8 Girl Reasons To Go For Sauna Sessions

Last updated on : March 15 2023

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The Traditional Sauna

The Finnish people are known for their love of the saunas and steam rooms. Also known as a sudatory, a traditional sauna is a small space, usually lined with wood, that you enter to experience dry or wet heat that makes you sweat.

Inside, you'll find heated stones, a bucket of water, and a ladle. Use the ladle to pour water over the heated rocks to control the amount of humidity and steam.

Infrared Sauna

Apart from the traditional sauna, there are also infrared saunas. This kind of sauna isn't humid at all. The heat comes from infrared lights, which heat the body to provide similar benefits to traditional saunas.

Why Girls Should Go To A Sauna

There are many benefits to regularly taking a sauna. 

1. Improves Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure is quite common nowadays. With the food we eat and the lifestyle we have, it's no wonder that so many of us experience elevated blood pressure at some point in our lives.

A study about the effects of sauna on blood pressure shows that sauna bathing can lower systemic blood pressure. The heat from the sauna causes our blood vessels to dilate, allowing a smoother flow of blood through them. This dilation much helps improve blood circulation. However, if you have a condition or illness related to the heart or blood pressure, it would be best to talk to your doctor beforehand. 

2. Increases The Heart Rate

Apart from improving the blood circulation, taking a sauna bath also increases the heart rate. Although the heart beats faster due to a sauna, similar to what you can feel from exercise, you still shouldn't skip your workouts.

Regular heart exercises make the heart healthier and can lessen the risk of death due to various cardiovascular causes. A study has shown that the more a person goes for a sauna bath, the less likely they'll die due to coronary heart disease, sudden cardiac death, or cardiovascular disease.

3. Improved Brain Function

Want to boost your memory and improve your brain function? One of the easiest ways to do that is to sit and enjoy a sauna bath. In a published study, research shows that the sauna has an inverse effect on the occurrence of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers link the improved brain function to the increased blood flow to the brain. A study shows that there is an increased risk of dementia and cognitive decline when there is less blood flow to the brain. Reversing this, which a sauna session does, can help decrease the occurrence of these two illnesses.

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4. Helps Deal With Pain 

Chronic pain is another reason to go for regular sauna bathing sessions. In a randomized control study done on people with chronic tension-type headache, researchers concluded that frequent sauna bathing effectively reduces the pain intensity of these headache types.

Although women naturally have higher pain tolerance, It can still be uncomfortable, and sauna bathing is a simple solution to help battle it.

5. Improves Immunity 

Having a sauna bath can also help improve the immune system to protect yourself against sicknesses. A study has shown that with sauna bathing, the white blood cell count increases. The white blood cells are responsible for fighting off any foreign body that goes inside the body.

6. Helps With Depression

Try going for a sauna session, and you will notice that most people there look relaxed. Well, why not? It's a warm place where all you need to do is to sit and enjoy. Relaxation is great for those with depression, and a study about it concludes that sauna sessions can help those with depression.

Even if you are not depressed, whenever you need to relax and relieve stress, the sauna is a great place to go. It is a quiet place where you can have your peace and improve your mental health.

However, don't expect that you'll solve all your mental problems with it in one session. The results may not be that obvious at first, but you will feel the improvement in your mental health with regular use.

7. Aids In Weight Loss

Who doesn't want to lose some weight? With sauna bathing, you can lose some weight, but it's not the fat that's lost - it's just water weight. That still helps those who want to lose weight to relax and be more confident about their journey.

8. Lowers Cholesterol 

Another great reason to go to a sauna is to lower your cholesterol. Researchers found that those who used the sauna every other day in 20 days had decreased levels of total cholesterol. They concluded that sauna sessions equate to the decrease in cholesterol that you get out of a moderate-intensity exercise.

Although sauna can help decrease the level of total cholesterol, it still doesn't mean that you have to skip your workout routine for it. It is not a substitute for exercise, but it does have it's benefits.


All around the world, there are saunas available for public use, and for some people, their love is so strong, they have a sauna in their property for personal use.

Saunas are not for men alone, and women can also enjoy them and benefit from them. There are different kinds in the market, and although you can go to a public sauna, you can also choose to get one for yourself at home.

Using the sauna brings many different benefits for the body, but it is also best to inform your doctor if you plan to go to one. Sauna baths help with various areas of the body to improve mental health, heart health, and blood circulation.

Some even feel that they get the benefits that they would have when they exercised. Nevertheless, one should not go to a sauna to have a reason to skip an exercise session.

Bonus Section - Sauna Precautions and Safety

While saunas can be highly beneficial for women, taking certain precautions to avoid potential risks and stay safe is essential.

Knowing the risks

One of the primary risks associated with saunas is dehydration. The heat and humidity can cause excessive sweating, leading to dehydration if you do not drink enough fluids before and during your sauna session.

Additionally, prolonged exposure to high heat can cause dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.

Health concerns

Certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or heart disease, may make using a sauna unsafe. If you have any health concerns, talking to your doctor before using a sauna is important.

Pregnant women should also avoid using saunas, as the heat can harm the developing fetus.

How to stay safe in a sauna

First, drink plenty of fluids before and during your sauna session to avoid dehydration. Limiting your sauna sessions to 15-20 minutes at a time is also a good idea, especially if you are new to using a sauna.

If you start to feel dizzy or nauseous, it is important to exit the sauna immediately and cool down. You can do this by taking a cool shower or standing before a fan.

It is also essential to avoid alcohol and drugs before and during your sauna session, as these can impair your ability to regulate your body temperature and increase your risk of dehydration and other health issues.

By following these precautions and staying aware of the potential risks, you can safely enjoy the many benefits of saunas for women.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

sauna stones / hot stones for water supply, steam on the stones in the sauna

What should you wear in a sauna?

Most people will wear a loose-fitting shirt and a pair of cotton shorts while in the sauna. These clothes will not restrict your movements and are comfortable to wear. Cotton is also breathable enough for your skin to breathe.

Is sauna better before or after a workout?

Some people prefer to go to a sauna before their workout because they like how it warms up the body. It loosens the joints and gets you ready for your routine. On the other hand, some prefer to go to a sauna after their workout because it helps with muscle recovery and soreness.

How many times a week should I use the sauna?

You can use a sauna often during the week, and it is safe to do so. Usually, people spend about half an hour to about forty-five minutes per session. Trying out a sauna for the first time can feel relaxing, but a single sauna use will not have a substantial positive impact on the body. It would be best if you took a sauna regularly for the benefit.

How long should I sit in a sauna?

Because you sweat in a sauna, there is a risk of dehydration if you stay inside too long. The general rule is no longer than 10 to 15 mins as this will not put too much strain on your body.

However, where you sit in the sauna and how often you take a sauna also plays a part. The higher up in the sauna, the hotter it is, so you would spend less time sitting higher up. If you take a sauna often, you probably want to take shorter sessions too.     

Can you drink water in the sauna?

Yes, because saunas make you sweat, you need to give your body enough water to produce it. So yes, drink before, during, and after your sauna session to ensure you stay hydrated enough. Drink at least a pint, or as many as three, during this period.

Importantly, it's never safe to drink alcohol in a sauna or go to a sauna intoxicated. Alcohol dehydrates and being intoxicated might result in you staying longer in the sauna than you need to.

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