So You Want To Make Your Ex Jealous - Here Are Seven Incredible Ways

Last updated on : October 09 2023

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How To Make Your Ex Feel Jealous

When you part ways with a lover, things can feel a little complicated, especially if you were not the one that decided on the termination. 

As a result, you may want to make your ex-partner jealous so that they can see what they are missing out on or leaving behind.  

But, while it can be easy to find ways to make them wonder if they made the right call, you want to use non-toxic or harmful methods to instill some jealousy in them - otherwise, you might harm yourself. 

They might have lost someone great, but you still need to be able to live a happy and healthy life.

What Is Jealousy?

Jealousy is both strong and weak - you might feel intense jealousy that drives you crazy or just a tinge. 

You certainly have felt it before, such as when you've seen someone else have something you want, look better than you, or generally at a time when you may have felt inferior. 

And you may want to make a person feel jealous of you to raise your self-esteem

However, becoming too focused on jealousy can inhibit you from living your own life - because jealousy doesn't allow you to move past a particular event, in this case, the end of your relationship. 

Feelings of jealousy can affect more than the mind. Your jealous feelings can also lead to raised blood pressure and even problems sleeping. So too much is not suitable for your mental and physical health. 

You can make your ex jealous in the months after your relationship dissolves. But it is better to put your ex in your past - as soon as possible. 

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Seven Incredible Ways To Make Your Ex Jealous

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Here are seven incredible ways to make your ex jealous. They're fantastic because they result in you improving yourself and limit the damage that jealousy might otherwise cause.   

And because you will now be a better person than when you were with your ex, they are guaranteed to make your ex jealous and fear that they have missed out on someone great. 

1. Make Positive Life Changes

There may be aspects of your life that you are not happy with, so now is the time for you to start changing. Use your breakup to fuel your drive to change for the better.  

First, stop unhealthy habits, such as smoking, drinking, substance usage, or even binge eating. 

Even if you are tempted to use these as crutches in the time immediately after your breakup, they will only hurt you and not your ex. Remember, your ex would like to see you fail to justify their decision to leave you, don't give them this satisfaction.   

Then think about other ways you can improve your life. Visit the gym or pool more often, switch up your wardrobe to match your identity a bit more, or even consider gaining a new qualification and skill. 

Throughout this process, continue asking yourself if your ex was even the right person for you. You will fast realize that they are not as great as you thought. After all, if they were, you wouldn't have separated in the first place. 

When you work on improving yourself, it stops you from thinking about your ex or even missing them and opens more doors to planning and building your future. 

And if your ex sees you thriving without them, they may realize that you don't need them and never have, which can make them feel jealous. 

Your ex will also regret not making things work because you may very well have more life prospects than they do.

2. Focus On Fun

Your new life as a single person doesn't need to only be about working and climbing your way to the top. You can also think about new ways to enjoy your leisure time. 

Focus on having the type of positive fun you couldn't easily have when you were a couple. Maybe you can travel more, do the things your ex didn't like to do, or afford more expensive items. 

You can have fun both on your own or with friends. For some ex-couples, it can be challenging to navigate friendships post-breakup due to shared friends and acquaintances. 

While you do not need to cast your old group to the side, this could be a good opportunity for you to get out there and meet new people. 

Help yourself by building a good support network of friends, colleagues, and family members, who will help you get through the tough times and make you feel like you are worthwhile. Find these new people at healthy places like the gym, at work, or college.   

Either way, when your ex sees you happy and having fun, they'll wonder why you aren't at home moping or pining for them. 

3. Prioritise Moving On

While you may not feel like looking for a new relationship or even a casual partner, you can still date in the first few weeks after your relationship ends - or as soon as you feel ready. 

However, it's a good idea to wait before committing yourself to another, as it is unfair to hurt someone else because you have not fully processed your emotions. If you want to date and have fun, let your new interest know upfront.

Also, it is best to avoid men, or women, who are friends with your ex, as that can come across as distasteful. Instead, keep your eyes out for someone who shares the same life goals as you, is respectful, honest, and kind - online dating sites can be an excellent place to look. 

Finding someone who will love you in the ways your ex never did can lead to jealousy when your ex discovers that your heart is with another and you are happy.

