How To Look Sexy At The Beach

Last updated on : May 30 2019

girl on beach modelling swimwear

There’s something about the beach that gives you a high and takes you on a trance that no other experience can match.

These feelings are perhaps what makes millions of people travel to the beach every year. Americans alone spend over $100 billion on vacations each year.

A 2016 survey by UCLA also reveals that the reasons for people visiting the beach include:

  • Enjoy the scenery or relax (32.7 percent)
  • For children to play (31 percent)
  • Swim or wade in the water (8.6 percent)
  • Take a walk (5.8 percent)
  • Celebrate or party (3.7 percent)
  • Barbecue or picnic (3 percent)

If you’re planning to hit the beach, be it a solo trip, with family or friends, the challenge for most people is how to look good and have some fun in the sun while they’re at it.

As much as the beach guarantees a place of peace and relaxation, you know you’ll make the most of it when you look and feel the part by nailing the fashion game and looking like a true diva.

There’s a variety of accessories that work together to give you the perfect sexy look for the beach. They’ll also boost your confidence and help you shine under the summer sun.

If you don't know what to wear or what other elements you need to pack along with your luggage, here’s some inspiration to get you started.


How To Look Sexy at the Beach, Infographic

Bathing Suit

An appropriate bathing suit is the first step to look sexy at the beach. There are several guides available that advise on the type of suit to wear with your shape, and they can give you an indicator of what to buy.

Color is also of importance as not every color will look good on you. Being aware of your skin type and tone will help you in choosing the one that suits you the most.

You can find simple one-piece bathing suits in solid colors, floral patterns, and stripes with sexy ruching in the right spots. Some even have durable straps to hold everything together in its place.

Our bathing suit pick, for the ultimate sex appeal, goes to bandage suits. Take a look at what they offer in the images below.

grey strappy bandage swimwear

Cover Up

A cover-up includes clothing items like shorts, kaftans, cocktail, or handkerchief dresses. You can use any of them as cover-ups over your swimsuit.

They’re useful for when you want to laze about or hang out on the beach all day while protecting your skin from harmful exposure to the sun and wind.

If you want to have some lunch by the pool, or make sandcastles, you can also throw a cover-up on over your bathing suit, and keep it on until you’re ready to get back in the water.


Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for the beach. Besides shielding your eyes from the intense sunlight and wind, you can wear them to look sophisticated and sexy.

Sunglasses are unavoidable, so make sure to pack a pair of frames that match your facial structure. They can transform anyone having a bad hair day to superstar status, while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, and maintaining your style.

Buy fresh and sexy sunglasses from the always trendy Rayban and our personal favorite Oakley brands.  

Floppy Sun Hat

Nothing says “sexy” better than a floppy sun hat.

Buy one made of cotton, straw, jute, or linen and with wide rims for a must-carry item to the beach.

Sun hats also shield you from the harsh rays of the sun while elevating your mood, giving you that sexy-mama look.

They also fold up easily for packing away in your beach bag or suitcase. You can pick a sun hat with a floral brooch or a plain one with a pretty color to match your swimwear.

Jumpsuit or Romper

Jumpsuits or rompers are trendy and comfortable outfit options. Wear them during the day to look effortless and beachy, especially when paired with platform wedges or sandals.

Rompers are great options when you don’t want to wear shorts, and need some relaxation time at the beach. They’re perfect for lounging or as a cover-up for your swimsuit when you don’t have time to change after a long day at the beach.

You can also swap these with harem, palazzo or dhoti pants if you’re not into wearing jumpsuits or rompers. They’re still great beachwear must-haves.

Maxi Or Fit & Flare Dresses

Your beach vacation should include dinner by the beach at night, and what better way to look sexy than with a maxi dress or a fit and flare dress that accentuates your shape.

Fit and flare dresses are sexy and flattering, with a flirty design. Some have a slit at the side for extra oomph.

Wearing one of these on a night out at the beach will get you tons of compliments and looks too.

blue flared and a-line bandage dress on model


A beautiful, silky robe is an excellent accessory to carry along with your swimsuit, especially for the morning moments when you’re just getting ready to hit the beach, or lounging in pajamas.

Find a lightweight robe and pack it away with your other elements if only to feel fancy and elegant.


Sarongs are great as you can wear them in several different ways – above the torso, below the belt, or even wrap it around like a dress.

They come in printed or plain designs and are useful for covering up your swimsuit while chatting, having a meal by the restaurant, or taking a stroll along the shore.

It makes even the simplest of bathing suits look stylish and sexy.

If you don’t have a sarong, you can always carry tank tops or a t-shirt.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are a must-have beach accessory as they’re not only convenient helping you shake off the sand, but they also add a summery lightness and sexy look.

They come in different prints and colors, some bold others just plain, but you can’t do without them if you’re heading to the beach.

Our recommendation - try a pair of Fitflops for ultimate beach mode sexy. 

fitflops on a womans feet in the air

Beach Bag Or Tote

A tote bag is another accessory you can’t do without especially with all the stuff you need to carry along with you to the beach like sunscreen, your sun hat, phone, or even a book to read.

There are different tote or beach bag designs, with great bright colors that make your overall look pop. Use it to dump all your small stuff in there.

However, if you plan to carry food and drinks to the beach, load everything up in a beach basket. Besides the convenience it brings, it’ll also complement your selfie pics of the day.


No not just any type of jewelry, but those made of corals or stone. Chunky jewelry is best at the beach as it has a variety of gorgeous colors that make any swimsuit or beach wear look hot.

You can pick stone studded jewelry and add this to your overall outfit, for an earthy look all day and even in the evening if you plan to have a night out with friends.

A necklace is another excellent addition that adds some charm and spark to your outfit without being overly obvious. Also, tassel earrings with bold and bright colors add a hint of sultriness to your outfit.

Headscarf Or Band

If you plan on getting wet or surfing on the beach, a headscarf or headband will come in handy. These protect your hair and still maintain the fashionable yet sexy look you want to achieve.

Tie it with a knot at the back of your head, or use a headband to stay stylish but protected.

Beach Mat Or Towel

The sand by the beach gets hot. Hot sand is why a beach mat or beach towel with beautiful large prints are a necessity.

You can use it for lounging around while you apply sunblock on your skin lazily, or check out some cool people as they walk nearby.

Try these refreshing beach towels from Society6 to turn heads and put smiles on faces. You'll be equally proud of lying down on one as you will be carrying them around. 

cool retro beach towel

Sports Watch

A waterproof sports watch is excellent for anyone who’s into scuba diving, surfing, or snorkeling and other water sports.

It can add personality to your look and still give you an adventurous but sexy demeanor.

Straw Clutch

A straw clutch is a small but functional accessory that completes your look, without being cliché.

Use one at the beach, whether you’re on a date or vacation, and even carry it for a night out.


You may have all these accessories, but without confidence, the flowing sarong or chunky jewelry may not bring out the sexy in you.

It won’t matter how much you spent to put the look together. Confidence is what shows it off as it brings out your personality, and makes you feel and act sexy.

Feel it from within, play up the positives, and wear your outfit with pride.


We hope these tips on how to look sexy at the beach have left you feeling pumped and ready.

Remember, without confidence and a smile; you won’t look or feel your best even if you have the most beautiful fashion items in the world.

It takes some planning to look beach-ready, so get your confidence, smile, and best accessories out and have the best beach time yet.

This article is a guest post by Jenny Travens -

Jenny Travens is a creative writer who has many passions and interests. Health and wellness is one area where she likes to contribute as much as she can. She has a long association with Superfoodsliving. You can also find her on Twitter.

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