to get things over with asap, get an ice cube from the freezer and numb the eyebrow area. You can apply ice before tweezing or after. Either way, you should do it quickly to lessen the pain.

#3: Ensure That Your Brows Are Clean And Oil-Free

Once you start plucking at dirty and oily brows, there's a big chance that the tweezers will slip and end up pulling the hair strand without removing it from the roots. That's a painful experience, and it might make you regret ever trying to pluck your brows on your own. Always ensure that both eyebrows are clean and dry to avoid accidents and slippage.

#4: Hold The Skin In Place

The brow area doesn't have tight skin like the chin or cheeks. Pulling hair strands only brings the skin in the same direction, and it doesn't have the pull that you need to pluck the strand utterly. To avoid inflicting more pain, hold the skin in place, and quickly pull on the hair strand.

#5: Have Aloe Vera On Hand

A typical outcome for plucking has red skin. Sometimes, it may even be itchy for some. Always make sure to have aloe vera gel on hand because it's a known product in the beauty industry that helps in lessening pain, redness, and itchiness. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Plucking For Beginners

Now that you're equipped with different tips and guidelines, it's time to start doing the job. Here are simple steps you should follow if you're ready to pluck those brows:

  • Wash your face and make sure that it's dry.
  • Get your favorite tweezers, aloe vera gel, and headband (to remove unnecessary hair).
  • Use ice to numb the area or apply steam.
  • Ensure that the brows are completely dry and oil/ germ-free.
  • Using a white liner, create the brow shape fit for your face.
  • Focus on the stray hairs and start plucking. Make sure to pull in the direction of growth. Do it quickly.
  • Apply ice on the area.
  • Once you're done, apply aloe vera gel.


Beautiful woman with strong eyebrows

Fixing your brows at home seems like a big challenge, but remember, it helps frame your face and improve your looks. Not only does it save you more money, time, and effort, doing your brows at home also teaches you a new skill. 

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