Your ex might also feel sad that they never treated you as well as you deserve. 

4. Show Them You Are Happy In Your Own Company

Even if you want a new partner somewhere down the line, you should also focus on finding happiness when alone - or learning to love yourself better. 

Use the breakup to figure out if you have any co-dependency problems and take steps to work through them.  

Ultimately, you want to be a strong, independent person who is happy to spend time with your thoughts. This happiness state can be pretty intimidating to your ex, who may feel that they are not on your emotional, mental, or even intellectual level. 

Spending time on your own can be a great way to figure out who you want to be and what you want to do with your life. Learning to love yourself, and be on your own, will also help you refuse to be treated as any less unique ever again.

We have an entire section on self-love. Read it when you have finished this article. 

5. Let Go Of Special Days

You might still remember the exact date when you became an item, first kissed, or even did the deed, but that shouldn't matter in the present. 

Public holidays may also be difficult, especially the first ones after you separate. Birthdays will also be emotionally problematic.  

Please resist the temptation to message your ex on these special days, as it will only make you seem like you need them, which you don't.  

In particular, do not message your ex on their birthday, they will be expecting you to do so, and it's best not to gratify them.    

Instead, go out with friends or family and leave your ex in the dust. 

Concerning your ex's family members, the decision to contact them depends on how close of a bond you have.  

However, it's best not to contact them as this could leave you emotionally conflicted. You do not want to discuss your past relationship, ask questions about your ex or what they are doing now. 

6. Do NOT Contact Your Ex

There may be many times in the coming weeks or months where you are tempted to send your ex a message, call them, or even respond to one of their social media posts. 

Not only will this limit your recovery and ability to move on, but it may also come across like you cannot function without your ex - not good at all.  

If you make contact, you will make your ex feel validated, and they will begin to see you as a backup option. Making contact reaffirms your ex's belief that your ex can pick you up and ditch you whenever your ex wants - again, not good at all. 

If you want to make your jealous, don't take any steps to contact them in the first place. If you have children together, this may not be possible, but even then, you should keep conversations limited to your children or have a friend or family member act as a go-between. 

Not making contact doesn't mean you need to block your ex from social media or communications. 

Social media can be a valuable tool to let your ex see just how well you are doing without them and allow your ex to realize that they have made possibly one of the worst mistakes of their life. 

The final nail in the coffin will be when he attempts to make contact, only to find that you are no longer interested and are instead thriving without him in your life.

7. Get Away From Home

You may find it incredibly difficult to move on from a recently extinguished relationship with so many reminders around you.  

This feeling might be caused by the house you live in, the restaurant you order take-out from, or even the town where you shop or take walks. 

By getting away for a week or so, you can give yourself time to decompress from the breakup and start figuring out what you plan to do next. 

It can help to go somewhere that has no association with your ex whatsoever. If you happen to take some great pictures of you enjoying your time away, and post them on social media, even better.

You may find that the next chapter of your life begins while you are away, such as falling in love with a new area or discovering a new hobby. 

If you choose to getaway, it can cause your ex to wonder where you are, who you may be with, and whether you are having more fun. At the same time, it will help refresh you and gain a new perspective on your future. 

Bonus Section - How To Show Your Ex You Have Changed

If you want to make your ex jealous using these incredible self-improvement techniques, you cannot be too apparent in letting your ex know. 

For instance, you cannot contact your ex to show off your new self or even do so directly through friends or social media. This behavior will only show your ex that you want to make an impression and backfire on your jealousy efforts. 

Instead, be nonchalant. Don't change how you use social media to target your ex, instead continue to post images of your new life as you've always done before. 

As you improve yourself, you won't care about your ex. At this point, you'll know you've moved on and can get on with your life.  


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Making your ex jealous will help you feel better about yourself and show them just how bad a mistake they have made if you do so by living a wholesome life yourself.  

So use the self-improvement techniques we outline in this article to make your ex jealous. You'll find you need less time to grieve the loss of your relationship and to put plans in motion to make your future fantastic without your ex in it. 

After all, you cannot expect to find genuine love in the future if you are still tangled up in the messy web of your past relationships.

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