Top 10 New York Fashion Bloggers

Top 10 New York Fashion Bloggers

Posted on September 12 2016

new york fashion bloggers

Fashion isn’t just the domain of designers and models anymore; today fashion bloggers have created a niche for themselves too, and looks like this trend is here to stay. Fashion magazines are no longer the mainstay of style and trends for us either. We have come to rely on video tutorials, beauty advice, and lifestyle tips from everyday women that welcome us into their worlds via blogs and social media.

All you need is an Internet connection, and you can get fashion and beauty advice, learn about the latest happenings in the fashion industry, and discover style commentary about new merch from women you can relate to. These are just a few reasons why fashion bloggers have become influential people in what we choose to wear and how.

In this post we recap the top fashion bloggers located in New York in honor of our customers that call it home. New York is a place where fashion thrives and evolves. Here are the top 10 fashion bloggers in the Big Apple to watch (and follow).

Delune | Claire Geist

Claire Geist uses both her education in photography and passion for style to give her readers a lovely mix of styling tips and impressive photographs displaying various fashions. The redhead blogger finds inspiration from New York streets and art galleries, and pull off laid-back style with an elegance that is hard to miss.

Claire provides expert advice to style the season’s hottest trends and make it work for you. The blog has different sections termed ‘Brain,’ ‘Beauty,’ ‘Thing,’ and ‘Outfit’ where you can explore distinctive looks and styles, mostly photographed by the blogger herself. At just 24 years of age, Claire works as an image curator when she isn’t busy updating her blog.

Penny Pincher Fashion | Kimberly Smith

If accessible, affordable style, and bargain beauty deals hold your interest, this is one blog you just cannot miss. Kimberly, a stylish stay-at-home mom, gives readers a peek into her amazing sense of fashion and beauty via her blog that is aimed toward helping every woman look chic without having to break the bank.

An upstate NY resident, Kimberly shares that her blog is not about her personal style but rather about encouraging women to make the best of their existing clothes and finding trendy women’s apparel on a budget. She teaches readers to mix and match pieces from their wardrobe, makeup hacks, hairstyles for various occasions, and a lot more.

The Spicy Stiletto | Serena Goh

A California girl by birth and a current New York resident, Serena Goh uses her blog to offer a lovely blend of her east coast and west coast lifestyles. She is not only one of the top fashion bloggers in NY with an edgy yet feminine mix of high and low fashion, but also an impressive home cook and photography enthusiast.

Food and fashion are a wonderful duo indeed, and Serena knows exactly what the modern-day woman wants to read. While on one side her blog tells you about her latest experiments in the kitchen, the ‘Looks’ section takes you through different clothing styles, the most recent outfit that she’s put on, and what accessories go best with each. The Spicy Stiletto also has a ‘Travel’ section that chronicles Serena’s travel diary and her fashion learning from each trip. The ‘Shop My Pick’ page lets you by any dress or accessory that you’ve seen her in.  

This Time Tomorrow | Krystal Bick

Another West Coast girl whom relocated to New York, Krystal Bick uses her blog to give you the complete package on NY—fashion, art, travel, and even dating. She started the blog as a hobby while in college, but her impeccable style sense and ability to connect to the readers soon turned her into a full time fashion and lifestyle blogger that we love.

Having been part of the marketing team at Google for five years, she also knows what a working woman in the big city needs in her wardrobe. An amazing taste in footwear, the ability to pull off versatile looks, and her fascinating travel diary are just a few reasons on why we love her blog. Krystal’s daily updates on everything from her clothes wish list to details about her most recent look are some more reasons why This Time Tomorrow is a popular blog today.

The Man Repeller | Leandra Medine

If you know even a bit about the world of fashion blogs, you surely cannot have missed this name. With her unique touch of humor, Leandra will keep you hooked onto every piece on her popular blog even as she encourages women to dress for themselves - not matter what. Her focus on self-love, confidence, and wearing your style unapologetically is the mainstay here.

Launched in 2010, The Man Repeller experienced a rapid growth in popularity, and the founder runs what can only be called a fashion empire now. The quirky, fun blog acts as an exponent of self-expression for women and reaches out to all women, irrespective of whether one is a fashionista or a regular woman who just wants to look nice. There’s a lot to explore on Leandra’s blog, but why take away all the fun?

Rachel et Nicole | Rachel and Nicole Effendy

These quirky sisters from Brooklyn, who describe themselves as “not your typical blogosphere girls,” have made their own mark in the industry with their fun take on fashion. Although related by blood, each sister has very different likes—a major reason that makes Rachel et Nicole so creative and fun.

While Nicole’s style is characterized by edgy, masculine-feminine wear, Rachel is a lover of romantic, classic designs and all things pink. From DIY projects to shopping options, their blog has got it all. And if you want some personal advice, just click on ‘Ask Us Anything’ and type away.

The Fashion Philosophy | Erica Lavelanet

With this style, lifestyle, and beauty blog, Erica Lavelanet takes readers through her bohemian yet edgy take on fashion and life. Someone who describes herself as “somewhere between Girl-Meets-Grunge,” Erica uses her blog to talk about anything from the latest buzz at New York Fashion Week to makeup and hairstyle experiments. There is also a section for shopping, where you can find clothes, footwear, and accessories for under $100.

The Glamourai | Kelly Framel

The Glamourai was started way back in 2008, making Austin-native Kelly Framel one of the earlier entrants in the field of fashion blogging. Today Kelly is a recognized name in fashion and more. The blog gives visitors the feel of a glossy-paged fashion magazine rather than the usual webpage, and is full of fashion, travel, and lifestyle topics with something for everyone.

Now holding the title of multimedia creative director, New York fashion blogger Kelly describes her personal style as “classically eclectic” and the aim of her blog to make life more glamorous. There is another thing Kelly is famous for—her interesting collection of insect pendants!

Eat/Sleep/Wear | Kimberly Pesch

A graphic designer and foodie at heart, Kimberly Pesch is a fashion blogger who has not only made her mark in the blogosphere, but also on various social media platforms. This blogger finds fashion inspiration in small things, and is a lover of clean, contemporary, and modern style.

A photography enthusiast as well, Kimberly displays her passion for fashion through her varied photographs and even models different looks on her blog. With a bold yet cheerful attitude towards life, this NY fashion blogger firmly believes that fashion is more about how one wears things rather than what you wear.

Atlantic | Blair Eadie

There simply cannot be a list of the top New York fashion bloggers without a mention of Blair Eadie. With 884k followers on Instagram and 53.5k on Twitter, Blair has carved a niche for herself in the digital world.  What makes her blog so popular is her love of color and quirky yet chic uptown style.

However, Blair is not just one of the most well-known names in fashion blogging, she also works as the Director of Merchandising at Tory Burch—talk about multitasking! She views Atlantic – Pacific as her means of self-expression and uses it to connect to readers all over with her many stories and photographs on personal style (and love for red lipstick)!

With a vibrant fashion scene, it is no surprise that New York is home to some of the most popular fashion bloggers out there. From modeling the latest looks and doling out creative styling tips for various body types our list of fashion bloggers offers it all. These ladies make our  list because they offer insights and tips on how to find the best deals on clothes as well as accessories. Explore the many facets of the fashion world and be entertained and inspired by the top 10 fashion bloggers in New York.

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