St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas and What to Wear

Last updated on : March 04 2017

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We simply love festivals—after all, it is just another formal occasion to meet friends, attend parties, and dress to show off the curves we have been working hard for. The next festival around the corner this year is St. Patrick's Day, which is an event to celebrate the vibrant Irish culture doing what we love best—dancing, eating, drinking, and getting together with people to celebrate the day as well.

You can have unlimited fun on this occasion, but you also need to dress according to the theme to stay true to the festival. We have plenty of tips to help you put together an outfit for St. Patrick's Day, but first, let's take a look at the history of this now-international festival and the common events of the day.

What is St. Patrick's Day?

Originally a religious and cultural celebration of the Irish, this day is celebrated on the death anniversary (March 17) of Saint Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints. According to history, he was instrumental in getting rid of paganism and converting such worshippers to Christianity and is believed to have driven away snakes (which symbolized evil) from the country.  

Today, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in several places around the world, and people all over the United States also participate in many activities on this day. Since there are millions of Americans of Irish ancestry, this festival is celebrated with various St. Patrick’s Day party ideas and major events like the famous dyeing of the Chicago River to a bright green hue.  

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations and Party Ideas

The most popular St. Patrick's Day celebration is in the form of parades, with grand celebrations in Dublin as well as in the United States including New York and Boston. Complete with dance performances, marching bands, and thousands of revelers, these parades are unmissable.

St. Patrick's Day is also celebrated with day parties and a lot of drinking, particularly of Irish beverages like the famous Guinness. Bar crawls are popular events held by many places on this day, so get ready to tuck into some bangers and mash and wash it down with a pint or more of Irish beer. Expect everyone to shout “Sláinte” before taking a sip.

St. Patrick's Day Party Outfits and Dresses

The symbol of the Holy Trinity, the Shamrock is also associated with St Patrick's Day. The color green rules supreme on this occasion. Many people also choose to combine green with the colors of Ireland’s flag (tricolor of green, white, and orange). Dressing for St. Patrick's Day can often be tricky unless your go-to outfit is that of a leprechaun, so we have put together some helpful ideas.

Whether you are attending a parade, going for a bar crawl, or getting together with friends and family for a day party, these dressing tips will help you stick to the theme yet stand out among the sea of green.

Consider a shamrock-colored one-piece dress.

For women who love wearing dresses, a green one-piece is the perfect pick. However, refrain from wearing everything in green and instead, balance the look with a white jacket or footwear in a different color. If you are planning to hit the parade or go out with your date but do not want to wear a costume, a cute girly frock with green prints combined with fun accessories is also an excellent choice.

Go for the kill with bandage dresses.

If you wish to stand out while also sticking to the day’s theme, you cannot go wrong with a sexy bandage dress. Consider this Green Bandage Open Dress with the eye-catching off-shoulder neckline to turn heads anywhere you go, and it is perfect for a night around town. If you are looking for something more conservative this Green Long Sleeve Bandage Dress is just the thing for you. The full sleeves offer the right amount of coverage while the medium hemline falls just above the knees and lets you flaunt those toned legs without being to revealing for a family gathering.

Think mini.

Talking about showing your legs, how about a cute yet hot plaid mini skirt in green? Ideal for any event on St. Patrick's Day, minis are versatile enough to give you the look of a naughty school girl (pair it with a white blouse and sexy heels) or the appearance of an Irish lass (ditch the killer heels and go for more appropriate footwear). A mini plaid skirt is perfect if you do not want to go for a typical costume.

Pick bottom wear in green.

A smart way to incorporate the color theme of the day into your look without going overboard is to for pants in green. A well-fitting sleeveless white blouse with wide-legged pants spell elegance and is the perfect look when you need to be around work colleagues or the boyfriend’s parents. If you have plans for some romantic time with your special someone, dark green glistening pants with a lovely crop top and heels bring the right mix of St. Patrick's Day-themed wear and feminine grace. You can also opt for a monochrome outfit in green by going for a skirt and top in different shades or textures of the same color.  

Show off your curves in a pencil skirt.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17, and if the place where you stay remains chilly at this time, you need to dress to stay warm. At the same time, being comfortable does not mean being bundled up in layers.  We suggest going for an oversized sweater in a shade of green with an elegant pencil skirt or on top of a fitted bandage dress in a neutral hue with a nice pair of heels. If you need to work on St. Patrick’s Day, this is the outfit to fall back on. And when you head to a party or pub crawl after work, add a dash of color by swapping your footwear according to the event.

Use accessories to dress according to the theme.

You do not always need to wear green clothes to stick to the St. Patrick’s Day dress code. If you did not have time to go shopping for outfits, there is no need to panic—you can still dress to fit the theme with the right choice in accessories. A black-and-white outfit with a lovely handbag in an appealing shade of green and pumps in the same hue can give you a stunning look. It is Taylor Swift-approved as well. A bright green bag is the best way to add the shamrock color to your look without having to splurge on a new dress.

Do not undermine the power of the right footwear. A pair of green booties instantly transforms your look while also setting you apart from the rest. Other accessories that you can use to add green to your outfit include a delicate clover-shaped pendant (which is excellent for work or dinner at an upscale lounge), scarves, green nail polish, headbands, and even socks.

Pick your shoes according to the event.

While it can be tempting to play dress up for St. Patrick’s Day events, it is important that you choose the right footwear depending on what the occasion demands. For example, it is okay to wear killer heels when at a house party where you can sit around, but if you plan to join one of the many pub crawls during the day, opt for something more comfortable. After all, you do not want to be limping around on sore feet or walk bare feet while carrying your stilettoes in your hands by the time you reach bar number three.

A cute pair of wedges, flip flops, or even green canvas sneakers work great. Paired with well-fitting denim and a stylish jacket in green, you are all set to rock the girl-next-door look for a casual night out with friends.  

For St. Patrick’s Day this year, look beyond the leprechaun costume and a Guinness logo t-shirt and try these cool tricks to look stunning in a St. Patrick’s Day dress or outfit while also celebrating the occasion. If you are confident in whatever you are wearing, you are ready to go. But most of all, aim to have fun in whatever you plan to spend the day doing, because this is what the festival is all about!

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