The Best Makeup Products For Moms

Last updated on : April 30 2019

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When you’re a mom, whether you have one child or ten, an infant or a teenager, life can be hectic. It’s hard to carve out time for yourself when you’re juggling taking kids to school, feeding a baby, running errands, cooking, preparing lunches, cleaning, work, exercise, and so much more.

Of course, you don’t need to wear makeup, but for many moms, it is a powerful tool to look and feel your best, even as you’re changing dirty diapers.

When you’re always on the go, your beauty and makeup routine needs to be as fast as you are. The products you use must be affordable, easy to apply, simple to remove and have staying power to get through your crazy, busy day.

With all the millions of products available on the market, how do you choose the best ones for mothers?

We selected the following products based on recommendations by trusted beauty experts from top-rated magazines to fit into a mom’s busy lifestyle.

1. Anything with SPF

Seriously, most of the products you put on your face could and should have SPF in them. If you prefer makeup products that don’t contain SPF, buy a facial sunscreen and apply it to your face, neck, and chest after cleansing and moisturizing but before applying makeup.

You can use a moisturizer that contains SPF to add this step to your routine quickly.

It’s a good idea to keep sunscreen handy at all times so you can re-apply throughout the day as needed. You can use a sensitive product formulated for babies and children to keep on hand for your kids, too.

Tip: wear sunscreen on your hands as they tend to go neglected in an anti-aging regimen and show signs of age first. Most people don’t realize how much sun hands get, even if it’s just through car windows while driving on a cloudy day.

2. Tinted moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is a great product to use in addition to or in replacement of your daily moisturizer. Smooth over your face using a beauty blender, brush or clean fingers.

Bonus points if you use a formula with SPF since that’s an easy way to skip the extra step of applying sunscreen.

This article from popular and reputable Elle magazine lists several brands of tinted moisturizers formulated with SPF. The first one by Aveeno is excellent for light daily coverage and is super affordable and accessible as it is available at most drugstores.

3. Powder foundation

Powder foundation is much easier and more forgiving than liquid or cream foundations and can be easier to match your skin tone. It’s also less likely to build up in any lines in your face as liquid makeup often does, which can highlight wrinkles and look cakey.

Just take a big brush and fluff powder foundation all over your face for a smooth, even finish in seconds without the need to use a beauty blender or your fingers.

Some powder foundations are formulated with minerals for your specific skin needs, so you can choose one to fight acne, wrinkles, dry skin, or whatever your particular skin issues may be.

4. A big foundation brush

The only tool you need with your foundation powder is a good, broad face brush.

a face brush works because you aren’t touching your face with your fingers to apply makeup as you might with a liquid or cream foundation - and what busy mom has time to dab a beauty blender all over their face every day?

Cleanse your brush regularly (you can use gentle soap or face wash) to keep it from collecting dirt, dust, and oils that can clog your pores.

This guide to brushes from the beauty experts at Allure magazine is the only resource you will ever need to determine which brush shape and size you need for each product and part of the face.

5. A 3-in-1 stick, stain, or palette

Your makeup should do double and even triple duty, just like you. Choose a multi-purpose eye/lip/face product in a flattering color to swipe across your lips, cheekbones, and eyelids.

These products usually come in a stick, stain, or palette form, so you can choose what is most comfortable for you to use and store. This one little tool adds a pop of color all over your face and takes up hardly any room at all in your diaper bag. What could be better?

This article from Southern Living lists several multi-use products for eyes, lips, and cheeks, with prices starting as low as $4. Yes, you read that correctly - only $4.

6. Waterproof mascara

Spit-up, rain at a soccer game, baby food, and tears (whether they are yours or your kids) are all things that can somehow manage to make their way onto your face and even into your eyes on a typical mom day.

Waterproof mascara will stay put better than regular formula, so your lashes look great all day.

This article from Good Housekeeping lists the top six waterproof mascaras formulated for different lash needs (length, volume, curl, etc.), with price points starting as low as $5.

7. Under eye concealer with treatment

Under-eye concealer is a must for moms who never get enough sleep. There are many products designed to both hide and treat dark circles and puffiness. Use your ring finger or a concealer brush to dab it on gently, and look bright-eyed throughout the day.

This article from Shape magazine has a variety of different under eye concealers (most are formulated for use on the rest of your face, as well) with treatments in them to fix under eye problems in both the short and long term.

8. Eye shadow crayon

Loose powder shadows fall off easily into your eyes, making them itchy and not very long-lasting, especially if you don’t use an eyelid primer, and what mom has time for that extra step?

Using an eyeshadow crayon is perfect for an everyday look and is super easy to apply. Most have primers built into them, so all you have to do is glide the color across your eyelids for color that lasts all day.

Choose a neutral shade, or even a metallic shimmery gold if you’d like to add a little glamour to your day.

9. Lip plumping gloss

Lip gloss is more forgiving and more comfortable to apply than lipstick and lipliner and is an easy way to hydrate chapped lips. Purchasing a gloss formulated with lip plumper will give you a sexy pout while providing contrast to the rest of your face.

This article from renowned beauty Bible Cosmopolitan gives several product recommendations for a chic, plump, glossy pout.

Some of them are clear-colored formulas, so either layer it with your favorite lip color or go for a nude and natural look.

10. Gel eyeliner

Gel liners are much easier to use than messy and tricky liquid liners and glide across the lid better than regular pencils. You can choose a waterproof version for better-staying power.

For an everyday look draw a clean line across the top lash line and flick upwards at the end for a tiny cat-eye. Many gel liners come with a smudger at the other end of the stick to fix any flaws.

This list from Cosmopolitan gives you several options of gel eyeliners to choose from, including ones priced as low as $5.

11. Makeup remover wipes

Okay, technically this is makeup remover and not makeup, but it is still essential to your daily beauty routine.

We’ve all done it - been so exhausted after another crazy day of watching the kids, running errands, taking care of the baby, exercising, driving carpool, work, meetings and more that we fall asleep at night without washing off our makeup first. 

Not removing makeup is cruel to your skin as it can’t breathe or repair itself as effectively overnight with all those products and oils still there.

Keep a handy pack of makeup remover wipes by your bed so you can take off your makeup and the day’s grime with just a couple quick swipes before you drift off to a well-deserved night’s rest.  


Happy young woman with little daughter make selfie

And there you have it. Eleven products, for busy moms, to streamline your makeup routine and help you get the most out of your beauty.

There are options for all these items at any price point, and several of them serve more than one purpose.

As a mom, you are a multi-tasker, so shouldn’t your makeup be, too? You can use any or all of these types of products to remind yourself that you may be a mom, but you are a beautiful, sexy, confident, strong woman who deserves a little self-care, too.

Yes, we spoke about makeup, but don't forget the perfume!

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