Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Pair Of Sneakers

Last updated on : June 25 2021

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Athletic footwear is a huge market space in the US, recently achieving $14.09 billion in annual sales and still growing. 

Within this category, sneakers are some of the most popular shoes, and for a good reason. They are comfortable, look great, and can be worn in almost any kind of environment.

You can wear sneakers for many different reasons. You might be working out or going for a hike. Or you might wear them as a fashion statement with friends or on a date. 

Given there are so many reasons to wear sneakers and their popularity, it's advisable to educate yourself on buying a pair before you invest.

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Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Sneaker

Buying the Right Sneakers Requires Some Trial and Error 

Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Sneaker

These are the things that you should consider before you buy your next pair of sneakers. Selecting a shoe that will be comfortable and serve its intended function is an integral part of the buying process.

1. Sneakers Should Conform to the Shape of Your Foot

Gone are the days where everyone bought custom-made shoes every time they needed another pair of kicks. 

While professional athletes might get to have custom sneakers made for them each time they need a new pair, you will need to know how to shop off the rack. 

And shopping off the rack means knowing what entails a good fit.

Many people are unaware that sneakers should conform to the shape of your foot with ease. If you try on a pair of sneakers that don't fit like a glove, you need to keep shopping until you find the right fit. 

There is nothing worse than wearing the wrong shoes for a few weeks hoping that they will break in the way you want them to, only to find out that they never fit you right in the first place.

If you want a great pair of sneakers that will feel like they were custom-made for your feet, check out the Yeezy Boost 350 V2' Mono Mist'. These are some of the most comfortable sneakers on the market, and they offer fantastic and unique styling that makes them perfect for any use.

2. Try-On Both Shoes

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You may not realize it, but all of us have a dominant foot, just like we have a dominant hand. 

This difference means that one of our feet is always broader and flatter than the other from the added stress placed on it during exercise and walking around.

When you try on shoes, always try on both shoes to make sure that they fit both of your feet. If you only try on one, you will be at risk of buying a pair of shoes that is not comfortable when you want to use them to walk around all day. 

Be aware that this might mean that you will need to try on many pairs of shoes before finding the right fit for both of your feet.

Shoemakers will not sell you a right foot shoe in one size and a left shoe in another, so you will need to make sure that you can wear both in a set with comfort. 

This limitation can be frustrating if your feet are more disparate than the usual 1/3 to 1/8 of an inch.

3. Read Reviews

Reading reviews is particularly true if you are looking for a new set of sneakers for athletic use or hiking and walking. 

You will want to be sure that you take a sampling of the reviews left at major outlets which sell the shoes before you get attached to the idea of trying them on. 

While it is normal to find that some people did not like the shoe for various reasons related to unique fitting issues or other concerns, shoes with complaints of poor life of the shoe or poor-quality construction are red flags.

Not every athletic shoe is created equal, and you do not want to invest in an expensive fitness shoe that will let you down right away or lead to an injury.

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4. Get Your Feet Sized

Believe it or not, most of us don't know what our correct shoe size is. 

We have probably guessed with some accuracy all of our life, but it is common to go for a professional shoe fitting and find out that your feet are not the size you thought they were. 

Sizing matters less if you are buying flip-flops or another kind of casual wear shoe, but it can be a make-or-break consideration when purchasing sneakers.

Many fitness stores that sell sneakers will fit you correctly and size your feet for you. Make sure to find out what the width of your feet is as well as the length. 

Not all makers offer different width shoes, but you will need to carefully consider this part of your fitting process when buying any shoe that comes in a standard width if you have very narrow or wide feet.

Properly fitted sneakers prevent injury and help you stay healthy no matter if you are a runner or merely plan to use your sneakers to wear out on the town.

5. Don't Be Afraid Of Returns

Sometimes people feel bad about returning a clothing item or a pair of shoes if they just don't fit. 

Resist the urge to feel this way. 

Shoes have a significant impact on your daily comfort, and you should not keep a pair of sneakers that don't fit you for a moment longer than necessary.

Struggling along wearing shoes that hurt your feet is not only unfair to you. It can injure your feet and cause lasting health problems related to your back and joints

Sneakers that do not fit you may only seem uncomfortable at first, but the lack of proper fit can lead to long-term problems, especially if you try to work out in them.

Always make sure to check the return policy for any store from which you buy a pair of sneakers. You will want to avoid buying from businesses that do not allow you to make returns. 

If you have never purchased the brand of sneaker that you are trying out, you may have to return it or do a swap for a different size.

6. Get Your Gait Analyzed

If you are using your new sneakers for running, you should consider getting your gait analyzed. 

Many specialty sports stores or running shoe stores offer gait analysis to be sure you are picking the right shoe for your athletic needs.

During a gait analysis, you will put on the shoes you are considering buying, and you will then run on a treadmill or run outside while a shoe fitting expert watches you. 

The shoe fitting expert will then be able to advise you about the nature of your running style and determine if the shoes you are thinking of buying will be a good fit for your long-term athletic health. 

They will advise you about your running style and point out areas of importance related to shoe fit for your needs.

This analysis process can be a massive help if you have struggled with sneaker purchases in the past and have gotten blisters, sore heels, or sore toes. 

We all have different kinds of gaits, and there will be many sneaker brands on the market made specifically for your style of running. 

Being paired up with the right shoes to support your unique running style can make all the difference between comfort and performance and discomfort and injury. 

You will be able to use the information from your gait analysis to look for future sneakers as well. And so, this analysis is an excellent investment in your overall athletic health if you will be using your new sneakers for training or running purposes.

Buying the Right Sneakers Requires Some Trial and Error

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Considering all of the factors that lead to a well-fitted pair of sneakers can significantly benefit your sneaker purchase.

You will be much more likely to buy the right sneakers for your feet if you know what size you need and if you take the time to try them on properly. 

Cutting corners concerning shoe fit can lead to injury or frustration. If you take the time to make sure that the sneakers you are buying are the right size and shape for your feet, you will be much happier.

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