The ABC Of Bangs - Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

Last updated on : June 16 2021

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Bangs And Fringes

Everybody thinks about cutting bangs at least once in their lifetime, and now that we are highly bored in lockdown, this idea comes to people's minds at least once a week. However, don't get the scissors right away. Bangs are a very delicate matter.

While bangs may seem like such a simple part of a person's style, they can be your salvation or your curse. 

If they don't suit you, it may be very challenging to style (or hide) them, and if you decide to cut them yourself, everything can go wrong. 

However, don't get frustrated. If bangs are your dream, go for it. Just read the guide below first, and you will learn everything about getting your bangs just right.

What Are Bangs?

Bangs (also known as a fringe in England) are locks of hair that cover the forehead. There are different types of bangs: blunt, side, curtain, choppy, arched, asymmetrical, pin-up, victory roll, Bettie, braided (and even more!). 

The good news is that it's possible to find the right type for every face shape.

If you are not sure whether bangs can look good on you, just read the guide below, and you will learn everything about cutting your bangs.

How to Cut Bangs: Tips And How-Tos

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1. The main thing you need is a mirror.

It will be easier for you to see what you're doing. Also, you don't need to move your head from side to side all the time. Look in the mirror when needed to see where to cut next.

2. Now, it's time to choose the tools.

You can use a pair of professional scissors or an electric trimmer. Scissors are good for styling and trimming bangs. If you don't own professional scissors, here's a list of the best hair scissors of 2021 for you to choose the one you like. If you have long hair, an electric trimmer may be more convenient. Just turn on the trimmer without gliding it through your hair first. Start cutting at the bottom of the bangs and move upwards. Remember that you should cut only the very ends of your hair at first.

3. Do one side at a time.

When you finish with one side, do the same with the other side (if you want to cut just one side). Then you should check if everything is even. If not, keep evening out the sides until you find the best look for you.

4. Style your bangs.

After that, it's time to style your bangs as you like.

If you know how to use hair spray and hair gel, these two products are top-rated when styling bangs. If you don't know how to use them, this is an excellent time to practice.

5. Comb

The last step is easy - comb your bangs and admire your new look.

Cutting Bangs: Why And When Should You Do It?

Girl having bangs cut

A lot of people don't like their hair because of their bangs. They think they're too long, too short, or too thick, and sometimes they look weird. 

In this case, they decide to cut them shorter, thin them out, or grow them out. However, before doing something drastic, you should consider a few essential things first.

1. Your Face Shape.

Different kinds of bangs suit different types of face shapes, so you need to know which will suit your face best. 

If your face is oval or round, it's probably not a good idea to wear bangs because they can make your face look more expansive than it already is.

If you have a round face shape, it's better to try side-swept bangs instead. They will help create an asymmetrical look and hide the sides of your face. 

If you have a square or rectangular face shape, wearing bangs may be a good idea, but only if they aren't too thin or too thick. 

However, if you have a triangle or heart-shaped face, keep in mind that bangs will not suit your face at all. So if you want to wear them, make sure that they are medium-length and not too thick.

2. Your Age And Lifestyle.

Another thing to keep in mind is your age and lifestyle. If you want to wear bangs, pick a style that suits your age and lifestyle. 

For example, if you are 14 years old and live in New York City, don't wear super cute, super girly bangs as Selena Gomez does. She's older, and she has a different lifestyle.

3. Choose The Right Style For You.

You can choose plenty of different styles from straight, asymmetrical, side-swept, or uneven ones. You can try anything depending on what kind of shape your face has and how much hair you have. 

Keep in mind that short styles suit younger people better than older people. But if you look young-looking anyway, there's nothing wrong with choosing the most trendy style out there.

Styling Bangs: How To Make Your Look Great

Girl with blunt bangs

It's not that hard to style your bangs. It just takes some time. 

For example, if you have long hair, you can spend a bit more time on it, even if you want to straighten your hair and go to sleep. If you have short hair, styling will take about 10 minutes. 

But don't worry, the results are worth it.

If you're not a fan of styling your hair every day, here are some hairstyles that will make your life a little easier:

1. Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs look great with any haircut. If you have long hair, you can brush them back and keep them out of your face. All you need to do is run a brush through the most visible part of your bangs. 

If you have short hair, it may be a little bit harder. Just start with a comb or use a curling iron and curl the ends of your bangs. Then, use bobby pins to hold them in place. This way, they won't be in your way when you're doing other things!

2. Blunt Bangs

If you don't want to deal with your bangs all the time, try the blunt one-length style with blunt bangs. 

Get some hairspray and spray it throughout your hair. Then, scrunch your hair - this will help create volume and add some texture. Next, use a flat iron and make the ends smooth and flat. 

Use a few more bobby pins to make your bangs stay in place until the next day, and voila! A perfect hairstyle for everyday wear.

3. Textured Side-Swept Bangs with Tapered Ends

Another thing you could try is wearing a textured side-swept style with tapered ends. This style will help hide the fact that your bangs are short and make them look longer than they are. 

Just take some hairspray on your fingertips and pat it into your hair before you blow-dry it. Then, use a flat iron to create a wavy texture in the end section of your hair. 

This technique also helps make your bangs more voluminous and thicker.

4. Hats And Beanies 

If you like wearing hats or beanies, wearing textured bangs may be super helpful.

 You can choose from different textures like straight, wavy, or curly, depending on how thick or thin your bangs already are. 

Just run a flat iron over the top section of your hair and then brush out the rest of it. You can add some texture by running your fingers through them and then spray your hair with a tiny bit of hairspray - just enough to make it stay in place. 

And voila - you have a perfect hairstyle for running errands or going to work.

5. Thick Or Short Bangs

If you want to wear super thick bangs or if your bangs are too short for any other approach, try adding texture to them. 

You can get this effect by using a curling iron on both sides of your face and then brushing out the rest of your hair. Then apply hairspray to keep everything in place all day long!

6. Side-Swept Bangs With Square Ends

The last option is wearing tapered side-swept bangs with square ends.

This style looks flattering on everyone, especially if you have a heart-shaped face. 

To get the desired look:

  1. Blow-dry your bangs first.
  2. Use a flat iron to smooth the edges of each side section while leaving the ends slightly twisted and messy.
  3. Once done, use a spray bottle to spritz the ends with water and then wrap them around a round brush (a smaller one works better).
  4. Once wrapped around the brush, hold in place for 5 seconds to secure them in their new shape.
  5. Lastly, use a comb or a brush to gently smooth and even out your look.


If you are someone who feels that their current hairstyle is going out of fashion or just getting a bit boring, then bangs are the perfect way to have some fun with your hair. 

Bangs are quick and easy to do yourself, and at the end of the day, if you don't like them, your hair will grow back. 

If you are considering cutting yourself some bangs, you might want to research your face shape first. Once you figure out your face shape, you can look up celebrities with the same face shape to get inspiration and see how the bangs you want look on them first. 

It's a great way to see how the bangs you want might look on yourself before cutting your hair.  

Bangs are a cute and fun way to play up your current hairstyle without changing much at all, and remember, hair grows back.

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