The Secret To Beautiful Hair Extensions

Last updated on : December 06 2018

A set of hair extensions in different colors

Hair Extensions Can Change Your Look

Growing long hair takes time, and it's possible you won't achieve the length you want even after waiting months. However, with a choice of hair extensions, you can solve your problems.

Hair extensions come in a variety of colors and sizes. And because they are so personal to you, making the right choices requires extra care. 

Yes, high-notch extensions last longer and look more natural than low-quality extensions, however, this is not your only consideration. 

How To Choose Hair Extensions That Suit You

Before buying extensions for yourself consider how long you want your hair to be, and how much volume you want to show off. 

Extensions put a strain on your scalp. So better to choose those that match with your hair volume. If your natural hair is lighter in size, then the density of your extensions should be lighter too.

Additionally, ensure you get the right color match and quality - real hair extensions are almost always better than synthetic. 

And lastly, choose extensions that suit your lifestyle. Longer and permanent extensions require a lot more daily maintenance than shorter or clip-in versions.

Clip-In Or Permanent Extensions

Hair extensions require proper care and a little bit of extra time to get them adjusted and fitted correctly. So it is worth taking your time deciding on the right ones.

Permanent Extensions

Permanent extensions should be professionally fitted and do need ongoing care to ensure they stay neat and perfect. However, they are sturdier and provide a continuous longer and more voluminous look. 

You can also engage in extra activities like jogging, hiking, swimming, salsa, and skiing, etc. with permanent extensions. 

Clip-In Extensions

On the other hand, clip-in hair extensions don't require too much extra care. 

They are a quick and easy solution for those who want to add more volume without spending too much time or money on more permanent hair extensions.

Clip in's are easily attached to your hair and can be hidden quite well, even in more sparse hair. There is no need for regular visits to hair stylists or salons. Take the wefts and clip them to your hair yourself, no professional help needed. 

However, clip-ins are not as robust as permanent solutions, and so you are limited to what you can do when wearing them.   

Match Your Color & Texture

If your hair extensions don't match your natural hair texture and color, then they will not look real and may appear peculiar with your hair. Perfectly matched hair extensions mean natural looks and perfect appearance.

There are a vast variety of colors available so take the time to ensure you have a proper match. A professional stylist might apply test extensions to make sure you get the right look and feel.

Otherwise, do your research before buying and consult with a friend if necessary.

And don't buy during nighttime shopping, choose your desired color and texture in the daylight so you can distinguish shades correctly and see different textures.

If you have blended hairs, then you can also find multi-blended hair extensions in the market for a better match. 

Never try to bleach your extensions to achieve a better match, because bleaching will damage them and make them frizz.

Real vs. Synthetic Hair

Always remember to choose natural hair extensions because they sustain dry heat appliances better, and are easier to style the way you want. With natural extensions, you can keep your hair straight or make curly styles.

Hair extensions made with 100% human hair are the best choices because they are long lasting and are the best quality available in the market.

Remy Hair

Remy hair is the most exceptional quality of human hair extensions. Unlike other extensions, the cuticles are kept intact, and the hair strands aligned in their natural growth direction.

It survives harsh weather and looks as natural as your original hair. You can apply hair straighteners to it, style it, hair dry and manage it the same way you treat your natural hair. 

Buyer Beware

To ensure you are getting entirely natural hair make sure you choose a reputable brand and check the product description in detail.

Not kind to say but some companies claim their extensions are from human hair when they're a fusion of synthetic and real hair. The problem with synthetic hair is that it is extra shiny and doesn't flow like natural hair, and it gets dull over time. 

So make sure you are buying the real deal.


Real hair, especially Remy hair is pricier than synthetic hair, however, is definitely worth your money.

You can expect synthetic hair extensions to cost you from $80 - $90 and human hair extensions to range from $100 - $500.

How To Attach & Style Your Extensions

The hairdresser does hair extensions to a young girl

If you are not sure which extensions to buy and how to put them on correctly, then it is better to set up an appointment with your hair stylist. He or she will help you choose and will also style them correctly.

Applying hair extensions may require 2 to 3 hours of your time. Your hair stylist will first attach test extensions to let you know which ones suit you best. Though their services are expensive, a stylist will help you find a good match, and the result is likely to look superb on you.  

Additionally, we recommend buying hair extensions that are longer. Longer extensions allow you to cut and style your end look easier than shorter ones.   

And we suggest you apply extensions where you have more strength of natural hair, avoiding areas where your hair is more flimsy like in the back of your neck.

With good extensions, you can apply gel on your extensions just like your natural hair.

Also, you can create braids and heavier styles, particularly if you have thick hair. But be careful not to put too much strain on your scalp if you tighten the extensions too much.

Taking Care Of Your Hair Extensions

Take care of your hair extensions in the same way as you do your natural hair. Apply hair products from well-renowned brands to nourish your natural hairs and to maintain the health of your extensions as well.

Wash your scalp with shampoo and apply conditioner from halfway to the ends of your hair. Make sure the water is not too cold or too hot and is flowing correctly from the top to the bottom of your hair. Use products that are best for your extensions - organic herbal products are ideal, as are alcohol-free. 

Note that your real hair gets nourished naturally, but it is not so for your extensions. So remember to moisturize your extensions to reduce roughness and dryness - using the proper products for extensions. 

Gently brush your extensions removing any jumble and knots without creating any strain. Use a hairbrush designed for hair extensions - these have bristles that are wider apart, softer and avoid static. It is optimal to brush your hair before washing and also before going to sleep.

Make sure you don't place any strain on your extensions while you are sleeping. Create a braid or bun, that will prevent the extensions from tangling and knotting when rubbed against your bedsheet or pillows. 

Final Words

The secret behind celebrities gorgeous hair is likely a hair extension. Hair extensions add volume and length to your hair and make you look like a princess from your favorite Disney movie.


Look for reputable stores to buy hair extensions and try to go for all natural or Remy hair.

If you are going to a hairstylist for your hair extensions, then go to an expert. A professional stylist will help you select the correct extensions and fit them properly to your hair. If the extension doesn't match your natural hair, then they are not worth buying.

Temporary hair extensions are excellent if you’re wearing them on an occasional basis but don’t try to put them on for more extended periods.

Permanent hair extensions can be put to use for many years if you are careful in looking after them. If you are planning to remove them then don't try it yourself, go to your stylist and let him or her perform the job for you.

Don't wear extensions if you are facing an issue of gradual hair loss. 

Our Professional

In writing this article, we consulted heavily with Rami Jabali. Rami is a passionate fashionista and a certified beautician who runs a modern state of the art salon in Abu Dhabi. Over the years, Rami Jabali has earned his reputation as one of the most respectable beauty experts in Dubai. He loves his job and offering the best possible services to his customers.


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