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The Evolution of the Little Black Dress - Infographic

Posted on July 11 2016

The little black dress is a closet staple that has become a go to dress for every occasion. Once it was relegated to funerals and times of morning but today it is more than simply a dress - it is a statement, a reliable style confidant, and a savior during fashion chaos.

The little black dress is often a simple dress that adds balance to our wardrobe. Most of our LBDs are stylish yet basic with an attractive hemline length that works for both the office and the nightclub. They come in a variety of fabrics but the little black bandage dress has become a favorite because designer quality bandage dresses smooths away bulges, pulls in flab, shapes our feminine proportions, and supports our body.

How did the little black dress go from being a mourner's uniform to a fashion icon? We travel through the years and visually capture the evolution of the little black dress.From its humble beginnings in the late-1920s thru its reinvention in the mid-1960s this infographic follows the journey of the little black dress. 

infographic - evolution of little black dress

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