Relationship Advice: How To Build And Maintain Attraction

Last updated on : April 13 2020

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In this serious of articles, we provide relationship advice covering love and romance, how to build and maintain attraction, breakups, and getting back with an ex. 

We critically look at behaviors that help and hinder healthy relationships, including confidence, attitude, sex, and the way you dress and present yourself.

We believe that loving relationships and attraction builds from self-esteem and confidence and an investment in others.  

Read the articles below.

Why Women Lose Attraction For Men And What To Do About It

romantic couple losing attraction

In this article, we cover the top attraction killers for women, the clear signs that she is losing interest, and what to do if she does.

Over time men tend to let attractive behaviors slide, replacing them with unattractive behaviors.

Learning to identify and avoid unattractive behavior is an excellent first step towards a happier and healthier relationship, and is a skill to master.

Attraction killers for women 

Should I Send Good Morning And Good Night Texts To My Girlfriend?

written text messages in speech bubbles

In principle, there is nothing wrong with sending good morning and good night texts. Done right, she will love the attention you're giving her, knowing that you are thinking about her. 

However, send them in moderation because they quickly become robotic and predictable. And when these texts do, your girlfriend will start to lose attraction for you. 

What Is Limerence (Being Madly In Love) And How To Confront It

Colorful painted style image of man and woman kissing

Limerence is a state of being "madly in love" to the point that it becomes obsessive and affects the way a person feels, acts, and thinks. It is a powerful emotion. It can be beautiful, and it often is destructive.

Limerence is fueled in large part by the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is known as the "feel-good" chemical. When you do something that your brain wants to reward you for, it produces dopamine at a higher level than usual. 

How Fitness Impacts Your Sex Life - And What To Do About It

colorful sexual looking flowers

We all know fitness is a vital part of maintaining a healthy body. But many don't realize the impact it can have on other aspects of our lives.

Surprisingly, physical health often has a substantial effect on overall sexual health and intimacy.

A fit body is a healthy body, one we need to perform and enjoy any sexual experience adequately. If you're experiencing pain, discomfort, or weakness, you won't be able to entirely focus on the moment or even physically engage in sex.

Infographic - Best exercises for an improved sex life 

Marriage 101: How to Keep the Romance Alive

Loving couple holding heart in hands

With any relationship, it's normal for the honeymoon phase to come and go. No matter how long you are married — five months or five years — it's not uncommon to lose the initial spark you felt at the beginning.

Losing the excitement doesn't mean you don't share a deep love for each other anymore. It just means that you've settled into your relationship and are comfortable with your partner.

Complacency isn't a bad thing, but it still is critical to add some spontaneity into the mix now and then to keep your romance alive.

Infographic - How to keep the romance alive

Insights Into The Male Escort Business And The Women Who Hire Them

Good looking male excort

The idea of men being hired by women to perform the duties of a partner is not a new concept. 

Since the Roman Era, and even before then, women of high society showed a keen interest in gladiators and attractive, well-endowed slaves. 

And some of these women were quite explicit in flaunting their interests. A famous example is Messalina, Empress to Claudius, whose promiscuity was legendary.

Banner - male escorts and the women that hire them 

What To Do When He Pulls Away

Unhappy man in relationship

If you find your man pulling away from you, give him space. Allow him the freedom to miss you and be re-attracted to you. 

This approach may sound counterintuitive, but consider the alternate path, being needy, continually bothering him and not letting him go. It is sure to frustrate him and drive him away further. 

So often in love, especially when your emotions are on edge, the opposite of what you feel is the correct thing to do.

Banner - what to do when he pulls away

How To Resurrect Your Sex Life In 17 Steps

Couple kissing in bed

Reigniting your sex life, putting passion and touch back into your relationship is all about communication, effort, and practice. Be open and honest with your lover about your intentions, learn to seduce yourself, and then try out these 17 steps to put a smile on your face.

infographic - tips for resurrecting sex life

How To Be Seductive - The Six Principles of Seduction And Sexiness

Seductive looking woman

Being seductive and igniting someone's passion for you is simple, with a bit of planning and focus. There is no tried-and-tested formula, but there are things you can do to become a seductive version of yourself.

Banner - how to be seductive

Relationship Experts Say Unplugging Saves Love

Couple playing with smartphones in bed

With the constant influences of celebrity romances and relationship goal memes, the struggle is real for couples looking to have a loving and healthy relationship.

So we contacted some of the most critical relationship experts today for help tackling one of the toughest questions couples face.

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How to Keep the Flame Alive After 50

Elderly couple in love

Sometimes as we grow older, our health, energy, and intimacy interests begin to decline. To compensate for this, we often fall into a routine with our partners. While this may feel comfortable and safe, it can also make it harder for your love life to feel spontaneous, exciting, or passionate.

If you feel like you and your partner's connection or spark is starting to flicker, it may be time to make some adjustments to your lifestyle and relationship.

Banner - how to keep the flame alive after 50

7 Things Halter Dresses Have In Common With Sex

Model wearing halter dress

Coco, Chanel rightly said, "A dress might look beautiful on a hanger. But it's better seen on the shoulders, with the movement of the arms, the legs, and the waist". 

We couldn't agree more.

It's critical to wear clothing that compliments your body and gives you confidence. And a halter dress ticks all the boxes, with our vote going to those in bandage styles.

Banner - Halter dresses and sex

What Your Dress Style Says About Your Sex Life

couple snuggling in bed

Your sense of style and the type of clothing you wear is a reflection of who you are, your personality, lifestyle preferences, and confidence.

Not only does your dress style reveal how you interact with colleagues, strangers, and family, but it also sheds light on what goes down between the sheets. 

Banner - dresses and sex life

How To Dress Seductively

Woman in seductive clothes

If you feel comfortable and confident, then you will turn heads in whatever you are wearing. The trick to amping your sex appeal is with the right attitude. Be yourself, and your sexy will show.

Infographic - How to dress seductively

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